My comments to an article describing how we don’t need men anymore – female alienation and dehumanization

Recently, I was shown an article about how we don’t need men anymore.  Basically, it was saying that men have no use.  We don’t need fathers.  We don’t need men as breadwinners.  The male has become useless.  That’s basically the “gist” of it.  The article was written by a male University professor.  The whole theme of this article infuriated me and so I made some comments.  I thought that my comments on this article were interesting so I have copied them below.  Afterwords, I will remark about some other things about this mentality.

I made two comments: 

“What have we become? What kind of people think like that? This article is a good example of how, in this hi-bullcrap-techonological era, people are developing anti-human viewpoints . . . a sign of our increasing unhumanness and loss of humanity. I’ve always been worried that this anti-human mentality may grow so bad that it starts affecting the mentality of the general population. What’s life going to be like after that? According to this article, well, we guys are useless. So where do you think that mentality is going to lead? If that viewpoint was taken seriously by the populace and acted upon, what do you think will follow . . . a new utopia . . . a new happy era? In a way, its a denial of half the population because it doesn’t fit their modern scientific-based viewpoints. It is just another example of the limited scope of modern mentality (which is like looking through a tube). Maybe what they ought to do is come down from all this hi-modern bullcrap and come down to the level of the human world again. I’m not the only one who said that there may be a time that we may have to fight for our humanness, so that we may have a human-based world. In actuality, this fight has already begun.”
“Another interesting point is that I have found that females tend to have a very strong anti-human and self-destructive tendency. They will willingly undermine themselves, and others, without a thought. They will often preach the destruction of people too, making people out as useless in some way. The best, and most extreme, version of this are feminists. They hacked the female identity to death, destroyed the male, and willingly destroyed marriage and relationships. I’ve heard some preach the uselessness of the male and that, in the future, the male will be eradicated (which is the basic theme of this article). Even teenage girls display this trait of uselessness and destruction of people, often violently, as I have seen a number of times recently. In other words, there is a tendency for the female to preach the uselessness and destruction of people. This is generally a result of LOW SELF-ESTEEM in the female, from my experience, which they project out into the world. In other words, deep down they are saying that they are useless and have no meaning. Very seldom do you see guys preach the uselessness of people and that, because of this, they should be destroyed. And because this article is a guy preaching something like the ‘uselessness and subsequent destruction of the male’, it makes me think that the author of this article is probably ‘pussy whipped’ or a ‘mangina’, as they say. He is probably reflecting female mentality he has been exposed to. As I said above, it reflects an already existing feminist viewpoint. He’s a professor so he probably has been exposed to it at the University. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this. I’ve always said that a great threat to the male, nowadays, is the ‘pussy whipped’ male or ‘mangina’. In sucking up to the female they will undermine all of us. I also have always said that we need to be cautious of female low self-esteem and being dragged down in it. We need to be cautious of their continual preaching of how useless someone is (such as the male) and how we don’t need certain people. We also need to be on guard againt their ‘proof’ of these things.”
Articles like this show how low we’ve become as people.  This isn’t the first time I’ve seen an article saying this.  In fact, as I said in my comment above, the idea of the ‘male as useless and should be eradicated’ is an already existing feminist idea.  I’ve heard some feminists talk like the eradication of the male will be a great event, like they’re looking forward to the day . . . unbelievable! 
As I also said, these mentalities reflect the females low self-esteem.  This is really part of female alienation and dehumanization, which the modern world  has created.  Just like the male, the female has lost her worth and function in the world.  As a result, she has made “attempts” at its solution which aren’t working too well.  Alienation and dehumanization has created a number of reactions in the female such as:
  • A sense of uselessness.
  • A sense of being a “noone”. 

We must keep in mind that females have a tendency to project their conflicts onto other people (whereas males generally don’t).  As a result, females tend to project their alienation and dehumanization onto other people.  This tendency of projection is especially common with feminists which, I believe, the viewpoint of this article probably originated.  Because of projection, how they speak about other people is often more a reflection on how they view themselves than anything elseAlso, their projection seems to generally be directed to the male.  As a result, the male gets the blunt of the blows, generally needlessly and pointlessly, as many of us know.

And so, projecting their alienation and dehumanization conflict onto the male we see this change:

  • “I feel useless” >>> project to male >>> the male is useless.
  • “I feel a “noone” ” >>> project to male >>> the male is a “noone”, therefore he should not exist (be eradicated).

In many of their statements they are not speaking of the male but themselves . . . that’s how they feel about themselves deep down.  Whats interesting is that a lot of these types of points of view are being stated by females going to the University and have professions.  Aren’t these supposed to be the ‘successful female’?  Aren’t these supposed to be the ones who have “overcome their shackles”?

What does this reveal? 

That education and/or a profession does not satisfy their alienation and dehumanization problems.  This, though, is not what they are claiming.  Its interesting to note that my experience is that the females that are most struggling with alienation and dehumanization are the educated ones or the ones with professions.  This is because its an illusion.  They “think” it helps, but its not.  This creates something like a dilemma or confusion in many of them.  I’ve even heard many of them state that they don’t seem to be any better.  It shows that education and/or a profession does not “cater” to an inherent feminine need, it does not satisfy what they need . . . it’s actually being done for various personal, social, and political reasons.

Not only that, the female low self-esteem, and its projection, has caused nothing but problems in the work place.  It makes it so they see all this “bad” stuff going on that isn’t going on.  They see intentions that aren’t there, motives that don’t exist, and ill feelings everywhere.  It’s got to the point that I have to be careful of my every word, movement, thought, and insinuation when around a female . . . another sign that it’s not working.

One of the reason why they think that education and/or a profession will solve their problems is because it is being done in imitation of the male.  In other words, they “think” male imitation will solve their alienation and dehumanization problems.  It, of course, doesn’t work either. 

This shows that the three common current attempts at dealing with female alienation and dehumanization are not working.  These are:

  1. Imitating the male.
  2. Getting an education.
  3. Having a profession.

In actuality, these do next to nothing from my experience.  There are several signs that its not working:

  • They continue to complain about alienation and dehumanization problems.  Often, with one hand they say it’s good (to justify their actions) and with the other hand they complain (because it doesn’t work). 
  • They become arrogant.  This is because they are trying to ‘force it’ to work, so they exaggerate its effects.  Sometimes it can get so bad that they think they are superior to everyone else (this just hides their worthlessness within).
  • They continue to have no dignity.  They remain with a low sense of who they are.
  • They do not feel content.  They don’t feel ‘satisified’ and still feel something is ‘missing’. 

Because of all this I don’t think we should be telling females to go in any of those directions!  My personal feelings is that telling females to go in these directions is actually hampering and hindering the female.  Though it may follow current political/legal ideology and reflect current ideals, it is not catering to the natural human qualities in the female.  We must remember that this whole problem revolves around alienation and dehumanization – that we aren’t following our natural human tendencies.  As a result, any “attempt” that does not follow natural human tendencies is going to fail.  In fact, its just going to continue the alienation and dehumanization, as it is here. 

One of the dilemma’s of female alienation and dehumanization is that females are not trying to pursue a “reasonable” path to a solution.  They are following ‘notions’ and ‘social trends’ more than anything else.  They spend too much time blindly following things.  In fact, one of the biggest problems with females is their tendency to ‘blind following’.  Whatever the trend is, whatever the craze, they follow it religiously, even if it is not good for them and even if it may harm them.  The ‘blind following’ of the female is one of the greatest threats to the female It is a threat for a number of reasons:

  • Where it may lead them.  Many of them don’t even think of where it will lead them, don’t have a clue, and it seldom even comes on their mind.
  • They put themselves in a position where they don’t gain anything.  This means they don’t get the effects of what they’re doing.  It’s just “monkey see, monkey do” (or, rather “female see, female do”). 
  • It gives them the illusion that they are on the right path (because they are following).

These facts give female alienation and dehumanization a ‘twist’ that we don’t see in male alienation and dehumanization.  It makes it so that:

  • Females will never solve their alienation and dehumanization problems. 
  • They need something to follow. 
  • Society will have to ‘solve’ it and create something for them to follow.

As a result, the solution to female alienation and dehumanization will begin by giving them good example and direction.   They, themselves, will probably not do it.  It will have to be done by someone else.   They need to be given a good path to take.  Historically, it is the mothers and grandmothers who showed this direction predominately.  Society can help abit.  The male can only give minimal direction.  This more or less means that the females welfare are largely in their mothers and grandmothers hands. And what are they doing? . . . Near as I can tell:  nothing. 

But they will need more than direction to some human feminine-relevent world.  They need to develop good attitudes about the female.  They need to see the female as someone useful.   They can’t be like feminists, and other females, who see the female as a ‘victim’ or a ‘slave’ and that everything about the female is bad and that females should be like men . . . or try to replace them.  Most certainly, any solution to alienation and dehumanization must entail a return of dignity of who they are.  If this is not achieved, nothing has.  Dignity also entails a respect of other persons.  This means you don’t go around preaching how useless people are. 

The whole premise of this article is based in a lack of dignity that alienation and dehumanization cause.  It is nothing but a display, really, of how we have all become useless and worthless by the modern world (though projected onto the male).  Being based, no doubt, in feminist mentality, it is rooted in the absence of dignity in the themselves.  This, in turn, shows a lack of dignity and respect in other people, hence the statement of how men are uselss and, in extreme cases, should be eradicated.  And, being that a male has taken this point of view, it shows his own lack of dignity.

Yeah, the modern world has made us all useless . . . but this isn’t the way to solve it.

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