More insanity from the feminists: The “feminist utopian hermaphrodite” and the myth of male work

Here’s a thought I had:

The other day I heard another insanity from the feminists.  They were basically glorifying the female for being a single mom, going to college, and having a career.  They also seemed to rejoice in the fact that the male was not there.  In fact, if the male was nowhere to be seen the greater their “accomplishment”.  They seemed to think this was some great thing and a utopia for the girls of the future.  My reaction amounted to this:

“Let me get this right.  You are worshipping a condition in which the female has to raise her kids ALONE,  have the STRESS of college, and the BURDEN of a career and in which the male is ABSENT, ALL BY HERSELF!  Is that correct?  This is the great future you profess for the females?  This is the new utopia you have come up with?  I don’t know, but if I were a female I’d be pissed.  Yeah, I wouldn’t be to happy if they made it so I had to do EVERYTHING and in which I had to WORK MYSELF TO DEATH.  To me, this seems to be GUARANTEEING a life of EXCESSIVE BURDEN for the female, of endless work, pressure, and responsibility.  The ‘genius’ of the feminists never ceases to amaze me.”

Many feminists, that I have seen, are already practically worshipping this condition.  They seem to think that a female who lives like this is some “superlady” or something.  Its like work and education is this big sweeping thing in life that will make them into these great people.

Of course, this has to be done with a dominant male absence.  Remember, these are people who profess “equality”, as part of their feminist doctrine, but yet they are doing everything in their power to make the male absent and have no place!  In fact, they are trying to replace the male by being both male and female!  In so doing they make it so the male disappears in their life.  Its like they are trying to get rid of half the population.  I’ve heard many of them state that too.  There are many feminists who have taken points of view where they are stating that the “the male is useless” or claims, even, that the male is “going to disappear”.  In short, this is because the new “utopian feminist female” is a hermaphrodite, both male and female, doing the work of both.  I’ve often jokingly called this the “feminist utopian hermaphrodite”.

What this shows is that there are strong anti-male attitudes behind this point of view.  This isn’t surprising as anti-male attitudes are behind much of feminism in general.  This feminist hermaphroditism tends to preach what can only be called the eradication of males, both functionally and even physically in the world.  As I said above, I’ve seen many feminists state philosophies and points of view in which they envision a world that has no males or in which the male has become a nothing, like a drone.  I’ve heard many feminists say that it is “inevitable”.

This is a good example of feminist hypocrisy.  These points of views have nothing to do with the legal/political philosophies they claim to follow, of “equality”, “rights”, “freedom”, and such, which so many have stood upon.  Its a good example of how feminists use all these legal/political points of view to hide their more sinister intentions, such as their anti-male attitudes.  I’ve learned, over the years, to never trust their legal/political claims . . . there’s always something else behind it!

The insanity of it all!

I’ve seen girls who live like this “feminist utopian hermaphrodite” too.  Not one appears happy or content at all.  They seem stressed-out, age quickly, and lost in life.   Is it any wonder?  They are taking on so much burden and stress as a result of their insane philosophy.  Many, I have found, won’t admit to that though.  Many hide behind a self-righteousness.  Feminists, of course, have their pride.  They have to glorify it . . . they’re right, remember, and don’t have any problems.  But that’s not how they look and behave . . . and that’s how you find out how they really are.

There is a reason why we had moms and dads who split the work and responsibility between them.  There is a reason for this!  Basically, so we don’t work ourselves to death.  Not only that, the male and female did the type of work that best fit their natural abilities.  That is to say, they were given work that was easier for them to do.  It’s been like that for centuries all over the world.  But that’s all been thrown to the wind nowadays.  It’s no longer a question of ability and common sense.  It’s a question of “rights”, of what I have a “right” to do.  This is all part of the modern insanity.  It shows the complete lack of common sense in the modern world.

I was always stunned when I heard feminists, in particular, glorify work and education, as if it was this great accomplishment.  Even when I was a kid thats not the story I was hearing from the guys, the people who were actually working.  What I was hearing from them was how work is tedius, hard, monotonous, and difficult.  The general attitude, even down to today, is that they would much rather NOT work.  Many guys make a life out of waiting for the weekend or vacation or retirement.  Even when I was a kid I often heard of the ‘work ethic’, which basically says that a person must work themselves to death . . . and I saw many guys do just that, to the point of heart attack even.  When I was first going to college the older guys always told me, continuously it seems, of how hard work is and that it wasn’t a game.  And now, after 20 years working, I don’t see whats so special or glorious about work.   Work is what a person does to survive . . . that’s all.  That’s why its work.

But the feminists seem to think its some sort of a god.  They think its going to change them into some superhuman being or something.  I know from experience that many are attracted to work because “work is male”.  In other words, its part of the feminist campaign to flee everything female.  This is why they think it will ‘change’ them . . . they will change into ‘men’.  This is also revealed in how they are trying to create a condition where the male is absent and in which they are doing the work of both the male and female, the “feminist utopian hermaphrodite” . . . then they will become men.  In effect, there is a strong theme of trying to turn themselves into men I’ve found.  This is common with feminists.

The flight from feminity is also revealed in how they portrayed the traditional work of the female (housework, the activities of a wife, etc.) as slavery.  It’s slavery because its femalish!   In other words, the feminists glorification of work is often really nothing but a flight from feminity into manhood.  It has nothing to do with “equality”, “rights”, or anything else like that.  If they work, or do male things, they will cease to be female.  This is because a lot of feminists, I’ve found, have a very poor attitude about what a female is.  This is why they have the conflicts they do and see female things as being so bad and why they try to do male things.  It’s their own poor attitudes about what a female is that’s the problem.

I’ve heard many females talk, who aren’t feminists, and many are basically finding that work is work.  I’ve even heard quite a few say that “there’s no difference between housework and having a job”.  This states a fact:   The traditional work of the male (carpenter, doctor, etc.) is a form of work and the traditional work of the female (housework, mother, wife, etc.) is just another form of work.  They are both just different forms of work . . . that’s all.

In time, I suspect, many females will find that the “male” version of education and work is just another form of work.  Its tedius and hard and there’s no reason to glorify it.  It doesn’t matter if its traditionally male or female work . . . it’s all work!

Many females will also find out what many guys found out centuries ago:  that we are just a number, a cog in a machine.  Many are beginning to experience the inhumanity of the system, that it doesn’t bend for you, and that you are really a slave to it.  Many females will find that, if traditional female work is ‘enslavement’, well, so is traditional male work too.  Males have been complaining how work is just enslavement for centuries but, apparently, no female listened as they seem oblivious to this fact.  In reality, the females are jumping from one ‘enslavement’ to another . . . truly, the “grass is not greener” on the male side.  Soon they will find out why males couldn’t wait for the weekend or vacation or retirement.

The problem is that, with all these points of view, they are slowly uprooting the female from natural feminish work and identity.  As a result, they are causing a general alienation in the femalehood in general.  Not only that, when they realize male work is really nothing but work, and a slavery in itself, they will find themselves “stuck” in an unfemalish work environment that does not cater to feminish abilities and inclinations.  Since they have already destroyed ‘female work’ they will find themselves with nowhere to go.  Because of this, it seems to me that the “feminist utopian hermophrodite” is moving the female further away from herself and is now backing the femalehood into a corner. 

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