A dream about death – themes of contemplation

I had a dream involving contemplation:

I dreamt that I was walking around in a certain town on the sidewalk.  Between the sidewalk and a building I noticed what looked like a grave.  There was a sarcaphagus or coffin on a large slab of stone.  The slab of stone was wide enough for two sarcaphagus or coffins.  The one that was there, though, was on the left side.  I looked and noticed it was my grave.  I realized that I had died.  Some things happened and I ended up laying down on the right side, next to my sarcaphagus or coffin.  I remember a feeling of surrealness thinking that my body was in the sarcaphagus or coffin next to me.  While I was there it was if both the sarcaphagus or coffin and me were encased in a larger sarcaphagus or coffin.  Oddly, I was able to see through it and see what was outside.  I saw some people walk around.  Then this family came and looked at the grave next to me.  They had some stuff (perhaps some flowers?).  They didn’t know where to put it but I saw the mother say to one of the kids, “it’s OK, just put it on that grave”, which was my grave.  With this my grave was as if covered for a while.    Once they left I as if layed there casually watching things and people go by.

– This dream woke me up.  It wasn’t a nightmare nor did it frighten me in any way. I woke up and seemed to say almost automatically, “that’s contemplation!”, as if it reflected some sort of a revelation or something.  I knew that it was but didn’t quite know in what way.  I was tired and wanted to fall back to sleep but reminded myself to remember it.

The town, in this dream, originates from a statement I made a day or two earlier.  I said that I was thinking about going somewhere, getting a hotel, and hiking around the area for the weekend.  This way I would not be restricted by how far I could drive that day.  I’d have whole days to do things unstead of part of the day and I wouldn’t spend half the day preoccupied with driving.  One of the towns I thought of was Park City, in Utah, which this town resembled.

This dream refers to this idea of spending time in the middle of nature, with trees, birds, and bugs everywhere.  Being that spring is coming (this dream happened in February of 2014) I am looking forward to this (I guess an early spring fever).  The reason why this is so important is that it refers to being in solitude and by myself as well as contemplating.  In effect, its a reference to an anticipation of contemplation.  In so doing it shows some interesting themes associated with contemplation:

  • Death.  In all contemplation, I’ve found, there is a death.  This is seen in the coffin already there.
  • Another self.  Contemplation, to me, is the ‘awakening’ of another self.  Its this self that creates the power and insight of contemplation.  This is seen in the coffin and me laying next to it showing that these are describing my ‘two selves’.
  • Being removed from the world.  This is referred to my being covered by the flowers.
  • Looking at the world from a distance.  This is referred to by me watching people from within the sarcophagus.

Its interesting that this dream refers to symbolic representations of contemplation.  This, I think, shows the deep inner nature of contemplation which I love so much.-


Copyright by Mike Michelsen

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