Thoughts on the modern males dilemma in world conception – the “wildness deprivation” and active/passive conception

Here’s a thought I had:

The condition of the modern world has posed a problem for the male.  Basically it has created a dilemma of the male where he has a problem conceiving the world.  That is to say, the conditions of the times have created, in actuality, a degraded view of the world for the male.  To put it another way, the conception of the world, in the modern world, does not suit the male character.  Because of this, it has caused problems for the male in his relationship with the world.  The problem is not necessarily that the world has changed but is more of a problem in how he conceives it.  The conditions of the modern world have created what can be described as a “world misconception”.  The modern word, by it nature, tends to as if ‘force’ or ‘impose’ this misconception upon the male.  As a result, some males will end up fighting it.  In other words, there becomes a ‘fight’ to overpower the conception or point of view that the modern world, and its conditions, impose upon the male.  The modern world, and the misconception it creates, tries to make the male “think” and perceive the world in a specific way which does not suit his character.

There are a number of qualities in the modern world that have caused this misconception:

  • The world is getting “smaller”.  Its becoming more defined and delineated.  Its losing its mystery.
  • There is more control, law, order.  This means restriction.
  • The fact that society is getting bigger and more controlling.  This means subjugation.
  • The condemnation against war, expansion, discovery.  This means a sense of shame.
  • The destructive quality of the modern world and what has been created.  This creates apprehension of ones self.
  • The fact that, nowadays, one is more of a ‘watcher’ than a doer . . . we spend our lives watching, in some way, other people live their lives.  This means an absence of participation.
  • The fact that wherever you go is humanity . . . we are always having humanity hovering over our heads.  This means an absence of being, and finding, ones self on ones own.

These have created a particular ‘modern world conception’, which the condition of the modern world creates and which can be described as a ‘tame’ conception of the world as well as an undermining of ones self.  So we see that the ‘modern world conception’ creates a world view and a self view, which are intimately bound together.  Because of this, it hits very deep within the male and his relationship with the world.

One could very well say that the ‘modern world conception’ is a loss of “wildness”.  The male, frankly, needs this “wildness”.  Without it he cannot develop properly.  In other words, “wildness” is a trait of the male character.  As a result, its absence creates a stagnation in the male, a halting of ones self.  Because of this, I jokingly call it the “wildness deprivation”.  In short, the male is deprived a the natural “wild” condition and, therefore, goes into a stagnation as a result.

My own experience, and in watching other males, is that it has this quality is such that it is as if one is walking and then, all of a sudden, stops and stares into space.  It seems to bring a ‘great halting’, at least to me.  It’s as if one does not know how to respond and react to a “non-wild” world . . . one is at a loss, the self cannot react.  What can one do?  This poses a particular problem with the male, I think.  Because of the inability for the self to react, many males are not aware of this stagnation.  They are as if oblivious to it.  Because of the lack of awareness one can see it in their behavior such as:

  • A stagnation and apathy.  They as if have a blank expression and feelings toward the world.  They often have low ambition and desire to do things as well.
  • They have cheap attempts at trying to be “wild” (such as being tough, fighting, hunting, etc. . . . things they think are “wild”).
  • Since one is at a loss it creates a loss of self.  Because of this, they are incomplete as a person and have growth problems.  This is a common problem with the American male, nowadays.
  • They blindly follow things to as if get a sense of participation.  Some end up doing whatever society says like puppets.

In short, they try to create one or more of the following:

  1. A false world.  I tend to feel that many males over glorifying technology, for example, is part of this false world.  They create a ‘phantasy-land’ futuristic world.  Many will become involved with various forms of knowledge and learning in order to create this world.  Many so-called ‘intelligent people’ are doing just this.
  2. A false association.  Some, for example, will live in a computer game world and this becomes a dominant association the world.  In many cases, this is the purely “wild” world the modern male is going to see.  
  3. A false self.  They think they are something they are not, such as a tough guy or great warrior.  Some males will pursue a path which further this false image, such as by joining the military.

In short, a “false wild world” is created that ends up failing.  This is often because:

  • Its based in satisfying petty whims.  This becomes so strong, oftentimes, that many males will base everything on their petty whims, thinking that its satisfaction is ‘success’ and living.
  • It lacks specific qualities found in the “wild world”.  Typically, the world they live in does not have these qualities nor the “false wild world” they create.
  • It lacks a stable association with the world.  They are not associating with the ‘real world’ but a false world they created.
  • It lacks depth and relevance.  The “wild world” hits far deeper than any conception they can come up with.
  • It is a world they have created.  One of the big traits of the “wild world” is that it is out of a persons control.

The “wild world” is a specific form of world created by the conditions of life . . .  it’s not something one creates or invents.   Since the modern world is primarily a result of creation and invention it shows that the “wild world” inherently conflicts with the modern world.  In other words, the “wild world”/modern world dilemma is a sign of alienation and dehumanization.  It shows an overabundance of invention and creation.  As a result, a natural condition of humanity is be taken from us.

The “wild world” has qualities such as:

  • It is dynamic.  It generally requires action of some sort, usually as a person.
  • It is variable.  It generally is not constant but is always changing.
  • It goes beyond convention and ‘normalcy’.  Typically, it entails views, or at least a sense, that one is ‘set apart’, in some way, from everything else . . . a great sense of self.
  • It goes beyond the self.  It often puts the self to the test and demands a change in ones self.
  • It is something one must follow.  One ends up following the dictates and ways of the “wild world” so that it, in a sense, becomes ones teacher and parent.
  • It goes into the unknown.
  • It is removed from society.  It generally requires one to be removed from society, at least for a time.  In addition, one must develop a self that is not a part of society.
  • It entails a belonging to something.  This could be a group, a sense of life, a sense of self, etc.
  • It entails respect.   Without respect the “wild world” is, in my opinion, incomplete.  In a way, one must learn to respect the “wild world” and ones position in it.

It is, in many ways, “wild” because it is ‘going out’ of the normal conception of things or what we think is ‘normal’ or standard.  In other words, it actually consists of a movement away from “standard” conceptions.  In that way, the “wild world” creates a specific form of conception all its own:  the “wild conception”.  The movement away from conceptions shows that, in actuality, the “wild conception” is not a conception at all.  It is more like an an arrow pointing in a direction where one may find conception.  One could perhaps speak of the “wild conception” as a ‘pre-conception’, of a seeking for a conception.  As a result, the “wild conception” is really a hunt, a quest.  Because of this one could call it an “active conception” or a “partial conception”, as its incomplete.  This condition shows that the “wild conception” is rooted more in a stance or position or attitude.  It is not based in a belief or idea or even a principle, which is what we normally think a conception is.  This makes it so that the “how you do something” is more important than anything else.  This shows that there are two conceptions:

  1. Passive conception.  This is a conception that is defined, such as an idea, principle, or dogma.
  2. Active conception.  This is conception as how one does something, of ones attitude or stance in doing something.

The modern world is primarily passive conception based.  In fact, the prevalence, in the modern world, of facts, information, knowledge, etc. (which are forms of passive conception) have a tendency to turn the male away from active conception and, as a result, degrades “wild conception”.  This has had great impact on the male.  It creates guys who are ‘mechanistic-like’, defined, restrained, repressed.  Its probably no wonder that the condemnation, that many of us guys do, of being turned into ‘machines’ or ‘robots’ probably reflect this sense of prevalence of passive conception in the modern world.  For us, the lack of active conception is like a death.  This is because passive conception, being “static”, leads to a static outlook which prohibits active conception from taking place.   As a result, it creates a ‘machine person’ or ‘human robot’, a person with no active sense.  In appears, to me, that this is destroying many modern males today.  This seems to be a result of things such as:

  • The lure of technology, knowledge, information, the media, etc. (various forms of passive conception that have an appeal).
  • Having no choice but to participate in the “non-wild world”.
  • The inability to find a “wild world”.

Given the “wild world” deprivation, nowadays, many males will create a “personal wild world” that works for them, even if partially.  This is not uncommon.  I, myself, ended up creating my own “personal wild world”.   This appeared quite naturally and automatically . . . no doubt, as a result of need.  Only now, after all these years, has this become clear to me.  Personally, I think it “saved” me.   I did this, interestingly, by counter reacting the three qualities of the “false wild world” listed above.

  • I emphasized the creating of a realistic, healthy, and proper world image.
  • I emphasized my association with the world as well as my participation in it.
  • I emphasized the development of the self.

These constitute a lot of my ‘perpetual inquiry’ and seeking of inspiration found in this blog.  I also cultivated, as I always say, the ‘hunter instinct’ . . . the need to look.  One could very well say that my “wild world” became an endless hunt, not of animals but of life and myself.  This led me to go beyond society, myself, and normal conception.  I branched off into unknown areas, difficult areas, and tested the limits of my awareness and conception.  This became my “personal wild world”.

I should point out that I feel a significant aspect of why this worked for me is that I had to remove myself from society.  Had I of continued to attach myself to society, and follow its lead, I don’t think I would of ever created my own “wild world” and it certainly wouldn’t of been successful.  This shows the importance of detaching ones self from society.  This does not mean that you go against, condemn, or spit on society though.  It more or less says that you need to have a “life” removed from modern society (a “personal wild world”).

Many males will have a period of time in “wild conception” but it usually dies quickly.  This happens in the late teens and goes into the twenties.  Usually, by the mid-late twenties the “wild world” fades and dies, overcome by the reality of having to live in the passive conception of the “non-wild” modern world.  It seldom returns once its gone.  This tendency is another example that it is an innate need within the male, something that is part of the male makeup.  For a period of time its power is so strong that the need overpowers everything, even the modern world.   But the force of the modern world and, passive conception, as if batters the male slowly eroding his “wild conception”.  Many turn into half-dead robot-like people.  In many ways, this is a death and its prevalence shows a general tendency of a ‘male death’ nowadays.


Copyright by Mike Michelsen


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