A dream about feeling neglected and walking around downtown – the separation from oneself

I dreamt that I was at my grandma’s house with my brother and a relative of mine.  This relative pulled out some foreign currency and was going to give it to my brother.  I got infuriated and said something like, “What?!  Everyone knows I collect foreign currency . . . I’m the only one who does.  Why are you giving him the foreign currency when he doesn’t collect it?”  This made me really mad.  As I stormed out I thought I could see that she was thinking about at least giving me some.  The next thing I knew I was wandering around downtown, as I often do. 

(This dream bewildered me for hours.  Interestingly, I was planning on wandering around downtown the next day.  The past week has been a very stressful one and I wanted to wander around to ‘unwind’, as I often do.  As I travelled downtown, I found myself getting upset about things and annoyed.  I kept thinking about things about this society that I despised and how it didn’t represent me at all and that my own country is turning into a society that reflects no values I believe in.  All this thought hurt and caused a pain in me.  I felt like moving somewhere else.  I knew that this was really my ‘venting’ of the stress I have had this past week.  This is not uncommon for me to do.  It is a way for me to express an outlet of my frustrations.  Not only that, I knew it would happen.  It turns out that this ‘knowing’, or predicting, of what would happen is the cause of the dream.  In the dream I felt abondoned, forgotten, and neglected.  But, you see, that is actually what I am seeking when I ‘wander around’.  I used to always say that “I like to wander around downtown because I become like everyone else, a nobody, another face in the crowd”.  It is a way of ‘getting away’.  But, what perplexed me was the pain I felt in the dream, the pain of neglect and being forgotten.  Why did this appear?  I wanted to wander around to seek this sense of being ‘forgetten’ but in the dream it was like the opposite . . . it hurt.  After some time I knew why.  When I wander around I do more than wander around . . . I contemplate-like.  This requires a sense of separation from my self.  It’s not uncommon that this separation is painful and hurts.  In fact, almost all the time when I go hiking, wandering, or contemplating there is an initial phase of pain, of hurting as a prelude to contemplation.  This, as I said, is a result of separation of oneself.  Once this pain is overcome I feel ‘removed’ from myself and can contemplate and become productive.  The pain, in the dream, is a reference to the pain of separation I knew I would feel.  If I did not achieve this separation I would not ‘calm down’ that well.  The dream, then, is just an anticipation of this event.)

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