Thoughts on apathy, it’s disguising, the illusion of life, and the modern world

It seems to me that the modern world has created tremendous and horrible apathy in humanity.  By this, I mean that the great energy and industry of humanity, that makes human life and turns that life into a ‘living’ life, has been wasted by all the mechanizations, fabrications, and other inventions and realities of the modern world.  This wasted energy, sitting stagnant and still, rests in a wanting state, unused and ill-used.  Long ago, it was used to create a life, our life, and fulfilled our deep inner longings.  It was a natural energy, built by nature, to live in nature, and to live a natural life.  Its unleashing, its demonstrations, its allowing to be fulfilled was, really, the fulfillment of life.  Only in its expressions was its reality manifest and revealed.  And, in its manifestation human life became whole, fulfilled and demonstrated.  And we, its partakers, became human and whole. 

This great natural energy sits still now in many ‘modern’ people, gathering dust and cobwebs.  Keeping to itself the natural need is never satisfied, but lies malignant in the depth of our souls. 

This absence, of natural need unsatisfied, is a death to our soul, a great hole in our lives.  It creates a partial life, a life that is only half lived.  Being partial this way, life is as if a shadow, a ‘hint’ at something else, never quite there, never quite revealed.  Empty longing has become our companion, endless pointless striving has become our game in life, indirection our path in life. 

Some, more than others, know the truth in this.  Some even know its horror . . . oh, great tragedy!

But, few know this, few are aware of this.  Few can see beyond the great disguising.

We must remember that the modern world is built upon a great “talent” of mental energy and thought, of conniving concepts and principles.  In short, the modern world is built upon mental fabrications and the great hocus pocus that our mind can dish out.  Being this way, the modern world is, in many ways, built upon self-deception, of allowing our minds to have too much sway over us, over what we do, and letting it have too much influence us, and by letting its inventions control us.  We’ve done this so much, and allowed it to happen for so long, that we have all but become bedazzled by it all, being amazed here, marvelling there, stunned there.  Like a great drug it has swept over us with its gadgets, mimicry, and machinations. 

Yes, a great drug and a great power has been unleashed upon us, its creator. 

In so doing we have, in a sense, only fooled ourselves.  We’ve become fools of our own conniving, of our own thoughts, of our own thought processes, and our own creations.  It’s no secret:  the creations of our own thoughts have become our  masters . . . the master has now become the slave!

Being this way, we’ve only continued this process in our lives, continuing our deception and our self-delusion, as if in a great attempt to complete this great lie, by creating a great disguise to hide it all, a great wall to hide behind.  This way, we can be comforted in our self-deluded thoughts of well-being.  In this way, we have created a great mantle of deception upon our lives, disguising our apathy in other things, hiding this fact from ourselves, as our apathy, our great inner need for ‘life’ sits stagnant within us.

As a result, we’ve created illusions of ‘living’, of a human life, that seem so true.  Many give us nothing but a small ‘taste’ of our inner need of life, a ‘hint’ at ‘living’, a faint sense of our humanity.  Here, in the modern world, these are only ‘glimpsed’ in its most minimal amount, lasting but a few moments in comparison to the great span of our years.  We’ve become accustomed to this most small amounts, and have allowed it all to slip by.  Savoring the small amounts, we look forward to it, anticipating its time in illusions like:

  • Various forms of recreation.  Here, we can get a ‘sense’ of it . . . but that is all.
  • Taking vacations.  More often than not, these are needed to keep our sanity, to allow us to breath, and respite, from the overweight of the modern world bearing down upon us.
  • Doing hobbies.  A good way to “taste” our ability to live.
  • By sports and other activities.  A good outlet for our desires.
  • By ‘living’ through other things, such as TV.  A good way to get the ‘illusion’ of life.
  • By playing with ‘toys’.  Another good outlet.

. . . . All are nothing but “tastes”, “glimpses”, and temporary outlets.

Modern life, by its nature, puts a damper on life, squashing our need for ‘life’ and our ability to live.  In the past, things like the illusions above were never needed or ‘looked for’ in life.  The need for ‘life’ was generally expressed in the affairs of life, of daily living.  No one sought vacation, no one sought something to live through, no one sought ‘toys’ as an expression of ‘living’.  But for us, the modern people, these illusions have become major outlets, our only outlets.  As a result, they’ve become a big part of our lives . . .  

The illusion has become life!

But, it’s become even more than that:  they keep our sanity, and a small hold on our humanity. 

Yes, in the midst of our unhuman modern lives, playing our part in the great machine called the modern world, which encompasses most of our life, our need for ‘life’ has been made apathetic, and a great stillness over our inner lives has been made.  This situation has never been seen, as far as I know, in history.  Now, we poor modern humans,  have to take the small morsels of humanity we are allowed in small moments of time, removed and separated from the rest of our lives.  It makes it so that life is as if split into two:  a human life and a unhuman life.  In this situation, the moments matter, slivers of time in our lives become important . . .  the rest we live under the unhuman apathetic mantle of the modern world.

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