Thoughts on my saying, “The U.S. has done great effort to destroy human things but they’ve done nothing to replace what they’ve destroyed” – America’s self-destructive mentality

The U.S., it seems to me, has developed a self-destructive mentality.  In fact, there are times when I think the U.S. is going to, one day, drive itself into the ground.  It looks like it’s undermining itself, to me, and that if it doesn’t change it will slowly eat itself away.  I’ve sat and watched it all my life.  It’s a very strong mentality here, and its very dominant.  It has created a saying:

“The U.S. has done great effort to destroy human things but they’ve done nothing to replace what they’ve destroyed.”

Very few people, that I know, even notice this mentality is there.  One of the reasons why is that they’ve justify the destruction.  And, even to go further, destroying human things often has a quality of a ’cause’.  Many times its said in the name of things, such as ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’, and ‘progress’.  They’ve begun to accept it as normal and acceptable.  Some people think it’s a sign of how we’re getting better.  That’s what makes it so frightening and, to me, its one of the reasons why America is frightening. 

Think of it:  a country that wipes out centuries of human things and doesn’t even give a thought about it? 

That’s scary.

But, whats even more, they don’t ever replace what they’ve destroyed.  They sure come up with a lot of reasons why this and that should be destroyed, all with fancy justifications that sound so convincing and true.  But I’ve seen, frankly, almost NOTHING to rebuild what they’ve destroyed.  There’s no effort, that I can see, to replace what has been lost. 

What this does, it seems to me, is create a big void – a human void – in life, in society, and in oneself.  It creates a society that has a lot ‘missing’, and in which there is a ‘great absence’ of ‘something’.  But, remember, it’s for a ’cause’ . . . so its OK.  This creates a unique social attitude:  of a people living in a depraved and broken down culture and society, and in which the people think that this is a great thing and achievement and are even proud of itI guess it’s no wonder that this attitude, to me, is one of the defining traits of American society

But, the problem is that its sort of like being proud of the destruction of things, of glorifying the fall of things that’s been here for centuries.  Its ‘progress’ remember . . . its change!  But change to what?  It’s as if we are in an era, not of construction, but one of “destruction-but-pretending-its construction”

All this, it seems, is actually weakening of society.  I often compare it to an acid eating away at something, bit by bit, until there’s nothing left.  That, to me, is what this mentality is like:  an acid.  It’s a continual whittling down and what happens when you keep whittling?. . .


I was often stunned, as I was growing up, watching how Mr. America was so willing and eager to destroy human things.  They destroy things like it was nothing.  They were all so eager to destroy conventions, traditions, institutions, identity, morality, authority, etc. that have been a defining trait of human society since the beginning of time.

I was particularly appalled how some people practically rejoiced when the ‘old ways’ were done away with.  I recall people talking as if everything ‘old’ was bad, as if the fact it was ‘old’ justified its destruction.  In the 1980’s, for example, many people practically made fun of the 1950’s, as if it was some sort of a joke.  They made it out as if ‘we are so much more sophisticated than they are’.  This used to stun me.

But, yet, none of these people offered anything new in its place.  This gave it an appearance of a blatant destruction of things, of a ‘wiping out’ or ‘making the slate clean’, which left a ‘blank society’, so to speak.  Look at the U.S. society now, a country of no tradition, morality, or anything.

Too often, this was done in that stupid blind rebellious attitude that was so prevalent in the 60’s and 70’s. 

And, then, we wonder why our kids seem screwed up, or why marriages don’t last, or why everyone’s immoral.  I’ve always felt that a lot of America’s problems were created and caused by themselves, by their own mentality and behaviour, and by their own self-righteous blind behaviour.  In reality, Americans are their own worst enemies.  They, though, cannot see it or what’s happening.  This makes them blind to the results of their own actions.  Americans often appear like a blind man driving a steam roller through a garden and every time they roll over something they think they’ve “improved” things. 

To be frank, watching this over the years has left a ‘sour’ feeling toward America and Americans that continues to this day.  Sometimes I have to struggle to have respect for this place.  In general, I tend to look down at Americans as “those people who, once they have a high cause, will destroy whatever they want without so much as a thought”. 


Most Americans are so mesmerized by all their “stuff” that they can’t even see what’s really going on.  In fact, being mesmerized by all their “stuff” and, as a result, being unable to see what they’re doing are, to me, common traits of the American mentality.  This blindness makes it so that many Americans never realize the consequences of what they’ve done.  Since it can’t be them or the result of what they do, it must be something else. 

It’s because of this that there is a whole mentality of ‘explaining away’ things that is very prevalent in the U.S.  Much of the so-called ‘studies’ they do are often forms of this ‘explaining away’, justified by supposed ‘research’ and even science, making it seem very legitimate.  Americans also are also easy to ‘villanize’ other people and things to explain away things that they, themselves, have caused (just look at America’s reaction to 9/11!).  It’s for these reasons that I’ve begun, over the years, to be very cautious of Mr. Americans explanations for they have a history of distorting things in their favor or to divert blame from themselves.


Basically, they come up with all these reasons why this and that human thing should be destroyed.  All my life, I’ve sat and watched Mr. American justify and destroy human things.  These include:

  • Authority.
  • Social structure.
  • The family.
  • Identity.
  • Tradition.
  • Law.
  • Morality.
  • Belief.

What amazes me as that these are all basic qualities of human life and society, seen the world over since the beginning of time.  These are not things to look at lightly.  I’ve always been struck how the things that the U.S. destroys were, at one time, something people fought and died for all over the world . . . and the U.S. tosses it to the side like it was nothing!

What kind of madness is this?

Look at American society.  Nobody knows what their doing anymore or who they are.  Nobody has any roles here.  The guys are nobodies.  The girls think they’re guys or insecure about who they are.  There’s no leader here.  There’s no religion or god here.  There’s no tradition here.   There’s no example, nothing to follow.  Life revolves around the TV and buying stuff.  There’s not even a social structure. 

My god, what’s left?  Can we whittle down human society any more?

That’s like a complete gutting out of human society, of a removing of everything that makes a human world and a human community!

The destruction of these things were done, in some cases, with a vengeance, of a self-righteous cause, as if it was the ‘right’ thing to do.  They had all these fancy reasons and justifications for it.  The U.S. has, in a way, fooled itself by its own ingenuity and its own stupid causes.  Everything they did sounded ‘legitimate’ and ‘for a good cause’.  I, myself, believed it at first.  I believed all the explanations and logic.  At first, it seemed ‘true’.  But, as I grew older, I saw a different picture. 

What changed everything, for me, is that I began to look at everything from the point of view of a ‘human being’.  It seems to me that the only way to see this destruction is to ‘come down to the level of humanity’.   Most Americans, I think, can’t see it cause they are not on the human level.  If one thinks like an American, with all their ‘high cause’ and justification, with all their political and legal explanations, and with all their memorization with consumerism, then one cannot see the damage.  Only when one see’s things from a ‘human’ point of view can it be seen . . . and its appalling.  To be frank, its frightening. 


There is a myth in America, that any destruction is caused by ‘other things’, such as machines, politics, religion, authority, economy, and so on.  No one dares to admit that the people, themselves, has done some of the greatest damage.  This is a democracy remember.  People are glorified and couldn’t possibly of done anything bad.  But, by their own effort the ‘people’ of the U.S. has played a large role in the destruction of many human things.  These are, as I said, things that have been here, and part of human life, for thousands of years.  These are also things that wars used to be fought over and people defended with their life.   In America you can wipe out belief, tradition, morality . . . no one cares. 

I always chuckled when Mr. American always spoke of how so and so people are “living in the stone age”.  But isn’t that what the U.S. basically did by its self-destructive behaviour?  By destroying and undermining human institutions, and not replacing it with anything, didn’t we toss ourselves into a ‘primitive’ state?  America, in a way, is an example of the “Modern Primitive Age”.  Yeah, we have all the fancy gadgets but where are the human things?  Where are the human beings?

Just look at Mr. American Modern Neanderthal, complete with cellular phone and a home computer . . . Mr. Advanced all right.   And look at what Mr. American male, for example, has become:  a nothing!  He’s powerless.  Yup, a castrated nobody watching TV and texting all day . . . the new advanced society!  The new advanced person!

It’s even worse than that.  The destruction of human things and institutions that the U.S. did, has set us back not only to the stone age as human beings and a human society, but is leaving us in a dehumanized state.  We’re worse than in a stone age.  We’re in a stone age with no idea who we are, with no idea what it means to be a human being!

Yeah, and the so-called ‘greatness of America’.   Where?  What greatness?  Great people don’t destroy centuries of work.  Great people don’t destroy human institutions.  Great people don’t undermine themselves.  And they certainly don’t ascribe it to progress, like it’s some great thing, something we should be proud of.

Utter nonsense!

It was not technology that did this. 

It was not the government that did this.

It was not religion that did this.


No one can be blamed for this except the ‘people’ themselves.

In a way, it shows that, in this so-called ‘democracy’, it’s no longer the government that we need to worry about, but the work of the ‘people’ themselves

The ‘people’, really, have become the threat.

The ‘people’ are their own worst enemies.

This means that the standard pattern of thought of the previous era’s (of blaming the government, society, religion, etc.) are no longer legitimate.  The ‘people’, the mob, are whats causing a lot of the problems.  IT’S TIME, NOW, TO RECOGNIZE AND ACKNOWLEDGE THE DESTRUCTIVE POWER OF THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES.  THE NEW “THREAT” IS THE PEOPLE.  Practically all the “threats” come from things originating from the mob of the people:  overpopulation problems, the damage created by the industries required to sustain the people, the laws that favor the people above all else, catering to the petty ‘whims’ of the populace, and so on.  They are just as, if not more destructive, than any government or any religion. 

This fact has not been acknowledged by America yet.  They are still thinking as if they are in the 1700’s, when ‘democracy’ and the ‘people’ were the ‘solution’ to the problem of the times . . . but that was three hundred years ago!  Because of this, I think the U.S. will be slow to realize the destructive power of the ‘people’. 


There were many justifications of the destruction.  Typically, the justifications were so “good” that they never even questioned it.  As I said above, they justified the destruction as if it was for some good cause.  Some of the common justifications include: 

  • The idea of progress.  That is to say, we are ‘improving’ in some way. 
  • The glorification of change.  Some people thought change . . . any change . . . was automatically good.  It also created an attitude of not considering the consequences of change.  In my life, I’ve seen few people consider the consequences and results that change can cause.
  • The ideals of democracy.  This philosophy undermined authority and social structures and, in a way, set the stage for the destructive power of the people.
  • The fact that they are being enslaved or controlled by things they created and glorified but can do nothing about it . . . in other words, they are helpless but don’t want to admit it.  Most of these things were machines, consumer products, and technology they, themselves, created and glorified and which has grown to have power over them.  As a result, they can do nothing about it and are helpless against it.  Many Americans will willingly condemn the ‘traditional threat’ of, say, government control or religious intrusion.  But they will not condemn the machines, consumerism, and such that they created and glorified, even though it actually has MORE power than the ‘traditional threats’.  They have become so powerful, in fact, that it has instilled in the American character a sense of helplessness that is very prevalent.  This helplessness, though, tends to be disregarded, not acknowledged, and denied.  As a result, it sits as if floating in space, disconnected with anything.


Over the years I have found myself calling America a number of things:

  • The anti-culture.
  • The anti-human.

I often jokingly say, “Yeah, don’t worry about it.  American will find a way to wipe it out . . . and they’ll come up with a good excuse too.”

As I said, this self-destructive mentality seems very ingrained in the American character, something that isn’t going to disappear soon.  What this means is that its going to continue and it will definitely continue as long as the U.S. continues to be successful and has power.

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