“In the dark chasm of my mind, a labyrinth unfolds”

In the dark chasm of my mind, a labyrinth unfolds

there I see . . . an oracle I have become

speaking the unutterable sound

prounouncing the worldless word

stand still and hear the speechlessness of the oracle

. . .  of a sound unheard . . .

but . . . perplexed, my mind goes awry

how can one pronounce and let unfold that which needs unfolding?

I confront a wall, a barrier tall and true, unsurmountable

an unrest unravels me

my self frivels apart

a halting of speech!

a halting of mind!

A whirlwind wraps my self, tossing me from my seat

swept up in a disarray

lost in the spiralling chasm

I fall up . . .

speechless, without words, the oracle rises

he flies!  he flies!

and lands with a ‘thump’

falling on his head, splintering his mind

fragmented, I pass in to the forgotten realm

oh, what joy!

. . . there’s nothing more to be said . . .

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