Thoughts about making money in a conversation I had

In a recent conversation I said some interesting things.  They were those types of thoughts that ‘appeared from nowhere’, without previous thought.  Whether they’re true or not, I don’t know.  What came out, though, seems interesting enough to write down:

I was talking to a guy who mentioned how he was told that there was a lot of people who made a lot of money in tragedy.  He seemed stunned by this.  I told him “in actuality, people can make money in any situation, good or bad, golden times and horrible times.  People, though, have to be in the situation, and have the inclination, to do it.  Most people are not in that situation.”

I went on to say that “it seems to me that there is no real money in ‘everyday’ work.   That is to say, doing the work that keeps society going is like being part of a big wheel that turns around and around.  You’re just like everyone else, in the same position as everyone else . . . hence, there is little variation.  But there is enough of a variation that a person can get a job that might pay more than many, but its seldom on the scale of a ‘fortune’, unless you happen to be in the right position.  Because of this, many ‘great fortunes’ are made in areas that are not a part of the big wheel of ‘everday work’.  This is often something new and unpredictable which generally makes it a gamble.”

I also said, “to me there is a myth, at least in the U.S., that some people have a “special” skill in making money.  If that skill existed people would be making a lot of money left and right.  I always felt this reflected American points of view and values.  The belief that person has a “special” skill reflects individualism and personal achievement, for example, which the U.S. practically worships.  The fact that this can happen at all is a way of glorifying the economic situation of the U.S.   In actuality, the “special” probably skill does not exist.  What actually happens is that  conditions have to be ‘just right’ for most people to make money.  What I mean by this is that people have to have the inclination, the ability, the resources, the situation, and the tendency to act on the situation in order for anything to happen.  In addition, there is often a “window of opportunity” in which all these things must come together.  In some cases this window can be as small as within a day.  In general, all these things must come together at the right time for anything to happen regardless of any “special” skill.  There are many reasons and causes which affect and influence this to happen.  In most cases, no one is in “control” of these happenings, nor can anyone influence it.  As a result, a “special” skill does not play the great pivotal role that some people think”.

I also said that “in actuality, many people are not interested in doing what it takes to make money, though that’s not what they say.  Most people I’ve seen “would like” to have more money but never do a thing to make it happen.  If they do make an effort it is minimal.  What this has shown to me is that, contrary to popular belief, people are not that interested in money.  If this were the case, people would be going in the big ‘money making professions’ in droves and gambling in all sorts of business ventures . . . they are not doing this.  Most people aren’t that interested in money, business, or anything like that, in the same way that most people are not interested in politics.  Most peoples prime interest in money is only that they “would like” to have more.”

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