Thoughts on the female threat to female identity: feminism and the pseudo-gay modern lesbian

Here’s a thought I had after reflecting on the dehumanization and alienation of females nowadays.  I found myself saying some interesting things that, I think, are worth noting down:

It appears that many females are a major influence in the destruction of the female sexual identity.  A great deal of the ‘campaign’ to destroy sexual identity has, in large part, been conducted by females.  Typically, they seek to destroy sexual identity and offer nothing in its place . . . except that you now have no sexual identity . . .  or try to be the opposite sex.  As a result, they tend to leave a ‘identity wasteland’ in their wake.

In actuality, this has already been going on for some decades.  It was begun with the feminists and now seems to be continuing with the lesbians as well.  This is not surprising as I find a strong similarity between feminists and lesbians:

  • Both often preach similar views.
  • Both seem to have a problem with the female identity.  I’ve never seen a feminist or lesbian that I’d describe as being ‘secure’ in their femininity.  Both seem frightened, or even threatened, by femininity.
  • Both have displayed poor views of what a female is, often portraying it as something bad.
  • Both have displayed definite ‘flight from feminity’ qualities.
  • Both have also displayed strong anti-male tendencies.
  • Both try to emulate male qualities (despite their condemnation of the male).
  • Both have manipulated the political/legal system to get their way.
  • Both tend to have a problem with anger oftentimes.

There is such a similarity between feminists and modern lesbianism that I’ve often felt that there was an association between two.  When I was studying feminism I was often struck at how “lesbian” they sounded at times.  It seemed, to me, that feminism seemed to preach the beginnings of a lesbianism. 

In many ways, a lot of modern lesbianism is the result of feminism . . . it’s what it created:  a bunch of insecure females who can only have a relationship with other females because they tend to be anti-male.  At the same time, because of their male envy, they try to be a man.  Lesbianism, in a way, is the inevitable world that the feminists left for the generations of females that followed.   After listening to umpteen thousand feminists I could never see how they could possibly develop a meaningful relationship with a man, or even marry for that matter, with the views they took.

And what kind of things does it preach?

  • Anti-male views.  Often, they don’t want the male in the world at all.
  • Male envy and imitation.
  • The worship and glorification of the female.

For many females, this naturally leads to a type of lesbianism.  It seems to be something that appears as a result of the world feminism created . . . they need not necessarily believe in the feminist views that caused it.  In actuality, it’s not a “real” lesbianism, but one created by the conditions of the times . . . what I call ‘pseudo-gay’.  I use the term ‘pseudo-gay’ to mean that they “think” they are gay/lesbian but really aren’t.  They become gay or lesbian for other reasons, to actually serve another purpose.  I’ve observed many girls who seem to show this quality.  Most, I find, are quite young, generally below the age of 30.  This suggests its sort of a recent phenomena.

But, we must remember that, despite all their fancy ‘justification’ and reasons, the path they are taking will  only lead to the continued destruction of sexual identity, which is exactly what it’s doing.  The world their views will create is one where no one knows what sex they are.  Not only that, it is a ‘one sex’ world.  They’ve created a world where males aren’t even in the family and even will have children without the male.  They’ve created a warped world unprecedented in history.

What kind of world is that?  Never, in the history of the world, have we seen this condition happen.  That’s because it’s not normal.  It’s a world that seems to undermine society and human life.  In addition, it creates nothing new and lasting for humanity as a whole.  It seems to be more of a symptom of a problem, which I believe it is.

It seems to appear as a result of what happens when sexual identity is destroyed.  Because of this, it would suggest that one of the effects of the destruction of sexual identity is a rise in gay/lesbianism people . . . the pseudo-gay.  From what I have observed, this seems to be the case.  Whats an even more important point is that it’s a rise in people who AREN’T, in actuality, gay or lesbian . . . they just think they are.  In other words, we’re dealing with people who have lost all sense of who they are.  This shows how important sexual identity is.  To lose our sexual identity makes us lose sense of who we are, as individuals and as part of a society.  In some ways, this is becoming an epidemic.

Unfortunately, no one will refute them, it seems, because they cite political/legal statements that appear to be based in American ideals.  Almost the whole ‘crutch’ of power of both feminism and modern lesbianism is all political/legal:  rights, equality, and so on.  It is the manipulation, and abuse, of these ideals that give them any power at all . . . and they are using it to its full extent too.  In so doing they only continuing to destroy sexual identity and creating a warped world.

Copyright by Mike Michelsen

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