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Thoughts on my doubt about evolution

Many years ago I used to believe in evolution.  It, after all, made sense.  Over the years I’ve begun to feel otherwise.  Something just doesn’t seem right with it.  For many years I struggled with this conflict with the fact that evolution seemed … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the pre-self, primal self, world self, post-self, and the greater self

Here are some thoughts on how I see things at this time: The self is not ‘ready-made’ in life.  We are not born with a self.  It is something that is grown and developed over time.  As a result, there … Continue reading

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On the crisis of keeping a humanly relevent world – the ‘war for humanness’

Nowadays, we are having problems with keeping our lives humanly relevent.  In fact, I consider that this is now CRISIS proportions.  Though we don’t know it, there is now a ‘war for humanness’ going on.  It is being waged by a small part … Continue reading

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