Thoughts on my statement: “at the rate we are going the female will be obliterated”

Recently, I have been looking a lot at female dehumanization and alienation.  While doing this, I found myself making a statement which stunned me.  I said:

“At the rate we are going the female will be obliterated.”

This was said in response to the observation that the many naturally appearing ‘feminine qualities’ are disappearing, becoming non-relevent, or distorted.  This has made it so that the naturally appearing female qualities have no real meaning anymore.  Having no meaning they are basically disappearing.  Hence, the female is being ‘obliterated’.

I should point out that by “female” I mean naturally appearing feminine qualities or natural inclinations that make up the female and make her ‘useful’ and valid in society and as a person.  Much of “feminity” has become superfluous or ‘fluff’ with no real meaning or value.  They’ve become remnants of something that was once important, a ‘carryover’ from a bygone age when the “feminine” had real value, a reminder of what was lost.  So they pout when they see a puppy dog, so they dress up fancy, so they speak with high voices . . . what of it?  These are just ‘female things’.  They do not entail the great importance and value of the “feminine” anymore, hardly anything does! 

The era when the “feminine” was important has passed . . . 

Recently, I heard of a film director who said that they had difficulty finding an American female to fit a role they had in a movie.  They said that they couldn’t find an American female that was “womanly”.  He said that the American females were only “sexy” or “sexual” in some way or that they acted like they were a display-piece . . . they had no “womanly” qualities at all.  They considered getting a foreignor to play the part.  This, I felt, reflects the fall in the “feminine” in this country.  It shows that females are losing the quality of a “woman” or the “truly feminine” nowadays.  Personally, I don’t think many know what it means any more, particularly the younger generation.


Basically, what I seem to be seeing is a slow obliteration in the femalehood.  This mainly consists of:

  • An exaggerated femininity.  Here they take qualities of the female and exaggerate them, often to excessive proportions.  I generally associate this with a girl wanting to be female but in which there is no use in being female.  As a result, she “exaggerates” it as if to make it relevent.
  • Misplaced femininity.  This refers to female qualities coming out but going in unproductive directions.  A good example is the obsessive concern many females have over the social media and their cell phones.  It shows the natural feminine concern and need for other people but it is not productive nor does it allow for growth.
  • Not being who they are.  In this country, many females spend a lot of time trying to be something other than they are.
  • Having poor views of the female.  I have always been stunned by how many females have a poor view of what a female is.  This is so common, in fact, that I’ve grown to expect it from a female, particularly from younger females.  There has even developed a philosophy based in these poor views of a female called feminism.

Generally, there is a mixture of these qualities in girls.  Seldom is it just one form.  Because of this, there are many variations of how it can appear.  All these contribute to a slow undermining and obliteration of the female.

Often, I see females portraying themselves as “men” or doing male things.  Many females portray themselves as “tough” and “in control”.  These are nothing but aping the male.  To me, this has always had a sinister quality about it and is one of the signs that told me something was wrong.  Why?  Because its like saying,“The femalehood has failed, it can no longer hold its legitimacy.  The only solution is to ape the male”.  I have always taken this as a horrible foreboding for the femalehood, a sign of a decay.  But you see this attitude everywhere, in female behavour, in their attitudes, in the movies, in stories, etc.  Everywhere the message is stated again and again:  “The famalehood has failed, it can no longer hold its legitimacy.  The only solution is to ape the male.” . . . just another sign of the obliteration of the female.

Look at many of the movies now.  They, for example, portray the females in the manner of male warriors, such as having princesses wielding swords and defeating guys twice their size or as invincible fighters.  Many female characters are portrayed in the male mold, even on TV.  They are often shown as being tuff, assertive, and aggressive, things that are usually not part of the female character and do not reflect the “feminine” at all.

I was particularly stunned to find out that the motherhood quality has taken a hit.  I always thought the motherhood quality in the female was so solid that it would never be shaken.  The evidence I’m seeing is that this is not true.  I’m now looking at several generations of girls who don’t even know what a mother is, no less act like a mother.  I’m seeing girls who have no care for anyone, not even their own child.  Never did I think I would see such a thing!


We must remember that the traits, qualities, and inclinations of the femalehood have remained in an almost unchanged state for thousands of years all over the world.  In the past 50 years, in particular, we have seen a big change in this fact.  Many of these qualities are finding themselves without a purpose or place in life.  It’s no coincidence that this has happened when the modern world has gained in prominence. 

In actuality, it shows an association.  It is an example of how the modern world is removing us from our natural inclinations.  The fact is that nature has given us natural inclinations for a reason.  They have a purpose and a place in our life.  By following our natural inclinations we become human beings.  To not follow them, we cease to be who we are.  This shows a natural inclination/human connection, making it imperative that we follow our natural inclinations.

Nowadays, the modern world has made many of our natural inclinations defunct and useless.  This has caused much dehumanization and alienation nowadays.  This is true for both the male and female, though in different ways.

The modern world has very little that is ‘feminine’ in its nature.   As a result, it has no need for many feminine inclinations.  This makes it so that the female has no “means” to develop and be who she naturally is.  Many females now, for example, are now developing a “want-to-be” attitude as a result of this crisis.  In many cases, they “want-to-be” like men, having to do what they do.  Though this type of behavour may cause a relief, it is only temporary.  In the end, the female still has not grown into her natural inclinations.  The modern world has no place or means for this growth to happen.  As a result, the modern world has posed a great crisis in the female.  As time passes, the female becomes less and less female, and less and less growing into her natural inclinations.  This is causing a slow obliteration of the “feminine”. 

Many females don’t even pursue “female endeavours” anymore.  The purpose of why these “endeavours” were pursued was to accentuate and develop female qualities within themselves.  Its natural to do this, like an innate tendency.  It helps us to grow into who we are.  For centuries, a significant part of “female life” was developing these feminine qualities.  Now . . . what’s the point?

We must also remember thatthe obliteration of the “feminine” is not only undermining the female-as-a-person but its obliterating its reality in society and as a social force.  I can recall, as a kid, how the “feminine” quality had a powerful presence.  Society was made up of “feminine” and “masculine” qualities.  They were like two great pillars one looked up to and stood upon.  Now, I hardly see either.  What I see of the “feminine” is a broken down fragment of it.  I often feel like an archeologist looking at the broken remains of pottery and trying to imagine what it used to look like.


It’s also interesting, and sad, to point out that in many tribal societies, all over the world, a female child is often killed, or allowed to die, because they, frankly, offer so little to the society and, as a result, become a burden on everyone else.  In fact, I’ve heard them say that too many females are a “burden” on the tribe, as they cannot do the work and such that is required to support themselves in the tribe.  This is why they kill them or allow them to die.  This shows that, even in tribal society, where you’d think female qualities would be in need the most, females qualities only go so far.  Once there are enough females then any additional female becomes a burden to everyone else and the society.  In other words, its easy for there to be a ‘female surplus’.   This is a sad fact. 

I’ve heard people say, in these societies, that they never have enough males.  Though this may seem to ‘favor’ the male, we must keep in mind that all they are saying is that the male is a ‘workhorse’ or, in a sense, a ‘slave’.  His importance is his ability to do work.  There is nothing particularly glorious about this either . . . they are both sad facts.

But here we see a pattern that we see even in this society:  the male tends to be turned into a ‘work animal’ and the female tends to become useless and, therefore, a burden on the society.  

From my observation, its not far from the truth to say that society has to ‘support’ the females.  That is to say, society has to give them things so they can survive.  Everywhere I turn I see females wanting special privelages, special rights, special consideration . . . stuff I’ve never seen a guy do, even though they are in a worse situation, and with a wife and kids!  All they are doing is requesting ‘support’ from society.  I’ve even heard many guys complain how they have to give so much to their wives and daughters.  This, in a way, shows the ‘female surplus’ and the “burden” females cause on the rest of us, just as we saw in some tribal societies.  But, in the past, this did not bother us that much.  Though the female may be a “burden” on society, and need ‘support’, we must remember that this only refers to material-like things, of the maintenence of a person.  The female gave back another thing that we saw as just as important, namely, the “feminine”.   With the fall of the “feminine” this power of the female has been lost, forcing girls to become, in a way, just another ‘workhorse’ or appendage to the system, which they are becoming.  Just the other day, I just about told a girl that “you’re just a machine like the rest of us, a cog in a wheel, don’t expect special considerations for your emotional needs here . . . this is the reality we guys have been living in for centuries . . . you’re going to have to get used to it”.

Because the ‘female surplus’ makes the female useless, there has been many attempts to try to make her “useful” and “valid” in this society.   Often, She has to do things she normally wouldn’t do, and which often has nothing to do with the femalehood at all.  Typically, they are imitating what the male is doing.  But, the problem is that they are being ‘changed into a male’, so to speak.  In addition, they often have to work specifically to ‘carry her weight’ and make it so she isn’t a burden on society.  Like us males, she becomes another ‘workhorse’.  This tends to create a bunch of overworked stressed out females.  Though these may seem to be a natural path to take, it only takes the female away from herself, helping to cause her obliteration.  

But if one looks closer one can see that these are more or less saying that the female, doing female things, has become useless.  In other words, there’s a ‘female surplus’.  As a result, we are doing a variation of what they did in tribal society.  The obliteration of the female, that we’re seeing now, is really a variation of the killing, or allowing to die, of the female because there are too many of them.  Its an attempt to solve the problem of the uselessness of the female, and the ‘female surplus’, and the relieving of the burden they cause on society.   And so, in our own little way, we are continuing what they were doing in tribal society but in a different way. 


The ‘female surplus’ is only one thing that has forced the female to be moved from herself.  The modern world, with all its machinery and technology, has done its fair share of damage to the female world.  All the consumer products, for example, has literally destroyed the very function of the housewife, which has been here since time began.  What wives and mothers have been doing for centuries, all over the world, was made useless by consumer products.  Wives and mothers found that they all of a sudden had ‘nothing to do’.  As a child, in the 1970’s, I can recall somehow “sensing” this.  I could see that many mothers and housewives seemed ‘bored’, with nothing relavent to do . . . there was always a consumer product to do it for them.  This situation was even portrayed in various shows and movies in one form or another.  I recall an episode of “The Jetsons” where the mother developed some sort of a depression because of all the automation.  This, it seems to me, is rather accurate.  I often felt this caused a serious crisis in the female back then, creating depression, feelings of uselessness, and low self-esteem.  In many ways, many modern things are completely undermining the mother as a viable reality.

In addition, the coming of things like the TV destroyed the ‘closeness of home’ which is often such a big part of female life.  In some sense, it replaced the mother.  How many times have I heard mothers say that the TV is like a ‘baby sitter’?  It was more than that, it ‘took the baby away’.  It so absorbed the child that the mother was often not needed anymore.   Modern things and gadgets have completely upset the dynamics of the home, which is where the female has been since the beginning of time. 


This society has done a lot to create this condition.  Some of these include:

  • It teaches girls to be more like whores than females, emphasizing their sexuality as if that is all there is to the female.
  • It teaches girls to endlessly concern themselves about their bodies.
  • It teaches girls to be like men and to emulate male things.
  • It teaches girls that they must go to college and get a job, as the only motive in life (which is all based on the ‘male life’).
  • It teaches that females were “slaves”.
  • It portrays the female in a bad light.
  • It offers little for the femalehood as a group.

Things, such as this, make it so that society offers very little to the female and, in some cases, is actually damaging to the female.


The damage inflicted by feminism is quite extensive.  In many ways, they are instrumental to this damage.  In fact, it seems that it was the feminists who started an active “compaign to obliterate the female” and to “turn the female into something other than they are”.  They did this by many of their beliefs and attitudes, which include:

  • They taught that the female is a victim and oppressed in history.
  • They taught that many female things are bad.
  • They taught that the female should be un-femalish and act like something other than she is.
  • They taught that the female should act and do things like a man.
  • They initiated many of the policies and attitudes that helped create the obliteration of the female.

Stand back and listen to the feminists points of view . . . do you think they are going to create a new “healthy feminine”?  I don’t think so, nor have they ever.  Of all the feminists I’ve seen these past 30 years I would not rank one as an example of a stable female. 

Is there any wonder?

Feminists have created attitudes that have done nothing but undermine the female as a person and human being.  Most of these were “justified” by legal and political reasons, such as “equality”, “rights”, and such.  As a result, their perspective is a political and legal based point of view, not a human one.  The whole philosophy sounds good politically and legally but is a miserable failure on the human level.

In fact, because they use political and legal viewpoints toward the female they were instrumental in turning the female into a ‘political creature’.  That is to say, they turned the female into a “puppet” of political and legal ideology and have, in a sense, made it so that the female is no longer a human being.  They’ve made it so that the female is nothing but an appendage to political and legal ideology. 


The U.S. has done a lot to cover up female obliteration.  Most of the way it has covered it up is by masking it over with American values, which include:

  • The idea of “progress”, that the females are progressing.
  • The idea of “achievement”, that the females are achieving.
  • The idea of “advancement”, that the females are advancing.
  • The idea of “oppurtunity”, that the females have oppurtunity.
  • The idea of “equality”, that females are treated as equals.
  • The idea that “you can accomplish anything”, therefore, a female should accomplish.

All these hide the fact of the female obliteration.  In fact, they sort of glorify the obliteration, almost as if to say that the obliteration of the female is a wonderful thing, as if it were a great “advancement” for the females.  Now they can have “opportunity”, “professions”, and so on, which is basically saying they will move away from who they are.  All this sounds good, from the national pride angle, but it is, in actuality, undermining the female.  What its doing, in a way, is replacing female qualities with national ideals.  It tells them that, instead of following feminine qualities and traits, they should follow national ideals.  This is another way the female has been turned into a ‘political creature’, an appendage to the political system and beliefs.  If you sit and listen to many things said concerning the female you will see how they are almost always somehow associated with political (and legal) systems.  It’s as if they’ve made it so that all the issues surrounding the female, and the whole female life for that matter, is a political and legal issue.


As part of the ‘coverup’, and turning the female into a ‘political creature’, there has been extensive patronizing of the female.  What I mean is that there is a tendency to always portray the female in ‘politically desirable’ positions.  In this way, they have turned the female into nothing but a representative of American values, almost like a “poster child”.  This, again, is another example of turning the female into a ‘political creature’.  The positions they are portrayed as are designed to make the female, and the U.S., look good ‘politically’.  The problem is that in most of these positions they portray the females in positions they never have been in, positions in which they have never done and, in some cases, they cannot do . . . all to make them look good ‘politically’ and satisfy political motives!  They are portrayed this way in movies, stories, advertisements, and many other things.  Things they are often portrayed as include:

  • The President of the U.S.
  • As people in charge.
  • As warriors and soldiers.  Almost all military advertisement that I have seen shows a female on it somewhere . . . and generally prominently.
  • As powerful aggressive people. 
  • As having these incredibly successful careers.
  • As people who have invented or discovered things.
  • As incredibly educated.  In fact, almost all the advertisements of Colleges and Universities that I have seen portray a female on it, often shown graduating and successful.

You’ll notice that these are all ‘male’ things . . . none are female reflecting the female life.  I don’t know anywhere in the history of the world when these qualities have “defined” the female life.  I’ve always said that these “lies” are an insult to the female, as they are portraying things that aren’t true.  Its nothing but a form of patronizing the female . . . all for political ends.  Because of this, I have always been disgusted with it.  It is preaching a lie and a false image.  These lies only inspire females to be something they are not and to pursue things that have nothing to do with their natural inclinations.  Not only that, it is based in turning the female into a ‘politial creature’.


I’ve seen almost no attempt to make the female relavent.  Not even the females have done that!  All the “attempts” I’ve seen are thinks like:

  • They try to fit them into political or legal ideology and national ideals – turn the female into a ‘political creature’.
  • They try to be a man or man-like – tell the female to be something she’s not.
  • They use the law to get their way – manipulation of the legal system.
  • They follow warped American images of the female, such as an exaggerated sexuality – a distortion of female identity.

None of these make the female relavant.  In order to be relavant the female needs a PLACE to manifest her NATURALLY APPEARING female qualities.  In addition, these qualities NEED to HAVE VALUE and WORTH.  These are not found in these places.


In general, the female is in a dilemma.  In effect, the modern world has displaced the female, making many of her qualities useless.  There have been attempts at trying to solve this problem but many of them are making it worse.  At the rate we are going, the female is going to lose her “place”, her worth, and her feminine qualities.


What all this shows is that the female needs a”place” in society.  All over the world, for centuries, the female has had her “place”.  There, she was a female and developed her female qualities.  There she could be who she is.

This is now gone.

The power of the female is in her natural inclinations and tendencies, not by things such as turning her into a ‘political creature’ or making her act like a man or prance around like a whore.  


There is a great myth that having a job will “solve” the female dilemma.  I have never believed it will “solve” it and still don’t.  The more I look at the situation the more true it becomes.  It seems like having a job is a “temporary fix”, so to speak.  In fact, it seems to me that it is a continuation of the ‘coverup’ and the turning of the female into a ‘political creature’ and a representation of American ideals.  By making the female work, all these motives are fulfilled.  Because of this, it is a myth, a myth to satisfy political objections. 

I should point out that it was in the modern working environment that we first saw dehumanizing and alienating problems, which the male has struggled with for several centuries . . . and this is where the female is going, thinking its going to save them!  Don’t you think the female will follow the same path as the male and end up struggling with the same problems?  She’s already displaced, for crying out loud!  You think that a job, which is associated with dehumanization and alienation, is going to help?

In other words, despite all the political, legal, and national pride stuff that surrounds females getting a job, on the human level my observation is that its actually undermining them even more.  It does this by taking them out of their ‘place’ and putting them somewhere that does not reflect their natural inclinations and tendencies.  As a result, they are becoming more and more a ‘fish out of water’.


As I said before, much of these problems are hidden behind political and legal points of view.  We tend to not question the political and legal points of view because they were so worshiped during the cold war and are based on our national ideals.  This has created a tendency to not question anything that is said in the name of these values.  All you have to do in this country to get your way is say “rights” or “equality” or “freedom” . . . no one will question it!

This is the problem . . .

I have always felt that we need to get out from under the shadow of the cold war and this blind worship of our national ideals and its political and legal ideologies.  We can’t just “assume” something is automatically right when things are said in the name of these ideals or ideologies.  The fact is that, in the past 40 years, American national ideals, with its political and legal ideologies, has been so warped, distorted, and abused that you often can’t even tell what it means anymore.  This is especially true with the female as much of the obliteration of the female is said under national ideas and political and legal ideologies, hiding the truth of their obliteration and actually helping it along!  This has made it so that the female has been patronized too much and has been turned into a ‘political creature’ to serve political motives and objectives.  For example, just because a female has a successful career does NOT mean the political system and ideals of the U.S. is great, nor is it what the female life and the “feminine” revolves around.  It seems to me that the female needs to come out from under the political and legal mantle to become human again.

But what does she come out to?

. . . this is the problem.

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