How contemplation is a union of ‘male’ and ‘female’

I found this article I wrote in April, 2011:

To me there has always been a ‘male’ and ‘female’ quality in life.  These refer to qualities and manifestations that are found in the world and our life.  Their coming together creates productivity.  In effect, two opposites come together and create a third.  This symbology is seen everywere.  This must be looked in a spiritual sense, not in a ‘XXX rated’ sense.  There is nothing wrong with this symbology, nor is it bad.  It is the basis of life. 

These truths are reflected in the state of contemplation as well.  In effect, we must develop the ‘male’ and ‘female’ aspect of our minds so that a third – productive contemplation – can take place.  These different qualites of our mind are reflected in specific qualities and things associated with contemplation.

The female is represented by a quiet.  This requires the loss of self, the coming of nothingness and self denial.  The female, interestingly, is represented by the void or emptiness or ‘womb’, the ‘great empty space’.  By quieting oneself and opening onself to the emptiness one is introduced to the the presence.  The static presence is the female.

The ‘male’ is represented by the passion in contemplation.  Once the ‘female’ is attained – the quiet, silencing of oneself, and awareness of the presence – the ‘male’ passion comes.  This creates a life and activity with contemplation.  This is where great change comes within us, new realities, new truths, new growths.  This passion causes a change within us.  It moulds us into a new person, the coming of a new being – the ‘child’.  This living passion is the male.

I was quite stunned to find out that I was not the only one to use similar symbology.  In India, for example, Lord Siva, one of the major gods of India, was often represented by the Siva Linga.  This is a stone in something like a basin.  They then pour milk, water, flowers, etc. on the stone to honor Siva.  This Siva Linga is representative of Siva’s male organ.  The basin is his consorts organ.  The two together represent the two together, showing sexuality, which is the origin of all things.

I found that I described contemplation in a similar light, which makes the image of the Siva Linga very meaningful to me.  In a way, it represents contemplation.  But it also represents all form of productivity.  Since life is a result of productivity, it represents life. 

And so does contemplation.  In many ways, contemplation is a ‘spiritual sexuality’, for here we must develop the two.  This gives a differenct perspective of contemplation.   In this way, contemplation is a deliberate union of the two sexual aspects of our minds.

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