Thoughts on the ‘organization culture’

The other day I got in a conversation with someone where I spoke of the ‘organization culture’.  This is a culture that has an attitude of organization as part of its qualities.  This attitude is generally ingrained in the way of life and beliefs of the people.  Because of this, it is quite natural and appears without much effort in the society. 

When a culture has the ‘organization culture’ quality it displays a number of qualities:

  • It tends to be easy to develop and grow.
  • It tends to be easy to overcome an upset, disruption, or disaster.

This gives it great capability and versatility, which is a great strength nowadays.  In fact, we could say that we are in an era of ‘organizational culture dominance’ where ‘organization culture’ has become incredibly powerful and successful.  This dominance, though, has caused a number of problems:

  • It tends to make cultures that aren’t organized fall or go into a crisis. 
  • That the ‘organized culture’ becomes too overbearing, too organized, and too successful that it creates problems for itself.

In many ways, this is more or less saying that ‘organized cultures’ tend to be so overbearing that they squash not only other cultures but themselves.  In other words, ‘organization culture’ has actually become so successful that they are a threat to everyone, in some way or another.  Perhaps we could even speak of an ‘organization culture threat’.  This is not because ‘organization culture’ is inherrently bad or intends to do bad.  Its basically because its too successful and, in so doing, has created conditions that are threatening. 

With the dominance of ‘organization culture’ many cultures in the world today find they can’t compete simply because they do not have the organization mentality.  This puts many cultures at a disadvantage.  In some cases, it puts the culture on the verge of extinction.  Without the ‘organization culture’ mentality many cultures find they are no match and, often, can’t even adapt putting many people in the world in crisis. 

One of the myths is that a ‘people’ or ‘culture’ can learn the ‘organization culture’.  This is, in large part, not true Many cultures have been given many forms of ‘help’ and have organized nothing, nor has their country been helped.  As the saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”.  They’ve even tried to teach people and it does little or nothing.  In general, I tend to think that the evidence is that its best to leave an unorganized culture alone and to not bother them.  Many cultures would be better off if the ‘organized culture’ would leave them to themselves.

Another myth, found in many people in Western society, is that they think that all cultures are ‘organized’, much like themselves, never realizing that many are not nor can they be.  They assume that this is so which makes them think that people can be easily taught organization.  When they do not develop any organization they are often stumped and confused by it all.  This has led to a lot of ‘blame games’ and fancy reasons as to why, all based on the assumption that these societies are “supposed to” become organized as well.

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