A shamanistic journey dream experiment: becoming a flame – June 4, 2014

I had an interesting shamanistic journey dream:

After closing my eyes I saw a fire in the distance.  I seemed to fly toward it.  I seemed like a bug attracted to light.  As I got closer I saw that someone was there but I couldn’t tell who it was.  Before I knew it I went into flame.  The flame seemed to go into some other ‘reality’ or world:  the “flame world”.   I kept saying that a flame is a porthole or doorway to another world and that this was important to remember.

As I went into the flame I became a flame myself.  All around me was flame and I was flame within it.  I was like flame within flame.  I went downward in the flame and seemed to come to an open area with no flame.  I saw a man there.  For some reason he grabbed my tongue.  I tried to pull it away.  I saw that, as he touched it, it turned it into a flame.  I panicked and seemed to jumped out of the flame and woke up. 

I open my eyes and felt as if I could not relate with the world.  It seemed foreign to me.  After I walked around a bit this sense left me.

This dream completely mystified me.  I recall being dumbfounded by it.  This feeling of being ‘stumped’ lasted for hours.  I walked around going, “what?  what?  what?”


Looking back on it now I can’t help but feel that it is a reference to a lack of faith or, rather, a lack of commitment.  The flame meant, I felt, insight and inspiration (which I am always seeking).  My being able to become a flame shows I’m familiar with it and have had success.  My tongue going on fire and my panicking shows that I am apprehensive about continuing on.  In other words, it shows a reluctance to go to the ‘next stage’.  This is something I spoke a lot about recently. 

My inability to relate with the world shows that I was in my ‘interior mind’, as I called it.  But I think its more than that.  I tend to feel that the ‘next step’ I need to take requires going deeper into the ‘interior mind’.  The problem is that I’m not quite certain how to go about it . . . it needs to be discovered.  Because of this I am as if ‘stuck’ in between the world and the ‘interior mind’.


Copyright by Mike Michelsen

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