Thoughts on changes that often happen after shamanistic ‘journeying’

When I go out into the woods and practice the ‘wonderful madness’ of shamanistic ‘journeying’ I often have a wonderful ‘sense’ afterwords that is interesting and revealing. 

Now, in shamanisitc ‘journeying’ I feel as if I separate from myself and go off into the blackness where I have a ‘waking dream’ that is often real.  I as if ‘go somwhere’.  That is, I ‘journey’.  Because of this I seem to leave where I am.  On returning, after I open my eyes, there are often wonderful feelings.  These include:

  • I feel as if I have just returned from a journey.  More than once have I said that when I open my eyes its as if I have just ‘opened a door’ finding myself somewhere else different (sort of like an elevator).
  • I feel as if I just ‘woke up’ and finding myself somewhere else.  I guess this would be like waking up and finding yourself somewhere else than what you thought you were.
  • It seems like it was a long time since I was there last.  I might even say, “boy, it was a long time since I was here last”, yet it was often only a few minutes.
  • I feel as if the immediate surroundings is ‘home’.   This shows what’s like a ‘deep inner connection’ with my surroundings.  I feel as if the stream, the tree’s, etc, are all a part of me in some way.
  • Things are more vibrant.  Colors, the breeze, the movement of the leaves, etc. seem so much more ‘real’ and ‘alive’. 
  • I often marvel at things.  Watching the grass blow in the wind may seem like a miracle or watching the wonderful play of the sunlight on the surface of the water seems amazing. 
  • I feel as if I have changed.  I don’t feel I’m the same person I was. I have always said that if I feel that I am a different person from when I started then it was productive day.
  • I am often overcome by a feeling caused by something that happened in the dream.  These can range from a joy to a horror.   This shows that it has had great impact on me deep down.

These seem to show three patterns of reactions:

  1. A feeling of ‘returning’.  This shows that I have gone ‘deep’.
  2. An increase in awareness.  This shows that I have ‘progressed’ in learning and awareness.
  3. A change in me.  This shows I have developed as a person.

To me, these are very significant and wonderful things.  They are things that I prize highly and are good signs. 

But, more importantly, they show a tendency of ‘deepness’ that one has been affected in ones ‘soul’.  This cannot be achieved, I don’t think, by any other way.  It is often like an inner transformation.  As a result, there is often an ‘inner development’ that happens with shamanistic ‘journeying’.  This, in part, is its function and purpose, of an ‘inner revealing’ or ‘inner disclosing’.

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