Thoughts on the cold war interpretation of the U.S. Constitution: distortion “in the name of the Constitution”

I tend to believe that the cold war created a unique interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.  It is a very unique interpretation, one that, in my opinion, has become erroneous and false. In fact, I feel that the cold war distorted the U.S. Constitution.  Not only did it create a warped interpretation but it also brought in all these “issues” that are out-of-place, ridiculous, and not needed.  In my opinion, it has, over the years, turned the U.S. into a joke (its a common saying of mine to say that we should change the “America the beautiful” to “America the joke”).  Overall, its created many weird ways of looking at things and distorted ways that have carried on to American life.  Because of this, it has had great and horrible impact on the country on many levels ranging from superficial to deep.  I tend to view that the cold war interpretation of the U.S. Constitution has, in actuality, undermined the country.  More than once have I caught myself saying, “the distorted views of the U.S. Constitution are going to bring this country down one day”.


Notice how I use the words “cold war interpretation of the cold war”.  This shows that it is AN interpretation.  It is not THE interpretation.  The fact of the matter is that the U.S. Constitution can be interpreted in many different ways.   It can, in fact, be compared to the Bible which, as we all know, has about as many interpretations as there are people reading it.  In actuality, there is simply no single version of interpretation.  In other words, the “cold war interpretation of the U.S. Constitution” is not the only one nor should it be looked at as the only one!  In this sense, one could say that there are different “schools of thought” of how the U.S. Constitution can be interpreted.  This fact, I think, has never been acknowledged or realized.  We tend to disregard this fact because there is a myth in the legal system that there is only ‘one interpretation’ – that “officially given by law” – and no other.  This is a myth of law created by the need for order and consistency (they must make one ruling and one judgement!).  In actuality, even in law there are “schools of thought” of how to interpret laws showing that not even they are in agreement as it may, at first, appear (I wrote of many things on law in my article “Thoughts on the ‘legal philosophy’” and others).  The U.S. Constitution, being a part of law, tends to be associated with this myth as well.  People think, and assume, that there is only ‘one interpretation’.


We must remember that the cold war was not a “natural” condition.  It is very unique in history and human life.  The threat of a nuclear or total annihilation of the world, by humanity, has never been seen in the world.  In addition, never before in history did we have the news and media to spread this fact.  Because of these, we were dealing with a totally new condition that had never been seen before.  One effect of this was the creation of something like a mania, of exaggeration, distortion, and a tendency to blow things out of proportion, which dominates this time.  As a result of this mania, there developed an attitude of mania which made it color and permeate practically everything.  In this way, the attitude of mania created a tendency to distortion by the generations living during this time.  This tendency to distortion has been carried on down to today and have been taught to the following generations not living during the cold war.  This makes it so that the “unnatural” condition of the cold war, with its mania, attitude of mania, and tendency of distortion, is now being taught practically as a way of life to the younger generations.  Because of this, the “unnatural” condition of the cold war continues to exist even though it has ceased to exist, even after a quarter of a century.


Some dominant traits the “unnatural” condition the cold war created include:

  • A never-ending threat of nuclear destruction:  paranoia
  • The idea of complete and absolute destruction:  humanity is evil
  • That all conflicts are caused by hatred:  hate myths
  • The idea that the U.S. Constitution is the only answer:  self-righteousness and self-glorification
  • A tendency to see the worst in things:  negativity

As I said above, these attitudes, and points of view, have permeated much of life, affecting a lot of things even down to how we think.  In this way, the cold war tendency of distortion has been extended into things that have nothing to do with it.  This can be described as the extended distortion of the cold war tendency of distortion, as the distorting tendency has gone way beyond the cold war itself.  In many ways, this is where the real damage of the cold war interpretation of the U.S. Constitution has taken place.

Some effects of the extended distortion are:

  • A denial of human nature and how humanity is (a good example is how females think they should be treated as if they were guys)
  • A warping of the law (a good example is the lawsuit crisis)
  • A controlling of our everyday life (a good example is having to be “PC”)
  • The creation new abuses (such as people being sued for ridiculous reasons, etc.)
  • The destruction and undermining of authority
  • The destruction and undermining of morality and right/wrong

Overall, the effect this has had is to create a warped and undermined society.   In effect, they have led to a general deterioration of the society “in the name of the Constitution”.   My life, really, has been an ongoing observation of the distortion and abuse that “in the name of the Constitution” has caused.

Because it is said in the name of the Constitution it tends to be overlooked, even though people can see what is going on.  I’ve talked with many people about this theme and it is clear that many people can see what is happening.  Most people, still, overlook it and keep the observation “in the back of their minds”, all because of it is said “in the name of the Constitution”, such is its power

Its become clear that “in the name of the Constitution” has become a license and means for some people to do whatever they want.  Just citing it seems to automatically make a person “right”, regardless of whether they are right or wrong.  This fact has made it a means of abuse and manipulation.  This is particularly so with specific people such as females and minorities.  I know of many cases where certain minorities just have to claim “racism” and they get their way, for example.  Watching abuses, such as these, has completely destroyed the believability of “in the name of the Constitution” for me over the years.  Anyone even mentioning the Constitution is like saying “here’s another abuse” to me.

AND SO . . .

We can see that the cold war has created a particular interpretation of the U.S. Constitution which is somewhat distorted.  This distortion has caused a deterioration of society and the creation of new abuses.  I do not believe this is what the U.S. Constitution was intended to do nor does it reflect a healthy and good interpretation of what it is.  As I have said many times before, we need to move beyond the cold war, its mania, its distortions, and its points of view.  This means the U.S. Constitution needs to be interpreted in a new way with qualities such as these:

  • Without the idea that everyone hates one another
  • Without the idea that humanity is evil
  • Without paranoia
  • Without self-righteousness and self-glorification (and possibly seeing that the U.S. Constitution is NOT the answer).
  • Without seeing the worst in things

These points of view, originating in the cold war, are out dated and should be discarded.  But, yet, they still permeate practically all interpretations of the U.S. Constitution.   I tend to believe that the stripping away of these out dated attitudes, such as these, will end up creating a whole new interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, one which will be more beneficial, healthy, wise, effective, and more in tune with what the Constitution was intended to do.  Persisting in these cold war warped interpretations of the U.S. Constitution will only undermine things even more.

I think that, because of its absurdity and warped viewpoints created by the cold war, the cold war interpretation of the U.S. Constitution should be discarded.  The cold war is over and so should all the viewpoints created during that time (I’ve written a number of articles on similar themes such as “More thoughts on the “cold war mentality” – its traits and its ongoing effects” and “Thoughts on the 70’s mentality and its continuation“).

That’s how it seems to me anyways . . .


Copyright by Mike Michelsen

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