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Thoughts on the three most influential men in my life and their significance to me – Newton, Freud, St. Antony – and the “great inquiry”

In my life there have been three influential men in my life.  Initially, I thought this meant nothing significant but that they only had a quality that influenced me for some reason.  But now, after all these years, I tend to think … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the symbol I use for contemplation – describing the act and traits of contemplation

Over the years an image kept appearing in my head.  It revolved around contemplation and the awareness of the world.  It developed over a long period of time (about 20 years).  Why it began to appear in my mind I … Continue reading

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Thoughts on ‘modern idiocy’ – of how ‘ways are better than ideas’ and my saying ‘live beyond ideas’

In a conversation some time ago there was discussion about dating.  Basically, a female had difficulty in getting a boyfriend.  She said that “guys are idiots”.  Later, this got me into thinking that amounted to this: She said that “guys … Continue reading

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