The problem of the ‘Modern Originators’: ‘Modern Envy’, ‘Modern Entitlement’, ‘Entitlers’, ‘The Great Dilution’, and the ‘Modern Insufficiency Complex’

Every so often I have thoughts that I’m not sure what to make of or what they mean.  I cannot say how true they are if there is any relevence in them.  Despite this, they seem interesting enough to write down.   Here are the thoughts I had:


The modern world has created an interesting problem or, more properly, the success of the modern world created it, for none of this would have happened if it didn’t work so well. 

To begin with, we must understand that the modern world was created by a specific group of people.  In other words, it wasn’t just created by anyone.  This group of people had specific ideals, values, traditions, beliefs, and belong to a specific social group.  However you want to look at it this is the fact.  In many respects, the creation of the modern world is the result of the combination or blending of many different qualities in just the right way.  Had it not of happened this “right way”, there would be no modern world.  This blending of conditions all happened within a specific group of people in a specific culture.  In actuality, this specific group of people are a minority in the culture.  So, in effect, the group of people we are looking at consists of a small amount of people, far smaller, I think, than what it seems.  I will speak of them here as the ‘modern originators’.  These people, in many ways, are who created the modern world. 

This group was never actually defined as a ‘group’ by anyone (such as calling them the ‘noble class’), at least as far as I know.  As a result, the name I use is to define a social pattern that I see and not describing any acknowledged pattern.  Because of this, the ‘modern originators’, as a group ,may seem fuzzy.  But, when one looks at the ‘modern originators’, one can see that they had very specific qualities such as:

  • They were Western European or descended from them.  British and British-derived people, such as Americans, topped the list.  German and French were also common.
  • They were male.  As a result, the modern world reflected male characteristics and qualities.
  • They were generally middle class.  They were not poor but not aristocrats either. 
  • They were brought up in the Western European intellectual tradition.
  • They were part of Christian society.  As a result, much of their motivations were often done as a result of Christian beliefs (such as the modern world will ‘save’ the world).
  • They were part of Germanic/Scandinavian society, reflecting the organizational and tribal-like qualities of that society.
  • They seemed to take many views reflected in what is generally called the Enlightenment.

To me, it seems that these were very significant qualities that all came together and created the modern world.  It primarily focused on Western Europe and the U.S.A.  It was so localized to a specific group of people that it was not even seen in the far north, the east, or the south of Europe.  They did not, and still are not, creating the modern world.  Even though they were only tens or hundreds of miles away they still could not create it.  This shows that the modern world is not a creation of general “European civilization” but a specific culture.  In addition, no one else in the world is creating it either.  Most of what everyone else is doing is ‘copy cating’, so to speak, and ‘following along’, often doing nothing more than ‘taking the next step’.  This further shows that it is a product of a specific group of people with specific ideals and such that is not seen anywhere else in the world.

As we can see, the modern world is the creation of the ‘modern originators’ with their ideals, traditions, and such.  Over time, it proved to be very successful, perhaps, too successful.  It created wealth and materialism and such that had never before been seen in the world.  With the success of the ‘modern originators’ they ended up having things no one else had, such as:

  • Glory and prestige.
  • Power and influence.
  • Materialism and luxury.

And so what did this do?


It created an envy of a particular sort, which I call ‘Modern Envy’.  Basically what happened is that anyone who is not part of the ‘modern originators’ group developed an envy of them and soon wanted what this group had.  It caused a lot of resentment and hatred.  In some cases, it resembled the hatred toward the nobility.  In a way, it became an ‘unacknowladged class struggle’.  You were either in the group or not in the group. 

The way this envy worked reminds me of the 1980 movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy” where a single Coke bottle caused all sorts of problems for a tribal society on account of envy, greed, and such, making people argue and fight.  This is because the Coke bottle was so unique in their society . . . and there was only one.  As a result of the problems it created, a guy took the bottle and threw the bottle off the edge of the world.  Basically, the success of the modern world has made everyone envious in much the same way.  The problem is that we cannot throw the modern world off the edge of the world.

Many people felt the resentment of the ‘modern originators’ and what they created, as myself have seen and heard other people speak about, but it has largely been passed over.  One of the reasons for this is that it is often looked at as an extension of the rich/poor type of thing.  Because of this, it is looked at from the traditional ‘class struggle’ problem, which it is not.  It is something more than that.  This tends to make it so that it is not noticed for what it is. 

One version I saw of this resentment was a unique form that, as far as I know, no one has ever acknowledged.  Basically, what I saw was an incredible envy and resentment toward the White American Male as this group tends to be associated with the ‘modern originator’ group.  (I wrote several articles on what I called White American Male envy:  “Thoughts on the ‘WAM envy’ – a success story turned bad” and “Thoughts on how I responded to an interview on TV – WAM envy again . . . and ‘culture clash’“)  Ironically, very few White American Males are part of this group.  Regardless of this, this resentment made many people think that the White American Male had qualities such as:

  • That they ‘have everything’. 
  • That they are privileged.
  • That they are tyrannical.
  • That they had all this power.
  • That they are power hungry.
  • That they are selfish.
  • That they wanted everything for themselves.
  • That they are corrupt.

Many of these attitudes were not attitudes of the general White American Male . . . they were, in fact, the attitudes that reflected the envious feelings people felt and which were projected onto the White American Male.  In fact, it is this inconsistency that made me notice this problem, that people were claiming things that I wasn’t seeing.  From my observation, I never saw these types of attitudes as part of the general White American Male character at all, though there were individual people who displayed some of them.  They certainly weren’t typical and they certainly did not define them as a group.  But these views have created an ‘unspoken bias’ toward the White American Male that I see all the time, of certain assumptions and opinions that can, at times, be described as ‘racist’ or ‘discriminatory’.  Just recently, for example, I’ve seen attitudes toward White American Male politicians, for example, that display this bias.  In this case, they automatically assumed that a politician is corrupt because he’s a White American Male and that he is selfish or only cares for himself.  I’ve even seen cases where they think “any minority” will be “better” than a White American Male!!! 

As I said above, though the White American Male is often associated with the ‘modern originator’, most of them are not a part of this group.  In fact, I saw a lot of White American Males display the ‘modern envy’ toward other White American Males!  This is actually where I first began to see it.  They often called them names, like ‘nerd’ and other things.  This has become so common that it’s practically part of the White American Male life.   This shows that even the White American Male was envious.

What this reveals is that there are many forms and aspects of the ‘modern originator’ group.  It is not as definable group as it may seem.  A person cannot just ‘pin it down’ on a specific group based on race, social standing, class, nationality, education, etc.  It seems that what defines this group is very fluid.  Often, it seems that conditions are what make a ‘modern originator’, as well as where one stands.   This gives this whole thing a weird quality of ‘chasing shadows’.  It is even more like shadows as no one has ever defined the group to begin with.  But, overall, one could say that a ‘modern originator’ is generally anyone who is contributing to the modern world as seen by someone who is not contributing.  And, more importantly, by contributing they benefit from it.  As a result, the ‘modern originator’ is someone who is benefitting from the modern world as seen by someone who is not benefitting.  This creates a condition of have/have-nots . . . the condition for envy.  As a result of things like this, the envy has created a myth about the ‘modern originators’ and who they are and which often have no substantiation and only reflect their feelings of envy toward specific people. 


Normally, this envy would have just remained as an envy and would have created resentment and such (as happens in most countries).  But British and British-derived society, such as the U.S., had another avenue for these feelings to go, and one that can do things and cause changes.  It originates from the class struggle problem of Britain.  In general, it has to do with political/legal ideology.  To make a long story short, in the name of political/legal ideology they claimed that they had the ‘rights’ to have the same things as the ‘modern originators’:

  • To have what the ‘modern originators’ have.
  • To do what the ‘modern originators’ do. 
  • To achieve what the ‘modern originators’ achieved.
  • To receive the glory that the ‘modern originators’ have.

Making it a political/legal issue turned ‘modern envy’ into an idea of ‘entitlement’, that they are entitled, by principle of ‘rights’, to basically “be” the same as the ‘modern originators’.  I speak of this as ‘Modern Entitlement’.  The people who practice this I call the “Entitlers”. Using words such as ‘rights’, ‘equality’, ‘fairness’, etc. they basically convinced everyone that they deserved what the ‘modern originators’ had. 

But, in Western Societies, it went even further than that:  the Entitlers” wanted more than what the ‘modern originator’ had . . . they wanted to become ‘modern originators’.  They felt that they should be able to do and achieve what they did.  In short, they felt they were entitled to do whatever they did and to have their glory.  They felt they were entitled to the same success and the same achievement.  In some cases, I’ve seen it where they say that this is their ‘right’.  I’ve also seen people say that, if there are not enough females or minorities having success and achievement like the ‘modern originators’, then it is because of ‘discrimination’.   

These ideas of entitlement, we must remember, only appeared AFTER the success of the modern world.  This, to me, makes the “Entitlers” appear like opportunists.  In fact, this is one of the things that has always griped me about this.  Many of them are doing nothing but ‘following along’ and taking advantage of things because the system allows them to.  This, though, would not bother me as much if they did not make a political/legal issue out of it or villanized people.  To me, these things practically brand them as opportunists and people trying to take advantage of the situation. 


Some of the people who make up the “Entitlers” include:

  • Males who are not part of the ‘modern originator’ group.
  • Females.
  • Minorities.
  • People from other countries.

Each group, of course, have a different stance, a different quality of envy, and a different attitude of entitlement based on their situation.  Because of this there are many variations and forms of ‘entitlers’.  Often, modern entitlement is blended with other things (such as class struggle, racism, etc.) based on the peoples situation, belief, and history.  Some specific examples include:

  • I first began to notice the “entitlers” with a group of people called feminists.  They seem to think that they are entitled to everything the ‘modern originators’ have and expect to be treated as if they are ‘modern originators’ even though they have nothing to do with its creation and development.   Over the years, though, it became clear to me that a lot of feminism is nothing but a form of envy of the ‘modern originators’.  In their case, the ‘modern originator’ was usually in the image of a male who they are envious of. 
  • I also noticed this mentality with many Mexicans recently.  In fact, it seems to me that much of the whole immigration issues, nowadays, revolve around the principle of ‘entitlement’, that they are entitled to have what we have.  Just like most of the ‘entitlers’, they use the law to “prove” it.  In this case, we – Americans – are viewed as the ‘modern originators’ who they are envious of.
  • Many people in other countries are envious of the modern world and what the ‘modern originators’ have created.  I’ve heard of many people in other countries speak of this envy.  I heard one guy say that “we want what they have”.  Typically, though, people from other countries want things in a different way.  They generally only want things like consumerism, materialism, automobiles, and things like that – usually practical things.  They do not necessarily want to become like the ‘modern originators’ themselves or seek their ‘glory’, which seems to be a common want for people who live within Western societies.

It’s not uncommon for people from these groups to act as if they should be ‘handed’ things, almost for free, things that they never created, worked for, had anything to do with, or any involvement with, or would have ever of ever come up with.  In some cases, they actually demand it . . . and with political/legal threats!  If they don’t get it then they complain that they are ‘oppressed’ or ‘discriminated’ or something similar . . . the familiar abuse claim of political/legal ideology that is so common with the ‘entitlers’.  It doesn’t take a genius to see that they see the ‘modern originators’ as “successful” so they want to take advantage of the situation with any means possible!


Since, according to the political/legal ideology, everyone is ‘entitled’ to be a ‘modern originator’, they now are allowed to try and be one . . . by law!  As a result, every Tom, Dick, and Harry is buckin’ for the position.  What this has done is caused an ‘influx’ of people who do not reflect the ‘modern originator’ mentality trying to do the ‘modern originator’ “thing”.  In other words, the “new” people are not from the ‘modern originator’ group of people and do not reflect their values or beliefs.  In short, the ‘modern originators’ are being replaced by people who are not ‘modern originators’ but ‘modern originator’ want-to-be’s.  This is being done justified by law and by political ideology (such as the ideals of democracy and equality).  As a result, the ‘modern originator’ mentality is becoming diluted in the industries and fields.  We’re seeing less and less the ‘modern originator’ point of view and more and more of the want-to-be attitude, or the I’m-entitled-because-I-have-a-degree attitude, or I’m-entitled-by-law, and other attitudes.  If they have any problems . . . then they whip out political/legal ideology.  Regardless of the political/legal justifications, and how good it may sound, it has diluted the ideals of the ‘modern originators’.  I speak of this as ‘The Great Dilution’

I have found that, contrary to popular belief, having many people with different points of view isn’t as beneficial as it may first appear.  I was often taught that diversity was some sort of a strength as a kid, that having different type of people (such as from different cultures, religions, etc.) will create more innovation and such.  So far, I don’t see a lot of evidence of this.  Actually, it seems to go the other way.  The people who don’t have the correct ideals actually tend to hamper things by being unable to ‘fit in’ or ‘contribute’ or making things go off in unproductive directions.  As a result, it is actually diluting it all, watering it down, weakening it.  This is another example of how the ‘modern originator’ mentality is a very specific mentality reflecting specific points of view that only some people have. 

It seems to me that ‘The Great Dilution’ is starting to create problems.  In fact, the U.S. and England (the countries who started the modern world) are seeming to begin to fail because of this dilution . . . the ideals simply aren’t there anymore!  Even when I was at the University 20 years ago I recall seeing “envy ideals”, of the want-to-be or I’m-entitled-because-I-have-a-degree  or I’m-entitled-by-law attitude as dominant . . . ideals based in envy.  I could see that people went to the University to ‘take advantage of the situation’, to seek money, prestige, status, and such.   In other words, envy was the motivation, and spurring the want, not the ‘modern originator’ mentality.  And so we see a pattern:   that the ‘great dilution’ is, in large part, a result of people seeking opportunity and benefit!  We see a growth of people that could probably be described as ‘modern opportunists’.  In many ways, they have grown so much, and on such a scale, that they are literally pushing the ‘modern originators’ out.  As I said, these people, generally, do not have the ideals as they are there to only take advantage of the situation.   


Many people seem to think that getting an education will make a person into a ‘modern originator’.  This is not the case.  In many ways, this is one of the great illusions of the modern world, as if education is the doorway to everything.  Its supported by the belief that ‘anyone can do it’, particularly in America who worships this idea.  Well, the fact is that this is not true . . . not anyone can do it.  The ‘modern originator’ mentality is part of a culture.  You don’t learn it at the University (It’s like saying that because I majored in Japanese Culture at the University it makes me Japanese).  But, yet, many people think that a degree automatically makes them part of this group.  The fact is that the people with degree’s are not repeating what the ‘modern originators’ have done, which is what they “think” they are doing.  Just in the past 20 or so years we have been inundated with people with degree’s but yet, they’ve actually done very little.  Less are doing things now than ever before.  Most of the people going to the Universities are just people doing their assignments, and such, doing what they need to pass and get a job.  That’s not the ‘modern originator’ mentality!   

I should also point out that even the spread of western knowledge, and Universities, and the modern world to other countries is not creating a new “batch of foreign ‘modern originators'”.  They are not appearing out of the woodwork.  This is because, as I said above, you can’t learn to be a ‘modern originator’ at a University.  Its part of a culture and historical conditions.


‘The Great Dilution’ has gone so far that the generations of people who “should” have the ‘modern originator’ mentality are no longer reflecting this mentality A lot of this is created by the prevalence of the ‘entitlers’ mentality and political/legal ideology.  In effect, the mentality of the ‘modern originator’ is waning.  Since the ‘modern originator’ mentality is waning we are beginning to see what I call the ‘modern continuers’.  This is a mentality of “just continuing things” or, rather, of “keeping things going”.  Much of things now is nothing but “taking the next step”. 

Not only that, there has even begun to appear a ‘system’ created by the ‘modern continuers’ where they have an organized way of continuing things to the point that it’s almost like an assembly line.  Many research facilities, for example, have a ‘system’ or ‘procedure’ for developing, testing, and creating things.  In many ways, the continuing of the ‘modern originator’ “mentality” has been turned into a commercial manufacturing process, an assembly line.  It seems that this is what remains of the ‘modern originator’.  In other words, the ‘modern originator’ has been turned into a ‘process’


Another side to the success of the ‘modern originators’ is that it has created something of an inferiority complex in many people, particularly in ‘modern’ countries.  Many people see that they cannot ‘compete’ with the achievements of the ‘modern originators’.  Since these achievements hang over them wherever they go it creates a common ‘downcast’ quality in some people.  For some people this can create feelings of worthlessness and uselessness.  No matter what they do its never ‘good enough’.  This problem is particularly prevalent in males, particularly European or European descended males.  I speak of this as the ‘modern insufficiency complex’, as it creates a sense of being insufficient in some way.  Personally, I feel this is a big problems nowadays.  Its one of those hidden problems no one knows about. 

Its created a number of problems:

  • There is a tendency to apathy in many of these people.  Since they cannot compete it makes many of these people become stagnant in life.
  • It creates feelings of inferiority, that one is not ‘good enough’ for anything.
  • There are often feelings that one ‘can’t do anything’
  • It creates a downcast attitude.  This can even go to the point of becoming a depression.
  • It creates a tendency to low self-esteem.
  • A tendency to complain about ones situation.
  • It can create a hatred and resentment for modern things.
  • A tendency to feel like a “nobody”.

The ‘modern insufficiency complex’ is not an envy but a desire, really, to emulate the ideals of the ‘modern originators’ and finding that one is no comparison.  In other words, it’s a result of being unable to follow an ideal creating a disappointment and a frustration.  As a result, it often creates a feeling of disappointment and frustration in life.  For some people it can have drastic effects on their life.

I often think that this problem is more prevalent in the U.S. because that country emulates achievement so much as well as innovation and creation.  Because of this, finding that one is not ‘good enough’ is felt more strongly and has greater effect.  In fact, I sometimes wonder if it has had great impact on the American male, far greater than at first seems.  Basically, it has made them feel like ‘nobodies’ which is how many of them behave.  I say this because there is a look I see with many American males, as if they are all looking at this great system they know they cannot compete with.  They look at its massiveness and power which hangs above them.  Though they may put on a ‘show’ of doing something, deep down they feel unable to compete with it . . . they feel insufficient.  It causes many of them to develop a ‘stagnant’ or ‘blindly following’ attitude, making them appear shallow, superficial, incompetent, inferior , , , turning them into ‘nobodies’. 


The waning of the ‘modern originators’ was inevitable.  Being a result of a specific belief system, culture, social and historical conditions, it could not persist indefinitely.  Not only that, one can only do so much ‘originating’ and creation.  It had to fizzle out sooner or later.  We are in a period of time where it is fizzling out.  The era of the ‘modern originator’, really, is over. 

It’s success, though, has caused great envy and resentment that made everyone, and their dog, want a ‘piece of the pie’ . . . and they did just this, to the point of using law and politics to justify it.  This created an era of ‘entitlers’, people who felt that they should have what the ‘modern originators’ have, which followed them along like roadies following a rock’n roll band.  In so doing, they caused an influx of people who do not reflect ‘modern originator’ mentality.  Many of these people had University degrees which, supposedly, makes them the same as ‘modern originators’, which they are not.  In the end the ‘modern originator’ was diluted to the point that they practically disappeared.  This waning of the ‘modern originator’ is causing many power vacuums, people imitating them and trying to continue what they did.  None, though, are becoming ‘modern originators’.  Overall, we seem to be in a ‘post modern originator era’.  Its more of a ‘modern continuer era’, where everything is geared to continuing things, keeping the status quo.

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