Thoughts on the unique association between the White Male and the modern world, as well as some of its effects

Here are some thoughts I had based on some observations I have made recently.  Some of these thoughts I have mentioned before in articles such as “Thoughts on the “male panic”” and “Thoughts on the ‘WAM envy’ – a success story turned bad“.

I have always felt that the white male is in a very unique position, primarily as a result of the fact that he created the modern world (I shall speak of the “white male” as WM in this article).  It has had both good and bad reactions and effects not only for him but for society and the world.

Oddly enough, much of the white males contribution, role, and influence in the modern world seems to be downplayed and, oftentimes, trivialized, if its noticed at all.  In fact, his contribution is generally not acknowledged or noticed from my experience.  If it is acknowledged it is primarily only an individual person, not the WM-as-a-group.  My observation, though, is that the WM-as-a-group is critical and plays a major role in all this.  But, since the modern world has now become so massive and powerful it has, in some respects, eclipsed the WM-as-a-group.  In this way, the massive size of the modern world has hidden not only the contributions of the WM-as-a-group but the problems it has caused them.  Because it has become so hidden a person must stand back and take another look.  I’ve found that the more I do this the more I can see that that there is a lot more to it than it, at first, appears.

Here are some of my impressions:


The white male appears to consist of Western European or Western European-descended males.  When I first observed this phenomena I originally thought it was directed toward the White American Males or WAM, as I called them.  Now I know that it goes beyond that to Europe.  More specifically, it refers to the white male originating from the Norse people (Germanic-Scandinavian) which make up Western Europe.  There is special emphasis with the English or English-descended male. This fact, I feel, shows that the condition that created this phenomena is primarily developed by the English and is, therefore, centered upon them and their descendants (and, sometimes, anyone who has a physical resemblance!).  From them it has spread to the British colonies of America.  As a result, it is the American white male, in particular, who has continued and developed this phenomena even further.  This fact shows that this phenomena largely reflects a cultural manifestation originating from the Western European male, specifically the English and English-descended male.  As a result of them, it tends to center upon them as a group.  This shows a tendency of what can be described as a ‘group centered tendency’.  That is to say, this whole phenomena tends to center on the acts of a specific group of people who, accordingly, creates it and controls it.  In addition, since it centers on them, as a group, this has been their main orientation, on themselves as a group, of their interests, of their concerns, and their world perception.  This is because it is a manifestation of their culture, primarily, which causes them to exclude other people as a result.  This tendency would be used to villanize and ridicule the white male, particularly in recent times, often making this group out as tyrants and oppressors for example.  In actuality, the ‘group centered tendency’ is a normal process that happens in human society.   What makes this group different is that they have created something that has had far-reaching and influential effects, and which ended up affecting much of the world (the modern world).  As a result, much of their behavior, and attitudes, tended to have greater impact.  Normally, the creations of any ‘group centered tendency’ does not have such impact nor develop such power and, as a result, the behavior and attitudes of the group tend to have minimal influence.

The cultural element tends to focus much of this phenomena on the Western European or Western European descended male, but it is not necessarily exclusive to them.  It can appear in other groups and nationalities but generally on a lesser level.  Not only that, they typically have to be in a social environment created by the WM.  It often appears in these other groups not because they are part of the phenomena itself but because they are somehow associated with the phenomena created by the WM.  For example, they may be living in the same country or went to schools created by the WM where they develop qualities such as these:

In this way it can entail other groups of people such as the Celts (such as the Irish or Scottish), the Spanish, Italians, Greeks, Slavs, and Jews.  Many of these type of people have made major contributions to the WM group.  Typically, they are only “a part of the group”.  The actual group they are in (Italians, Jews, etc.) does not make up the WM group.

Interestingly, these all tend to physically resemble the white male to some extent.  It seems a little harder for people who do not resemble the white male physically to be part of this group (the non-WM’s, such as oriental people, black people, and females).  This shows that the physical appearance of the white male plays a critical role in all this showing a strong ‘group centered tendency’.  This seems to have two origins:

  1. From the WM themselves.  Because the creations of the WM were created by their culture they naturally tend to focus it upon themselves and exclude other people not in the group.  It shows that this whole thing is related, and based, in a group mentality.
  2. From non-WM’s.  Not being part of the WM culture they view themselves as “off to the side” and watch the WM at a distance.  Because of this, they are not a part of it and removed.  This often creates a strong “them versus us” mentality as well as envy (see below).

My observation, over the years, seems to show that this tendency is actually strongest with non-WM’s.  In other words, it is the non-WM’s who display the greatest ‘group centered tendency’ primarily because they are not part of the group (because they are not a part of it).  In this way, the non-WM’s have actually contributed a lot in the creation of a “WM group” by segregating themselves as not being part of the group.  In other words, they feel “left out”, so to speak, which made them single out the “WM” as a separate group that is separate from them (the “us versus them”).  The WM did not segregate themselves out as a group that much, it seems to me.  Their stance would be more of a “they’re living in their own world”.  Because of this, the WM tends to view themselves as only participating in his own “WM culture”, oblivious of other people and its effects on other people.  This, I tend to feel, became one of the problems with the WM, as he became engrossed in his own “WM culture” as if it was a world unto itself, removed from the rest of the world.


Over the years, the WM created his own culture – the “WM culture”.  This culture was the net result of hundreds of years of development in Western Europe.  During this time many qualities have contributed to its makeup, such as:

  • Christianity.
  • Neoclassicism (the revival of Greek and Roman classics which led to things like democracy and science).
  • Royalty.
  • Norse mentality and traditions.
  • Exploration (of the world and ideas).

It has basically developed traits similar to any “culture”, such as:

  • A tendency where the “culture” becomes its own world independent of everything else.  As a result, there is a tendency to as if live in their “own world” oblivious of everyone else.
  • The “culture” is a manifestation of a group mentality.  In other words, it is based in a bond between a particular group of people.
  • The “culture” tends to be centered upon them, their concerns, and their world viewThey tend to not take into consideration other points of view and realities.
  • There is a tendency where they do not want other people, ways, or things, intruding upon their “culture”.  In many cases in history, an intrusion by some foreign quality can incite a violent reaction in some cultures.  This has happened within the “WM culture”, from time to time, as well.

These qualities would become particularly pronounced in the Western European male.  In fact, it is these qualities that made the “culture” quite strong and powerful and, eventually, very powerful.  Because the “culture” centered upon the WM, who is only a part of society, one could say that the “WM culture” became a subculture within the greater culture of Western society. 

I would even go on to say that the “WM culture” was “tribal” in many ways.  That is to say, it has qualities of a “tribe” much as we see in primitive tribes.  This “tribal” quality made the qualities above more intense and important.  This helped create qualities such as:

  • There became a stronger bond between the WM’s.
  • There was greater emphasis on their “culture” and ways.
  • There was a stronger sense that they “belonged” to their “culture”, ways, and creations, or that it was “theirs”, something that they “possessed”.
  • There was more of an exclusion of people not part of the “tribe” (non WM’s).

These are common qualities seen in many forms of “tribes”.

Being a type of a subculture, or “tribe”, the “WM culture” was not a generalized culture reflecting the greater culture of society and definitely not of the world.  It is primarily a reflection of a specific group of people, a subgroup in the society.  This fact reflects a number of things:

  • That it is an association or bond of a specific group of people.   People who do not have this association or bond tend to not reflect it that well.
  • That the association or bond of this group has a unique quality that creates it.  In other words, this unique quality can’t really be replicated completely by people who are not a part of this group.  It is a quality that is inherent in the subgroup.
  • That once this group disappears the association or bond disappears, the unique quality disappears, and what they created disappears with them.  In other words, what the “WM culture” created will probably fall when they fall.  In this way, it is really no different than any other “culture”, that when it falls, its “spirit”, so to speak, falls with it.  What remains are only remnants of what this “spirit” created.

I should also point out that “WM culture” does not reflect all WM’s but, in actuality, only a minority of them.  Many WM’s, in fact, have nothing to do with the “WM culture” at all.  In this way,”WM culture” is sort of misleading.  It really refers to a part of the WM that became particularly powerful and influential.  But it, by no means, reflects all WM’s.

In addition, with the varying qualities, traits, ideals, and such that have contributed to the “WM culture” there has developed many forms of it.  It seems that most varieties of “WM culture” lie within and remain within the WM himself and tends to not affect anyone else.  That is to say, it entails qualities that are only a concern to the WM himself and, accordingly, has very little, if any, influence on others.  In this way, it becomes a culture only they know.  Most WM’s live within this form of “culture”.  The “WM culture” that has affected the world is a form of “WM culture”.  It is not reflective, really, of all forms of it.  This form of the “WM culture” is very unique in that it has gone way beyond the WM himself and has had great impact and influence, not only for other people but the world.  This aspect of the “WM culture” is what created the modern world with all its organization, machines, inventions, etc.  It is this aspect of the “WM culture” that I speak of here.  This aspect of the “WM culture” has had so much influence, and wielded so much power, that many feelings, good and bad, have begun to revolve around it.


The creation of the modern world has created a great dilemma for the world, what can be called the ‘modern dilemma’.   This dilemma has origin in a number of sources:

  1. It has been too successful.
  2. It has had too much impact.
  3. It primarily reflects the Western European male character or WM.
  4. Because of the ‘group centered tendency’ they tended to emphasize only on themselves as a group, tending to disregard or leave out everyone else in its creation.

The effects of these can range from incredibly good to incredibly bad, things that are amazingly beneficial and things that are horrifyingly bad.  In this way, its often hard to say if the modern world is “good” or “bad”:  its a mixture of both.  In addition, to that, it has had tremendous influence and power.  In this way, the ‘modern dilemma’ is looking at something which has become so powerful and impactful, and with so many good and bad qualities, that it has become hard to determine if its good or bad.  Its almost as if there is no consensus as to how to view it exactly.  Typically, if its good or bad depends on where you stand and how you are affected by it.  This makes it so that there are no clear views on it, many of which are contradictory.  In addition, the impact and power of the modern world on peoples lives incites many deep feelings.  It can almost be religious, for some people, heralded as a savior.  Other people see it with horror and a threat.  So we see that the ‘modern dilemma’ describes a reaction to a condition placed upon peoples lives which appears in as many ways as there are differences in people.  Some of these same feelings, of the ‘modern dilemma’, are often placed upon the WM as well.

The influence of success

I’ve often said that the problem with the WM is that they have become too successful.  In actuality, the WM has created the most successful systems in history:  the modern world.  Never, in the history of the world, has any one single group of people created so many successful elements and on so many different levels.  Because of this I describe this as the “WM miracle”.  I say this because one could very well say that the success of the modern world has been miraculous.  The creation of massive ships, skyscrapers, jets, landing on the moon, etc. have an almost miraculous quality about them.  This is stuff that has never been seen before.  As a result, it has incited many feelings and reactions such as:

  • Fear.
  • Envy/jealousy.
  • Hatred.

These are feelings that are often directed toward the WM as he is associated with the creation of the modern world.  I, myself, have found this out from personal experience.  I’ve often been stunned at how intense these feelings can be in some people and how they can be directed toward us as a group, regardless of what we’ve done or our involvement.  Overall, its appearance has the quality of an apprehension, and seems directed to the WM as a group.  This is why I call it ‘WM apprehension’.  In this way, the success of the “WM miracle” (the modern world) has caused a tendency for people to become apprehensive toward it and the people who created it (the WM).  This will make many people grow to fear and hate the WM as well as become enviousIts a particular quality of attitude.   

The influence of being too impactful

This success of the “WM miracle” (the modern world), is seen on a multitude of levels:

  • Ideals.
  • Knowledge.
  • Government.
  • Society.
  • Inventions.
  • Discoveries.
  • Explorations.

These have made it so that the modern world has affected society as a whole, not just a small aspect of society.  In this way, the success has affected many people in society and in the whole world as well.  In other words, it has been very impactful on many people, many of which are not WM’s.

Unfortunately, for this miracle to happen there had to be great changes and effects, as a result.  Some of these were good, some were not.  Some were beneficial, some were tragic.  Some helped, some harmed.  This has caused a multitude of reactions, good and bad, much like this:

  • Destructiveness.  The modern world has done great destruction and damage and in many different way.  One could describe an aspect of the modern world as tragic.
  • Interference.  The modern world has intruded and disrupted many things.  In many cases, these have become damaging.
  • Helping.  The modern world has often help people even in small amounts.
  • Benefitting.  The modern world can often change things for the better.  Many peoples lives has been improved, and even saved, by the modern world.

Since the WM is associated with the modern world the attitudes about the WM tends to follow this pattern as well.  My experience is that the WM is typically viewed in a negative light, as a group and as a person, and is blamed for many of the problems helping to create the ‘WM apprehension’.

Interestingly, I’ve heard very few people praise the WM-as-a-group for what they have created (though they are generally willing to condemn and criticize them).  I’m often appalled by how we have all these special recognitions for other people (black history month, women’s history month, etc.) but there is absolutely nothing for the WM.  He doesn’t even get an acknowledgement!  I tend to believe that the tendency to exclude the WM is one of the manifestations of the ‘WM apprehension’ phenomena.   Everyone else is acknowledged for their contribution, however minor, except for him.  The WM is treated as a non-entity by society even though society has gained so much from the WM.  In many cases, society owes practically everything to the WM and what he has done and created.  I’ve often jokingly said that “I refuse to honor something like black history month or women’s history month until they have a white male history month.  But, if they get a month for what they’ve done, we should get a white male history decade for our contribution!”

The influence of the European  and Male character

The modern dilemma reflects aspects of what I call the “male creation”.  This refers to the things that the male character created (see my article “Thoughts on the “male creation”“).   In other words, the modern world is a “male creation”.  As a result of this, it is inherently associated with the male and reflecting male character traits.  In addition, being that it is created by the Western European male it reflects the character traits of Western European culture.  One of the effects of this is that it has naturally left out the character traits of many people such as:

These exclusions would become a part of the ‘modern dilemma’ and intensify the ‘WM apprehension’ even more.  The reason for this is that it created a problem where the modern world did not reflect most of the people it had power over.  As a result, many people found themselves influenced by an “alien” power, so to speak, in which many people could not, in some cases, even relate to.

Because it is a “male creation” the modern world reflects many “male characteristics” such as:

  • Great organization.
  • A tendency to comradery for the males (which can create an attitude of exclusiveness).
  • An orientation of confronting and dealing with the world.
  • A tendency to control things.
  • A tendency to emphasize the protection of ones self, family, and country, which often means a willingness to violence.
  • Creativity and innovation.

These qualities, of course, has had good and bad aspects with them and have had great impact on the perception of the modern world and the WM.  In this way, one could say that the ‘modern dilemma’ is really a dilemma created by the “male creation”.  To be more precise, the ‘modern dilemma’ is really the dilemma of the creation of the WM. 

The emphasis of the WM as a group

The ‘group centered tendency’, as I said above, has made the modern world exclusively a WM-made thing.  As a result, the tendency was for these things to happen:

  • They tended to play a part in it.
  • They primarily benefitted from it.

In this way, there was a tendency that it was exclusive to the WM alone.  Though a lot has been made out of this tendency, its really no different than a lot of other things in the world that people create, where they see it as “theirs” and do not want other people to possess it.  In fact, I’d say that the general stance of the WM is that it was created for themselves, not everyone else.  In normal situations, this would of been the case.  But their creation proved, as I said above, to be too powerful and influential.  Many WM’s, I think, never had any notion that it would become as powerful as it was.  To be frank, I think the WM was caught off guard by it all and still does not know how to react to his creation and the power it containsBecause of this, the general WM, in my opinion, tends to maintain a ‘group centered tendency’ orientation and views what they created as “theirs”. 


I’ve noticed the peculiar quality of “MW apprehension” for decades.  It appears in such a unique and odd way that I could never quite put my finger on it for years.  Being a part of the WM group I was often stunned at the weird suppositions and opinions people had about me (and eventually us).  I have seen many people look at me in ways such as:

  • As a threat.  I’m looked at as someone who it trying to undermine them, enslave them, degrade them, and even destroy them.  Oftentimes, I have no idea why or where they got this idea from.  I don’t believe I have ever provoked these feelings in these people.
  • As someone to hate.  I was often stunned how I was viewed with hatred, often for no apparent reason.  Its particularly strong with foreign or foreign-like people, including black people and Mexicans.
  • As someone who has all these benefits they don’t have.  That is to say, I’m treated as if I am ‘upper class’ even though I don’t make that much money (nor am I in a family that does).  Accordingly, they view themselves as ‘lower class’, in comparison, or as impoverished.  Apparently, the WM is supposed to have all this “stuff” that they don’t have.  I guess we “deprived” them of it, huh?
  • As someone to try to outdo and to compete against.  I was often stunned how people seemed to compete and try to outdo me for no apparent reason.  I’ve jokingly said that being a WM reminds me of the story where the best gunfighter in the Old West is always being challenged by people trying to be better than he is.  After awhile, he got sick of it quit being a gunfighter.  There are times I feel like that.
  • As someone who is supposed to know everything.  Some people seemed to think that I had all the answers and was supposed to know everything.  I remember a kid I knew in High School and Trade School (who was from Mexico) who always seemed to think I had these answers.  He also was competing with me all the time, always trying to know more than me.

Here we can see a whole range of effects from a threat to someone who knows everything.  That’s quite a range, from bad to good.  This is common with the ‘WM apprehension’, as I’ll mention below.  Even though it had a range from a threat to emulation, it generally has a quality of an apprehension in it somewhere I’ve found (the first two reflect a reaction to being threatened . . . the last three reflect an envy).  In this way, it often has a love/hate quality.  This gives it a very unique quality, consisting of mixed feelings that are often contradictory (of a feeling of being threatened mixed with a desire to imitate, for example).  This could be described as an ‘apprehensive contradiction’, which seems very unique to this phenomena.

This contradiction pervades opinions and attitudes about the modern world and the WM.  It is primarily reflective of the traits of the ‘modern dilemma’ described above.  In other words, the ‘apprehensive contradiction’ is really a reaction to the dilemma:  of a powerful system that has both good and bad in its effects making it difficult to determine to view it as good or bad.  As a result, feelings are often mixed and contradictory.  Since the WM has created the modern world the WM is often looked at in this contradictory way as well.  In this way, the ‘apprehensive contradiction’ tends to permeate the ‘WM apprehension’.  There develops both good and bad viewpoints about the WM as a result.  Often, you’ll see people state contradictory statements about the WM or reacting to him in contradictory ways.  One minute they may be try to emulate or imitate you and the next they are condemning you as an ‘oppressor’ or something.  One effect of this is that it has put the general attitude about the WM in a stance of uncertainty, no one is certain how to view the WM.  This often turns, it seems to me, into an indifference about the WM over the years.  That is to say, the WM is basically turned into a “nobody”, ignored and “pushed to the side”.  I’ve often been stunned how often we are treated like nobodies and ignored.  Often, no one even cares about our opinions (but they’ll listen to everyone else!).  Its really bizarre, one minute they are trying to be like you and the next they treat you like a nobody or condemning you.  So we see that the ‘apprehensive contradiction’ has more of a range, much like this:

  • Envy (causes things like emulation and imitation).
  • Hatred.
  • Indifference (ignoring and treating the WM like a nobody).

When several of these are directed toward the same person they all contradict each other, regardless of which one is used.  What this shows is that there are a multitude of ways the ‘apprehensive contradiction’ can appear.

Other Reactions

Some common reactions to the “WM miracle” include:

  • The success of the modern world has created an envy toward the WM.
  • The problems of the modern world has created a fear of the WM.

Envy can create:

  • Hatred and dislike.
  • Jealousy.
  • Feelings of being left out.
  • A feeling that the WM has taken things from them.
  • A feeling they are not allowed to do anything.
  • A desire to imitate.
  • A desire to outdo.
  • An ‘us versus them’ attitude.

Fear can create:

  • Hatred and dislike.
  • A blind fear.
  • A desire to destroy what they fear.
  • Feelings of being threatened.

Much of which stance you take tends to depend on where you stand and your situation.  What I mostly see are forms of envy.

Other aspects of the reaction include:

  1. If one is benefitted by it then one generally looks at the “WM miracle” as a system (that is, as technology, government, etc. . . . it is generally devoid of a human face).
  2. If one is adversely affected by it then the “WM miracle” is viewed as the act of a person, the WM himself.  Because of this, the WM is attacked personally as tyrants, oppressors, and such . . . the “WM miracle” is now viewed as having a human face.

The ‘WM apprehension’ can be directed in a number of ways:

  • Directed toward the person of the WM.  This could be the King, President, Official, or just a WM in general.
  • Directed toward the institutions created by the WM.  This could be the government, business, military, and such.
  • Directed toward the creations created by the WM.  This could be the machines, knowledge, weaponry, and such.

This shows this phenomena is not necessarily based around the person of the WM but everything the WM has created or is a part of.  In other words, the dilemma is about the modern world as a complex of different things (its creators, the inventions, the institutions, etc.) and not just one thing (such as the WM).  In this way, we see that the ‘WM apprehension’ is a reaction, in actuality, to a condition.  More specifically, its a reaction to power . . .

Aspects of Power

It appears, to me, that the ‘WM apprehension’ primarily revolves around not being part of the “power” of the “WM miracle” or modern world.  Being so impactful, and influential, the “WM miracle” created a lot of power inherent in its makeup.  Because of this, one could really say that everything revolves around the power that the “WM miracle” created, more than anything else, and that this is what is actually causing all the conflict.  In this way, its really just another “power game” or “King of the mountain” game, where people without power want to have the power:  they see the people with “power” and want it.  This is why the example I gave above, of the Old West gunfighter, is so appropriate:  they are trying to knock the person “on top” off and take his place.  To me, in its simplist form, the ‘WM apprehension’ appears to be nothing but a “King of the mountain” game.  The WM created the power (of the modern world) . . . now everyone else wants it.  The “apprehension” is a result of qualities created by the “King of the mountain” game.  One could then say that the “apprehension” is actually a mixture of these things:

  1. Feeling intimidated by the power.
  2. Not having the power.
  3. Wanting the power.

In this way, we see that the issue does, in fact, revolve around “power”.  Looking at it this way we can see the effects of power:

  • The fear of what power can do.
  • Of not having power.
  • Of being affected by power and unable to do anything about it.
  • Of feeling threatened by those in power.
  • Of not trusting those with the power.

Overall, this creates a sense of “apprehension”.  In other words, ‘WM apprehension’ is an apprehension caused by the existence of a new form of power that has appeared. 

Many WM’s, in my opinion, are not fully aware of the power that the “WM miracle” has created nor the problems its created.  Most, from my experience, tend to look at things casually, such as seeing something as “only something new”, a “new idea”, a “new invention”, a “new business venture”, etc.  In other words, they do not fully realize the effects their creations has created.  In this way, the WM is often the one who least see’s its effects and they often don’t see the effects of the power problems it creates.

But the power of the “WM miracle” (the modern world) is very impactful and influential.  Never, in the history of the world, has any one single thing been so impactful in the world.  In some respect, the WM bit off more than he can chew.  The power of the “WM miracle” turned out to be far more influential than he ever thought or knows how to deal with.  He was unprepared for it (everyone was, I think).  But now “the genie has been let out of the bottle”.

Interestingly, the general attitude of the WM, in my opinion, was in creating not in controlling power . . . he created the modern world.  The effects of it, though, he did not know how to handle.  In this way, the WM found himself at a loss.  The “WM miracle” went so beyond the WM’s capabilities that many WM’s began to condemn his own creations and see it in a bad light (see below).  So, we see, that the “WM miracle” put the WM in a precarious position.  He created something with so much power that not even he knew how to control it. 

But, for the non-WM’s, it created whole other conflicts.  They basically saw a power rise up above them that had effects such as these:

  • They were adversely affected by.
  • They were not a part of it.
  • That it had great power and influence over them.
  • That they were helpless against it.
  • That it made them appear or become inferior.

The most significant factor was how they were affected by it:  if they benefitted from it then they generally accepted it . . . if they did not benefit from it then they condemned it.  If they condemned it then they generally made issues out of “not being a part of it”.

Eventually, though, the modern world began to wield so much power and influence that many people wanted to be a part of it.  The problem is that they were not a part of it.  This caused things like this:

  • A feeling of being left out that hit deep.  This was often draped in political/legal jargon.  For example, they were “discriminated against”, it was “racist”, etc.
  • A tendency of imitation the WM by non-WM’s (see below).  This, interestingly, would cause a tendency for people to destroy their own identity.

In effect, many of the people who wanted to be a part of the new “power” of the “WM miracle” would sometimes get to the point that they would do things like use (or, rather, warp) law to get it or they would deny who they are to “appear” to be a part of it.  This shows the power the “WM miracle” has.  Things, such as these, would also start a process of the undermining of social institutions (such as law) and the degradation of the individual person (such as destroying their identity) . . . see below.  In other words, the scramble for power would scramble society and the person.

We can go on to say that the modern world wielded so much power and influence that the WM, its creators, also began to feel they were not a part of it.  In this way, the WM would be undermined by the very thing he created (see below).  In this way, even the WM would be adversely affected by it as well.

An interesting example of the effect of the “WM miracle”, on other people, is seen in a response I received from an article called “Thoughts on matriarchial societies: Africa, slavery, and rebuilding – the effects of non-organized society“:

“hey i am just waiting for these patriarchal societies to end the world….and matriarchal societies are not weak …..its the treacherous, deceitful, coniving, arrogance, self centered nature of white people. The Ethiopians are the original hebrews of the bible infact they can prove direct lineage to solomon….not one european jew can prove any lineage to ancient hebrew yet they STOLE someone else birthright. Now I beleive these patriarchal europeans practive thievary, arrogance, deceit in taking things that they like but not man enough to create on their own,”

Though it does not refer to the white male directly it is basically speaking of him . . . “patriarchal Europeans”.  Oddly enough, they are using Judaism as the argument, which shows how Jews are associated with the WM, being that they are similar in looks (and, in addition, many Jews had played a part in the “WM miracle”).  My feeling about the statement above is that they are equating the “patriarchal Europeans” with European Jews.  The problems is that most “patriarchal Europeans” are not Jews.  It appears, to me, that they are reacting to the “WM miracle” but are using religion as a means of authority probably because it figures prominently in their culture.  Hence they equate the WM with Jewish males as a general overall viewpoint.  From this statement we see a number of interesting traits:

  • The sense of a threat . . . the patriarchal societies (the societies the WM created) will “end the world”.
  • That patriarchal Europeans have stolen something from them . . . in this case, the Jewish heritage.
  • A general attitude of ‘us versus them’ (see the ‘minority and female versus the WM’ below).
  • That the patriarchal Europeans are not “man enough” to create a “birthright” of their own.  This is like saying “we’re the genuine ones, not them” . . . they are now “taking credit” for the Jewish heritage.  In this way, they are as if making themselves “bigger” and “better” than the patriarchal Europeans.  More than likely, this shows a sense of inferiority.

Basically, it appears to show a rather common reaction to the power of the “WM miracle”.  Overall, there’s a general sense of apprehension (the “WM apprehension”).  This apprehension is no doubt in direct response to the adverse effects the “WM miracle” has created for them.  One could say that this statement is a good example of the resentment that the power of the “WM miracle” created in the people who were adversely affect by it.  In fact, one could say that for those who did not benefit the overall effect of the power the “WM miracle” created was a resentment.  In other words:  power + adverse effects = resentment.


The power of the “WM miracle” was so great that this resentment could become great and extensive causing great tension, conflict, and hatred that still exists today.  In fact, for some people its a source of much hatred and ill-feeling in teh world.

Being adversely affected appears to of appeared from a number of causes:

  • Being negatively affected.  That is to say, they somehow suffered as a result.  The “WM miracle” was so successful that many people found themselves swept up in it, enslaved by it, or even squashed by it.  Naturally, this caused much bad feelings.  Sadly, many people have suffered, and even died, as a result of the “WM miracle”.  This is one of its tragic effects.  Though we may emphasize its effects on the world we must also remember that much of these qualities were first played out on their own people – poverty, social class struggles, the destruction of new weaponry, etc.  In short, the tragic side of the “WM miracle” knew no barriers and could effect anybody it influenced.
  • Envy.   Many people watched the success of the “WM miracle” and found themselves saying “why don’t I have that too?”   Its this envy that made many people want to be a part of it and somehow gain from it.  But envy is a negative-like feeling and describes a feeling of insufficiency and inadequacy.  As a result, it ended up having qualities much like ‘being negetavely affected’ described above and so created a feeling of resentment.  Interestingly, the base of much of this envy is really nothing but a form of greed.  In this way, one of the effects of the success of the “WM miracle” is that it may have fostered the growth of greed in many people and, perhaps, increased greed in the world.

It seems that this sense of resentment is one of the traits of the modern world and is intimitaly bound with it.  In fact, resentment is so dominant a feeling that a major reaction to the modern world is the attempt at decreasing, or alleviating, these feelings of resentment.  I would not be surprised that what many people call “democratization” is really nothing but attempts at decreasing resentment.  In other words, its not a result of politics and political truth as some people may think but, rather, the attempt at decreasing resentment that just happens to resemble democracy.  Why is this?  Because the attempts at decreasing resentment amounts to nothing but “allowing everyone to have the benefits of the modern world”.  The idea being that if everyone has access to the benefits resentment will disappear.

It seems that this “access for all” has decreased resentment to some extent, as near as I can tell, but its created some new problems, such as:

  • The destruction of societies and cultures.  To have access to the benefits of the modern world means you must open our society and culture to the modern world.  Because of its power this amounts to an opening up of ones society and culture to the destructive qualities of the modern world.  In other words, when you open up your society and culture to the modern world you lose your society and culture.
  • The blurring of people and individuals.  The destruction of society and culture, and the power of the modern world, tends to degrade people and turn into everyone into a blurr.
  • The development of a slavish attitude toward the modern world.  The modern world has such power that people find themselves slaves to it having to follow its every whim.  This is particularly true if you want to benefit from it.

In other words, humanity, and the human being, is being “moulded” to the mould of the modern world in order to gain its benefits.   To put it another way, to benefit from the modern world we must become its slaves and follow its every beckon and whim.  We must do what it wants, the way it wants, and follow its lead, good or bad.  In this way, trying to gain the benefits of the modern world is only turning humanity into its slave.  We may all gain from it by following this path today, as well as alleviate much of the resentment for the time being, but what of tomorrow?  What happens when humanity, the whole world, is enslaved to it?


The feeling of being adversely affected by the “WM miracle” became particularly strong after the cold war where the great power of the modern world was being demonstrated.  This was particularly as a result of the threat of nuclear annihilation and of complete destruction at the hands of weapons of destruction that was created by the WM.  As a result of this, ‘WM apprehension’ is often related to cold war themes and would be deeply bound up with themes originating there, such as:

  • Anti-war sentiment.  The WM would be viewed as a ‘war-monger’ and threat.
  • The destructiveness of war.  The WM would be associated with war, the weapons of war, and destruction in general.
  • The idea of oppression.  This originates from the political side which surrounded the cold war (freedom, oppression, etc.).  The WM would be molded into the oppressors, of people who controlled other people.
  • The idea of democracy and people rule.  The cold war caused a glorification of American ideals, of democracy and people rule.  The idea of democracy and people rule also catered to the feeling that non-WM’s were “not a part” of the “WM miracle”.  In this way, the idea of democracy and people rule gave a way for non-WM’s to either be a part of the “WM miracle” or it would be used as a defence against its effects.  This appears to be one reason that gave the idea, for example, that non-WM’s should “rule”, which was often glorified as a great cause, or that they were “oppressed”.

In effect, the anti-war attitudes turned into anti-WM attitudes during the cold war.  The cold war, then, is very much related to the development of an anti-WM attitude that continues down to this day.  In some respects, the cold war turned the WM into a “bad guy” to many people and gave them the excuses as to way.  Not only that, the cold war gave this idea that the WM was a person who couldn’t be trusted, that the WM are war-mongers and oppressors, for example.

In many ways, the cold war gave an outlet for the feelings of being adversely affected or “not a part of” the “WM miracle”.  It gave means, and themes, to vent these feelings.  It also created a false image of the WM that continues to this day.  In fact, it would have tremendous effect on the male in general (see below).

In addition, the cold war associated anti-WM feelings with politics and law.  This is because there was a tendency to use politics and law as a justification for the anti-war feelings during the cold war.  Since the WM is associated with the cold war this same tendency would be directed toward the WM.  The effect of using politics and law for anti-war and anti-WM causes ended up distorting and warping politics and law.  This is because, during the cold war, there became a great cold war paranoia and panic that developed.  One could say it was a mania, being very prevalent in the early 1970’s.  This mania used politics and law to justify its cause.  But, being a mania, they began to distort and warp politics and law for their cause and purpose.  The distortion and warpage of politics and law still exists today.


Because of the success and power of the “WM miracle”, with its success and problems, there has developed a tendency to suppress the WM and in many different ways.  This is because the WM is equated with the problems of the ‘modern dilemma’.  Its almost as if they think that by suppressing the WM they will suppress the problems of the modern world.  Often this suppression, is associated with ‘the minority and female versus the WM’ myth (see below).

The success of the weapons of war, as a result of the cold war in particular, has seemed to cause great apprehension of the WM.  It has made these associations:

  • WM = war
  • WM = destruction

These associations has been very prevalent since the Vietnam War in the late 1960’s-early 1970’s.  In fact, it seems to of caused an “organized effort” to suppress the WM as I, myself, have seen.  Because of this, there has been great effort to “suppress” the male as a person, as well as male associated things.

This suppression has gone to many aspects of the male character, such as:

  • Not allowing any weapons, even toy weapons.
  • Not allowing an form of anger or anything violent.
  • Not allowing any form of social hierarchy.
  • Not allowing any form of control.

The effect of this is to basically turn the male is turned into a vegetable who must “sit there”.  In addition, he is taught attitudes that are the opposite of these male character traits, such as learning peacefulness at all costs, not being angry, being “democratic” to destroy a supposed desire to control, teaching that to shoot a gun is bad, etc.

Other ways of male suppression include:

  • The WM is degraded in some way.  Often this entails trying to portray them as bad or tyrants or something similar.
  • Trying to replace the WM.  They often will try to replace him by becoming the WM, emulating what he does and how he does it, what I often call being the “new WM” (see below).
  • They try to put the WM in a “non-existence” stance.  The WM is treated as if he does not exist and is, in a way, forgotten.  This is often what happens with ‘righteous imitation’ (see below).
  • They try to accuse and blame the WM for everything.  All the problems of the world are the WM’s fault.  I was often appalled how the WM was blamed for everything in the world, as if the WM is responsible for it all.  This includes war, overpopulation, poverty, disease, etc.  In many ways, the WM has become the scapegoat for the worlds problems for many people.  Whatever the problem, its the WM’s fault.  Its become a joke for me, even, to always say “blame it on the white male . . . he’s at fault for everything”.
  • They turn the WM into a tyrant, oppressor, or villain.  He becomes the “bad guy”.  This is often assumed by people, often automatically.  In actuality, this is usually just a form of stereotyping the WM (see below).
  • They favor non-WM’s, even though the WM is more qualified or better.  I’ve seen this many times and, myself, have been the victim of it.  They’ve even made laws to guarantee the favoring of non-WM’s, whether qualified or not!  To be frank, watching this has destroyed my belief in this society.

Overall, then, what we see is a great attempt at trying to “take the WM out of society” or in  “demasculanizing” society.  This is often done under the guise of democracy and freedom.  That is to say, under the guise of self-righteous cause.  I’ve even seen references by people (such as liberals and feminists) that the suppression of the male will bring peace and harmony in the world.  In other words, the apprehension of the WM, as a result of the conditions caused by the “WM miracle”, has created points of view that the suppression, and even elimination, of half the world (the male) would end much of the worlds problems and bring world peace! 

These points of view would become particularly prevalent after the end of the cold war in about 1990.  The younger generation of males (even to this day) would particularly be demasculanized (I often speak of them as “the castrated generations”).  This shows how the suppression of the WM has turned into a suppression of the male in general by society.  In other words, the success of what the “WM miracle” created has caused a movement to the destruction of the male!  In this way, something like a male crisis has been created, of a society that has become pitted itself against the male.  So we see a pattern like this:

  1. The WM creates the modern world (the “WM miracle”).
  2. Non-WM’s feel adversely affected by the modern world.
  3. The weapons of war, caused by the Cold War in particular, creates particularly harsh feelings against the modern world.
  4. This is then associated with the WM.
  5. The villanizing, condemning, and suppression of the WM is begun.
  6. These feelings spread to the male in general.
  7. The male, overall, is suppressed.

This more or less says that the power of the modern world, a creation of the WM, has been so strong that it has caused a reaction against the male in general.

This suppression has gone on to a general shunning of the WM, in general, in ways such as:

  • The problems the WM have are not acknowledged or dealt with (they are neglected).
  • The WM are ignored.
  • The WM is treated as a non-entity.
  • The WM is not helped in any way.
  • The WM is not inspired or given confidence by society.
  • The WM are treated as if they have no value.

It seems that this shunning has turned into a generalized neglect.  Some of this neglect has become almost unreal to me.  I am particularly bothered to see little boys, nowadays, neglected and shunned in these ways.  I’ve seen quite a number of boys, in some families, so neglected that they are treated as if they don’t even exist!  In fact, I’ve found that the lives of many young boys have become a life of neglect.  I see this wherever I go.  Many boys, I have found, have sought a refuge in things, such as computer games or the fantasy land of books or movies, as a means to have “some value” in life, where something they do matters and where they are a somebody.  Many boys are starting to develop mental problems as a result of this.  In fact, I do believe I’m seeing many mental problems in boys, nowadays, that appear to be a direct result of this neglect.  I have been utterly appaled how this crisis in the lives of young boys is so neglected and treated as if it does not exist . . . all a part of the shunning and neglect the WM has received.

Many adult WM’s will confront this shunning and neglect as well (many have been brought up with it).  Many WM’s will find themselves in a society that often doesn’t seem all that supportive of him or seems to want him (such as see my article “Thoughts on being a “surplus human” – the importance of self-deception“).  Some of the things this has caused are:

From my observation, these are common attitudes in the male today.  In short, we see that the WM becomes a degraded person as a result.  Often, this is blamed on various things or he’s just called an “ass” or something.  There is a tendency to not see that it has a deeper origin.  Too often it is discounted as “no big thing” or treated as if doesn’t exist.

So what we see is that the shunning and neglect of the WM has had great and tragic effects on the WM.


With the dilemma of the cold war many of the non-WM’s (minorities or females) often viewed themselves as being victimized by the WM (which is really the modern world with all its weapons and such).  One of the weird effects of this is that it has caused a tendency for them to think that they are the ‘saviors’ of the world in some way.  By this is usually meant that they will reverse the effects of the “WM miracle”.  In other words, they will “save the world” from the adverse effects of the modern world.  As a result, there has developed a stance that it is the minority and female versus the WM.    Because of this, I call it ‘the minority and female versus the WM’ mythThis condition, of course, does not exist and is a myth that non-WM’s have created, particularly as a reaction to the cold war mania and paranoia during the Vietnam War.  If anything, its another example of the power the “WM miracle” had.  In other words, its a manifestation of the power issues caused by the “WM miracle” (see above).

This myth has gone so far that it has been put into law.  In some cases, employers and government must employ so many minorities and females, for example, regardless of their qualifications.  I, myself (as well as many friends), was told that I was excluded from the U.S. Army because I was not minority or female (see my article “Some thoughts on why I consider the U.S. a fallen country – denying its own people“).  This scenario, as I’d find out, is far more prevalent than I realized.  It had created a condition where minorities and females are given ‘special privilege’ because they are NOT WM’s.  In this way, something like a ‘reverse discrimination’ is created (though professing to be against discrimination) or a favoritism.   This often appears in a number of ways, such as:

  • Non-WM’s are accepted into things (such as jobs).
  • Non-WM’s opinions are listened to.  I’ve sat and watched how many WM’s are ignored and their opinions disregarded.
  • Non-WM’s are looked at as being “automatically better” then the WM, generally without cause to believe it.  This is a weird phenomena that has appeared.  Its created a myth that minorities and females are better or superior than the WM, even though the WM created everything they’re using.  In most cases, all they are doing is imitating the WM and, in so doing, they seem to think that they are better than the WM.  In other words, they think they are better than the people they are imitating!  It sort of has a quality of an actor thinking that they are better than the person they are portraying because they think they can imitate him better.  This has always made me chuckle . . . it also seems hypocritical.  This tendency to think they are better than the people they are imitating I often call the ‘righteous imitation’.  It is common with non-WM’s.  This tendency to ‘righteous imitation’ is a good example of the contradictory qualities of the ‘apprehensive contradiction’:  It shows an envy mixed with an indifference.  They are envious of the WM, and so imitate him, but then “push him to the side” and are indifferent to him, because they think they are “better” than him.  It is the fact that the non-WM’s continually displayed this type of behavior that most convinced me that this was a phenomena revolving around the WM.  Originally, I viewed the “WM miracle” as just a system, the modern world.  The continual observation of the ‘righteous imitation’ convinced me that the attitudes about the modern world was actually about two groups of people – the WM group and everyone else – and this is why everyone else was trying to imitate the WM.  If it was not for this I would not of thought that much about the WM and his role in all this.


The success of the “WM miracle” has caused a tendency to try to imitate the WM, a-try-and-become-a-WM stance.  In fact, I would be inclined to say that society has become what I call an ‘WM imitative society’.  That is to say, much of what is done is to have or do what the WM has or does.

This tendency to imitation seems to show a number of things in the people who demonstrate it:

  • It shows a sense of not being part of the group.
  • It shows an envy.
  • It  shows a sense of powerlessness.
  • It shows a sense of being threatened.

This makes non-WM’s very aware that they are not part of the group.  Because of this, they feel ‘left out’, ‘neglected’, and such.  This can go so far that they claim that they turn it into a political/legal issue, such as that it is ‘discrimination’ or ‘oppression’, etc.  It also creates a great effort to try to imitate or, rather, replicate the WM.  In other words, they are reacting to the WM and what he created.  Again, this shows the power of the “WM miracle”.

In my opinion, the imitation of the WM by people is actually degrading them, regardless of how successful they appear to be at doing the same thing as the WM.  In other words, one of the great things that is undermining people, nowadays, is the imitation of the WM.  This fact, I don’t feel, is fully acknowledged or noticed by people.  There is a reason for this:  many people have turned the imitation of the WM into a “status symbol”.  In this way, a “successful imitation” is viewed highly and as an achievement.  Because of this it is, of course, not looked down upon but with praise and esteem.  I see this a lot with females and some foreigners.  I should also point out that by “imitating the WM” I also mean to have what he has.

I’m under the impression, at this time, that a lot of the destruction of belief, culture, and religion in people is not because the modern world destroyed it, on its own, but because the people destroyed it themselves in by imitating the WM, in some way, so they can be part of the modern world.  In other words, imitation of the WM, by people, has been very destructive to them.

Here are some interesting points I’ve noticed about imitation:

  • Interestingly, people who imitate the WM never seem to develop his qualities and traits, though they may be able to “do” what he does.  Typically, they only repeat what he does, like playing back a video.  This more or less shows that imitation is not the means to power.  As a result, the technique of imitation really doesn’t work.
  • Another aspect of imitation is trying to “get into” the club.  That is to say, they try to get into the modern world and be a part of it and, thereby, gain its power.  This, it seems to me, works much better and is how most non-WM’s have gained “power”.


I, myself, have noticed that there is a particular “bond” between WM’s that is not seen with non-WM’s.  When this “bond” is made it seems as if a ‘magic’ can sometimes happen.  I tend to feel that this is a result of a cultural bond.  In other words, I have often felt that the “WM miracle” is a result of a cultural bond between WM’s.  If this is the case, then it shows that a lot of the “WM miracle” is a result of a cultural manifestation.  Normally, the “modern world” is viewed as a separate entity, an abstract system, independent of a culture or any social bond.  Its often looked at as a result of a scientific truth, which usually is viewed as being devoid of any cultural or social bond.  My observation, though, is that the modern world is very culturally based and is reflective of a culture.  This means that it is not some abstract point of view, independent of any culture or society.  In other words, its not based on a “generic culture” that is applicable to all the world.

 The culture of the modern world, really, is the “WM culture”, which created it.  This culture is based in a bond between the WM’s, which is often unseen, even by WM’s.  I would even go on to say that this “bond” is very “tribal” in quality and has strong tribal-like qualities.  In this way, the bond between WM’s is a “tribal” bond, which is no doubt why its so powerful.  There are variations in this, of course, particularly in intensity and who is “part of the tribe” but, overall, it has a tribal-like quality.  In fact, the more I look at it the more “tribal” it becomes.  In other words, the “bond” is “tribal” in origin and manifestation.

This tribal-like quality is probably why there is often an attempt at ‘safeguarding the WM bond’ by the WM which can, at times, be very strict and severe.  In fact, if one looks at the life of the WM, in the past 150 years or so (which happens to coincide with the modern world, interestingly enough, which is probably no mistake), one will see that there has been many manifestations of this strictness, such as:

  • The ridiculing people who do not meet their ideals.
  • The exclusion of people who are not a part of the “tribe”.
  • A strict social structure.
  • Great demands on behavior, ideals, and actions.
  • Having to “prove their worth”.

These things (which all reflect a tribal quality) have caused great and tremendous stress and strain on the WM over the years, a side of the life of the WM that is seldom mentioned.  In some cases, it has turned life into a hell for some WM’s, often by things like bullying, ostracizing, and the like.  Its also put great demand on the WM because it forces him to have to behave a certain way.  So we see that the WM’s tended to be very strict with themselves, as a group, which reflects its tribal-like nature.

In a “tribal” mentality, there tends to develop a strict social code between people “in the tribe” and people “without the tribe” which usually entails great etiquette and manners.  Usually, great respect is given when these strict codes are maintained.  This is seen in the association with females, children, and some foreigners who are treated with great respect and etiquette.  When the strict codes are violated or altered in some way, a number of reactions can take place, such as:

  •  Anyone who is not an WM, or part of the “tribe”, is perceived as destructive to the “tribe” causing a despising-like reaction.  There have been times where this can incite violent reactions.  I’ve seen this many times and have felt it.
  • There is a marked demarcation of those in the “tribe” and those who are not in the “tribe”.  Anyone who “crosses the line”, so to speak, is despised and it can even incite violence.
  • There is often a tendency to look down on people who are not a part of the “tribe”.  This is usually demonstrated by WM’s who have a lot of pride and arrogance.
  • Anyone trying to emulate an WM is often despised or looked down upon.  I know this from personal experience.

These all reflect common tribal-like reactions and are, frankly, common in the world in any “tribal” condition.

Looking at these qualities we can see that a “tribe” is really a special “bond” between a certain group of people in a society making it something like a subgroup.  This “bond” is so valued that there are great attempts to maintain its existence and quality within the “tribe”.  In many ways, the maintaining of this “bond” is the purpose of the “tribe”.  In addition, it creates a strong sense of those “within the tribe” and those “without the tribe”.  This distinction creates a strong social code in the association with people who are “without the tribe” that must be maintained.  Any breaking, altering, or corruption of this social code can incite bad, and even violent, reactions.  One could say that this is the “tribal condition”.  It is a worldwide phenomena.  History also shows that it is a force that must be respected as it can cause a lot of hatred, violence, and discontent.


The WM, being the creator of the modern world, has a position of authority.  As a result, he has the problems of authority.  As is often said “the position of power is the loneliness position of all”.  This is because authority has particular qualities:

  • No one helps.
  • He’s blamed for everything bad.
  • He is viewed as unreachable.
  • He is given no sympathy or support.  This has created an attitude of “indifference” toward the WM, which is one of the reasons why no one notices this problem.  This sense is no doubt the origin of a statement I often hear from WM’s:  “We help them but no one will help us”.  He is given no sympathy or support in the same way parents and the government are not given sympathy or support by the children or people.

This is particularly a problem because the WM is given the same attitudes of one who is in authority but he, in reality, is not in authority.  In fact, no one is in authority over the modern world.  The modern world is really a beast with a life all its own.  In other words, the WM is treated as if he is in authority, with the same attitudes, when he actually has no authority.

These attitudes show that the WM is associated with an image of authority.  But, as I said, its an authority he does not have.  This shows that the image of the WM-as-authority tends to be a false image.  It does not reflect the actual condition.  In this way, the authority of the WM is something like an illusion.


Oddly, the WM have found themselves alienated in the very world they created.  Many WM’s are finding themselves detached from it and unable to adapt so much that they are having difficulty dealing with it.  In fact, I tend to believe that there has developed a sickness, a ‘WM alienation’, that is slowly beginning to define the modern WM.  In many ways, a modern WM has now become an alienated WM.  He has found himself lost, detached, and uprooted in a society that he has created.

One aspect of this alienation is the orientation the WM has had toward it all.  In general, the WM creates and establishes.  The non-WM’s utilize.  Because of this, the WM’s have a hard time “fitting into” the very world they created.  They often have a hard time utilizing what they created.  Its not uncommon that the non-WM’s do better here.  As a result, many WM’s find themselves creating stuff only to have it taken from them as I, myself, have observed.

But the WM has also been alienated because of the “WM apprehension” which has begun to shun, suppress, and neglect him (as described above).  In this way, the society has begun to alienate the male, often turning him into a nobody or non-entity.  I’ve often been stunned by this and how it is completely bypassed and looked over as if nothing happened.


Oftentimes, the modern world is not viewed as a “thing” or “system” but as something being identical to its creators, the WM, as if they are the same thing.  In other words, the modern world is perceived as having a human face:  the WM.  As a result, he tends to be blamed for everything and is the image to villanize.  I’ve seen many cases where a white male is automatically viewed as corrupt or oppressive (such as in politics) even though there is no reason to think that.  I’ve even heard people say things like “he’s part of the people who caused all the problems”, meaning the WM.  So the solution is to put non-WM’s in these positions because they are not “part of the people who caused all the problems”.  I think this scenario is far more prevalent than people think.  Of course, no one notices this as bias and discrimination.  If it happened to anyone else it would surely be made a big deal out of.

This tendency of needing a human face to blame things on no doubt has origin the phenomena of Kingship (see my article “Thoughts on the stages of kingship“).  Kings were often viewed as the source of the societies problems (beginning with causing “bad crops” in the early years).  In English society Kingship is very strong and much of this tendency continued in England.  As a result, the problems of society were often viewed as being the Kings fault, as if he had done it himself on his own accord.  A good example would be King Charles I who was beheaded during the English Civil War after being blamed for all the problems.

Since the WM is largely English, reflecting English culture, much of these attitudes of Kingship would be continued with him.  In short, the WM would be equated with a King and, accordingly, blamed for all the frustrations, angers, and feelings that the modern world created whether he was responsible or not.  So we see that the royal tradition of England would be continued with the modern world and the WM.  To go even further, it seems that the WM has received a similar sentence as King Charles I after being blamed for the countries problems.  One could say that the WM was also “beheaded”, in a sense, because of the problems the modern world created.


A big element of the degradation of the WM has been initiated by the WM himself!  My observation is that they are contributing to a lot of their own fall as well as the fall of the “WM miracle”.  This is done by things like:

  • Christian attitudes.  These tend to create an attitude of self-undermining and self-degradation which also would entail a belief in their own suppression and degradation (“we’re all sinners!”).
  • Democracy and freedom.  As mentioned above, these themes were often used to degrade the authority of the WM.
  • The self-defeating male.  Recently, the male has created many self-defeating attitudes that only undermine him (see my article “Thoughts on the self-defeating quality in the post-WWII American male – the coming of the ‘nothing male’“).
  • The pussy whipped attitude.  This reflects a general attitude of the male that is self-undermining (see my article “Thoughts on the American pussy whipped coward male . . .“).
  • Their attack and rebellion against the older generation, which became particularly prevalent after about 1970.  By attacking the older generation they as if undermined themselves by taking away their foundation.
  • The abandonment of traditions, morality, values, and beliefs.
  • The lack of organized cohesion.  That is to say, they ceased working together.  This caused a failure of the “bond” and “tribe”.
  • Since everyone is competing with them they get tired of it and don’t want to do anything (see the story of the gunfighter above).  I feel this is far more prevalent than it may seem.

Much of these attitudes are a direct response to the cold war and the 1970’s and became prevalent during that time.  In other words, as a result of the cold war and 1970’s many WM’s joined the non-WM’s in condemning the “WM miracle” and, in so doing, undermined themselves in the process.  The net result of all this is that the WM undermined his dignity as a result of the success of the “WM miracle”.


The American female, in particular, has developed both a strong envy and fear/apprehension of the WM.  Generally, though, a female will lean toward one or the other.  This has became particularly strong after the cold war and the 1970’s.

The envy of the WM is now so strong that the American female is now going through a great “campaign” of trying to make the female the same as the WM.   In other words, they’re trying to be like men (see my article, “Thoughts on the female and Victorian society – “being Victorian green” – the females envy of the male and the ‘female envy culture’“).  A common thing for me to say, nowadays, is:

“It won’t be too long before the female is going to be nothing but a pathetic caricature of the male”. 

For many American females this is already true.  This tendency is also helped by the problem with the female identity in this country (see my article “Thoughts on the ‘failed sex’ – how many female traits have failed – a hidden crisis of the American female“).  What has basically happened, as a result of this, is that WM envy is now a significant element in the destruction of the female identity.  In trying to be like a WM they are only destroying themselves and their identity.  So we see that one effect of the “WM miracle” is the slow destruction of the female identity.

In addition, with the suppression of the WM that has taken place, many females have tried to jump in to fill the gap by trying to be the “new WM’s”.  This has created a whole group of females who do things like this:

  • They “ape” the male (making the American female look utterly pathetic).  They dress, act, and try to do things like the WM and are associated with him.
  • Many of them are doing everything they can to try to “outdo” or “outperform” the WM.  I’ve seen many females who go through great effort to do this.
  • Some are trying to actually replace him.  That is to say, to make the male redundant and meaningless.  I was stunned to see this.
  • Many females are spending a life where all they do is try to have the same “glory” the WM has (or what they think he has).

Many females have made it a political and legal issue to the point that its some sort of a cause.  Think of it . . . trying to be like a man as a great political and righteous cause.  Unbelievable!

As  stated above, part of the “WM miracle” is fear and apprehension.  Many females have particularly demonstrated quite an extensive fear and apprehension of the male.  Its appeared a number of ways, such as:

  • For some females the fear has created an obsessive concern over being “victims” by portraying themselves as abused, oppressed, enslaved, and such.  This has made many females falsely accuse and villanize the WM as a result, claiming things that has not happened.
  • Some females fear and apprehension of the WM is so strong that they have become a significant force in trying to suppress the WM and in trying to demasculanize him.  So another effect of the “WM miracle” is that is has made some females try to “castrate” the male.  Unbelievable!
  • Some females equate the male with war and destruction (see above) which only reveals a fear of the male.  Their solution to this fear, interestingly enough, is to make themselves the ‘savior’ and answer to the male threat of war and destruction:  they turn themselves into the symbols of peace and harmony!

Many of the reactions of the female toward the “WM miracle” have been almost unreal to me and seem rather ridiculous and overplayed.  In fact, I’d say that the females have taken the ‘WM apprehension’ to the most ridiculous and absurd extent, more than anyone else.


Because of the success of the “WM miracle” there has been extensive attempts at taking advantage of it by non-WM’s.  These include people like females, minorities, immigrants, etc.  Many (like the females, as stated above) are actively trying to be the “new WM’s”.  That is to say, they are deliberately trying to imitate the WM to have what he has, to gain power from the “WM miracle” (modern world), and to become him in some cases.

One could say that there has been an extensive “campaign” to create the “new WM’s” in this society and much of the world.   I would even go so far to say that there are many non-WM’s trying to push the WM out of the way so that they could gain their power.  In other words, the “WM miracle” has created a tendency for some non-WM’s to start a power struggle with the WM, primarily to gain the power of the “WM miracle” (modern world).  In order to do this, though, they must make themselves like the WM’s . . . by becoming the “new WM’s”.  In this way, the “new WM” is nothing but a way to try to “fit in” to the modern world.  In some ways, its like the saying goes, “when in Rome do what the Romans do”.

Unfortunately, though, the creation of the “new WM’ has caused a deteriation, in my opinion, in the “WM miracle”.  It seems, to me, that the “new WM’s” will eventually destroy the “WM miracle”.  This is primarily because they do not reflect the WM character which created it.  Everyone’s motive is only in trying to get in on its power and influence.  They are only “playing the game”, so to speak.  They do not reflect its “spirit” . . . at least, it doesn’t seem that way to me.  This creates a “want-to-be” attitude in the non-WM’s.  In actuality, the “new WM” is nothing but a “want-to-be”, really.  This is one of the things that I noticed that was quite prevalent.  In addition, the “new WM” seem like they are turning the “WM miracle” into something more like an assembly line.  I’d compare it to, say, turning an art form into a mass produced item.  It may look like it, and may serve a function, but it still lacks something and, after all, its only a “copy”.

In this way, we could say that we are in a “post WM miracle” era.   Its seems, to me, that everyone is riding on the system the “WM miracle” created (which is strong at the moment) but the originality and creativity that created it is fading. This may largely be caused by non-WM’s or WM’s who have undermined themselves or lost the “spirit”.  As a result, it will probably slowly fall over time.  Because of this, I tend to see the “post WM miracle” era as a slow fall of the “WM miracle”.  Everything, now, is standing on the shoulders of what the “WM miracle” created as it now stands.  That is to say, its a continuation of what’s already there by people trying to imitate it for themselves.  In this way, the original “spirit” is fading.


I tend to feel that the one of the ways many people dealt with the apprehension, and such, is by using the philosophy of the WM against himself.  In other words, they used his own philosophy, that he created and believed in, to “get the best of him”, so to speak.  I’d say that this has caused a basic dilemma in the WM, as he doesn’t know how to fight it.  Many WM’s can see that it is an abuse of his philosophy but they don’t know how to deal with it.

The philosophy that worked is primarily based in law and politics and really didn’t get “solidified” until the 1800’s.  It originates with problems the WM has been struggling with for centuries.  It is primarily English in origin, though it has connections in Continental Europe.  It has a lot of origins with the Norman Conquest which created many problems in Anglo-Saxon society that revolved around the social structure.  These include:

  • Social status
  • Law
  • Money and wealth
  • Working conditions

These went through quite a circuitous route up to when the philosophy was really “solidified” in the 1800’s.  Some big influences include:

  • Law (up to the 1500’s) – The emphasis on law to safeguard the English Nobility and the common man, primarily from Norman intrusion and control.
  • Church/State (1500’s-1600’s) – The Protestant Reformation caused doubt about Christianity and the political system.
  • Belief (1600’s) – The failure of Christian belief caused a need for something else to believe in.
  • Political theory (1600’s-1700’s) – With the failure of Christian belief political theory became the “new belief”.  It also put the previous qualities (law, church/state, and belief) into one basket.  This is often described as “democracy” or some emphasis on the people instead of the people in power.
  • Work/wealth (1800’s) – Political theory would be instrumental to help work/wealth of the common man.

This is the events that took place in England and became the base for the philosophy.  But there was one event that, in some ways, “solidified” it into a form (and which did not really take place in England).  This was the French Revolution in the late 1700’s.  This event cast a long shadow over England in the 1800’s and helped to create a more unified thinking about the problems England was facing, which it was lacking beforehand.  The thinking this created I often call ‘secular oppression’ (see my article “Thoughts on ‘secular oppression’“).  It is, in a sense, a mixture of Continental Europe and English thinking about the problems of social structure.

The contribution of Continental European thinking is based in three things:

  1. The idea of the oppressor.
  2. The idea of the oppressed.
  3. The idea that the oppressed are seeking freedom from the oppressed.

These gave a “form” to the issues that was lacking in English thinking.  These ideas were there “loosely” but they were not really that “solidified” into any definite form.  Its simplicity also made it more accessible to the common man.  This appears to be because the problems of English society, through the centuries, created many other “little concerns and issues” (law, social status, wealth, etc.) that made it difficult to create a “solidified” theory or point of view . . . there were just too many different aspects that seem unrelated to each other.  The seriousness of the French Revolution, its close proximity to England, and the threat it would happen in England caused something like a blending of these three principles with the many “little concern and issues” of England, creating a new way of looking at things in the early 1800’s . . . ‘secular oppression’.  By the mid-1800’s this point of view would be very prevalent in England to not only explain things but as a supposed “solution” to the problems England was having.  This point of view, of course, would also spread to other parts of the British Empire (such as Australia and Canada), including the U.S.  Eventually, ‘Secular oppression’ became a significant part of society in the 1800’s and many WM’s viewed it as beneficial and something that “safeguarded” them.  As a result, it was a philosophy they prized highly by many people.

We must remember that this was a philosophy the WM created by and for themselves.  It was based in problems that they were having, showing their centuries old conflict with social structure.  This primarily consisted of people in power versus the common man.  In other words, it was WM versus WM.  This was the original context and the context the WM viewed it from.

What happened, though, is that when the “WM miracle” got established everyone, and their dog, was trying to not only imitate the WM but trying to have what he has.  As a result, they adopted WM points of view, including ‘secular oppression’.  Initially, it was only taken up in a general social context.  As time went on, people began to use it as part of their own “personal cause”.  In many cases, they used it in a way the WM was unprepared for, where the WM became the oppressor.  In other words, the philosophy that was used to deal with other WM’s in power, as the oppressor, was used to make them the oppressors.   In other words, through ‘secular oppression’ the WM was turned into a villain.

Many WM’s were “stunned” and startled by this, as I myself was.  Personally, I still don’t think many WM’s know how to respond to it.  Most, I think, just “pass it off” as nothing.  I would compare this feeling to, say, being part of the Catholic clergy, who represents Jesus Christ, and then being told that you are the Anti-Christ or represent Satan by everyone.

Looking back on it now, what this revealed is a basic flaw in the ‘secular oppression’ philosophy.  Basically, it can be used against anyone . . . in any conflict between people ‘secular oppression’ will make someone out as the oppressor.  In some respects, ‘secular oppression’ was flawed to begin with.  It is too simplistic, too easily condemning, and too final.  The simplicity of it, in particular, made ‘secular oppression’ so appealing and accessible to the common man, which is no doubt why it became so popular.  The WM’s initially used it for that reason, as an easy explanation for the problems they were having and now people were using the same philosophy against them, for the same reason . . . its too easy.

Over the years ‘secular oppression’ has turned into something like a “crap shoot”.  In the late 1900’s ‘secular oppression’ was used for everything to the point that anything could be made out as oppressing, abusing, offending, or violating the rights of anyone.  People were being sued left and right over the stupidest of reasons.  Everyone under the sun could be made out as being oppressed and it became too easy to make themselves out as oppressed.  What this shows is that the philosophy that was used to explain the social structure problems in English history has now gotten out of control and has now become distorted, warped, and abused to death.

It was not the WM’s who got it out of control as it was, remember, a philosophy of WM versus WM for them.  I don’t think I ever saw a WM use it against a non-WM (for example, I’ve never heard a WM say that they are being oppressed by black people or any other group of people for that matter.).  It was actually the non-WM’s who got it out of control.  This appears to be a part of their attempt for these things:

  • Profit – to gain what the WM had.
  • Fear – as a reaction against the ‘WM apprehension’.
  • Suppression – as a means to suppress the WM and ‘WM miracle’.

What this means is that the ridiculousness of ‘secular oppression’, which now permeates law and politics and society, is really nothing but a reaction against the WM and what he created.  In short, the non-WM has abused and distorted law and politics, through ‘secular oppression’, as a reaction against the WM.  In so doing, they have created many myths about society, themselves, and the WM.  They’ve turned life into “perpetual French Revolution” that never ends (that is, a continual fight against oppression whether it exists or not).  In so doing, they’ve left a “warped political and legal world” in their wake.  Sadly, this “warped political and legal world” is being used as a basis for the future.  To me, I don’t look too optimistically at this.  Its like saying that the future is going to be a “warped world”.

Overall, though, I consider ‘secular oppression’ an “abused philosophy” that has been so abused that it should be considered defunct.  Disproving, changing, or even getting grid of  ‘secular oppression’, is proving harder than one would think.  There seems to be a number of reasons for this:

  • It is established and ingrained.
  • Its all there is . . . there’s nothing to replace it.
  • Its too associated with nationalism.
  • Its a philosophy rooted in the common man as authority, not someone else such as the nobility.  To get rid of ‘secular oppression’ means the common man will lose authority.
  • Its authority descends from Christianity and is associated with righteous cause.
  • Its too associated with the modern world and the times. 
  • There’s too much hope in it.

Because of this, its a philosophy that can’t just be “swept away” but I think it needs to be.  In fact, I feel it is hampering us, distorts things, and its a philosophy that we will have to always fight against its effects.  Its like a disease that won’t go away.

This inability to get rid of this philosophy is also associated with how most WM’s didn’t know how to react to it when it was used against them.   This is because the WM saw it as an ‘inherent philosophy’, as part of existence and way of things, and not something that was created or man-made.  Being ‘inherent’ the WM saw it as always existing, like god and nature, and so unchangeable.  This shows how it was viewed as a continuation of already existing authorities, such as God, Christianity, and the sanctity of the Monarchy who was originally viewed as holy (see my article “Thoughts on the stages of kingship“).  As a result, when it was used against the WM there was no response as it was using an ‘inherent philosophy’ he believed in, that was viewed as always existing and unchangeable and with religious-like authority.  This gave it a quality of a self-evident fact.  How can  you respond to something like that?  Its like using the Bible to tell a Catholic priest that all his belief is wrong.

What does one do against a condition like this?  I think there are a number of steps:

  1. Seeing that it is only a philosophy, that there is nothing ‘inherent’ in it, and that it was, in actuality, man-made.
  2. Seeing that one does not have to believe in it.
  3. Looking, and being open, for alternative philosophies.

Basically, this amounts to just “refuting” its authority, which is what I have begun to do.  This, of course, can be done individually but socially is another question.  In fact, something like this can’t be done socially.  In order for there to be a social change there is going to have to be a social change, probably a historic change, a change in era.  Until that happens, ‘secular oppression’ will probably be prevalent, despite its “warped and legal world”.  We can all look forward to that.


I tend to believe that ‘WM apprehension’ has had an undermining effect on society.  This is basically because of things like this:

  • The WM has built the society.
  • The WM has created its ideals.
  • The WM has been its authority and guided all this.
  • It falsely attacks people.
  • It causes unnecessary divisions in society.
  • It creates myths.
  • It undermines the male and male traits, which are needed in society.
  • It creates a want-to-be attitude in non-WM’s.

In some sense, the attack on the WM has a quality of attacking society.  After years of observation, I believe this to be true in Western society.  One could compare it to the attack on the older generation in the 1970’s and the effect it had.  Basically, when you attack and condemn your predecessors, existing authority, existing tradition, etc. you literally pull the carpet from under your feet.  This is basically what ‘WM apprehension’ did.


There has been a lot of stereotyping of the WM as a result of this apprehension.  That is to say, much of the apprehension is directed toward viewing the WM a certain way as a whole.  In other words, we are all equated the same, as if we are all the same type of person.

This, of course, is not true.

In actuality, very few WM’s has had any great involvement in the modern world.  Most WM’s are not the great creators of the modern world people seem to think they are and most have actually played no, or little part, in the “WM miracle”.  Most WM’s are just working people, just like everyone else in the world, doing nothing special.  Just to give some examples . . . if I look at some of the people I know I see several truck drivers, a miner, a sheepherder, indoor painters, a chef, a farmer . . . nothing particularly dramatic, nor is it a great involvment in the “WM miracle”.  None of these jobs are high paying or prestigious or give us great power.  In other words, there is no “favoritism” displayed there.  Despite this, people still stereotype the WM a specific way, as if we have all have special privelage, high paying glamorous jobs, great benefits, and so on.  I’ve not seen a lot of evidence of that.  I often wish I had what a lot of people think we have.

Regardless its almost unreal what people do.  One person may try to imitate us (such as females).  Another person may turn us into “bad people” (such as minorities).  We also always tend to be accused of things none of us have anything to do with (such as slavery or some form of oppression).  I’ve often been stunned by stuff like this.  I’ve been particularly appalled how we are accused of stereotyping people but it is THEY, in actuality, that are stereotyping us by assuming we’re all the same!

But everyone sees us as a group, as a whole, as if we are all the same . . . if one person has it we all do!


In many ways, this whole thing is nothing but a “have-have not” issue.  I personally think that this whole situation is similar to the storyline that is seen in the 1980 show called “The gods must be crazy”.  In this movie a bushman in the Kalahari Desert finds a Coke bottle.  He takes it back to his tribe and soon everyone is fighting to have it.  The bottle causes anger, envy, hatred, and violence in the tribe that never had these problems before.  Because of the problems it has caused they decide to have one of the bushman travel to the edge of the world and throw the bottle off.

We see a similar theme to the movie.  The WM created a world that proved very successful and, accordingly, they are the “possessors” of it.  Everyone else looked on at it all, and all it contained, and felt lacking or deprived.  This created envy and jealousy which made everyone upset.  As a result, they are doing whatever they can to “have” it.  But, in so doing, they are destroying themselves with it.  Its too bad we can’t have someone throw all this off the edge of the world like in the movie.

Really, we are seeing the problems of envy and jealousy of the “have-have not” dilemma.  Several issues of this dilemma include:

  • What do the people who “have” do?  Should they give to the “have not’s”?
  • How envy and jealousy in the people who “have not” cause bad feelings in people.  The hatred, dislike, desire to be like, want, etc. that they feel.

This is on of the great unanswered dilemma’s in life.  This dilemma is seen in every society, at least in some form.  Attempts have been made to try to prevent its problems but nothing, really, has worked that well (charity, Communism/socialism, laws, etc.).  What, then, is the answer?

In some respects, the nature of the dilemma is what causes the problems.  It creates tensions and conflicts in people and society.  Does giving to the “have not’s” really solve anything after all these tensions and conflicts have appeared?  I don’t think so.  This dilemma seems inherent in human society.  Once its solved, another one comes in to take its place.  The problems created by the “WM miracle” is one in a long list.  Its unique, so far, in that it has been rather extensive, dramatic, and worldwide.

There seems to be several ways at dealing with the “have-have not” problem:

  • Dealing with the actual “have-have not” problem.
  • Dealing with the bad feelings its caused.

The reaction to the “WM miracle”, it seems to me, is primarily dealing with the bad feelings it has caused not in dealing with the problem it caused.  This, I my opinion, is what made it so damaging.  But bad feelings are just bad feelings and generally only caused discontent, which is exactly what happened.  It seems, to me, that bad feelings dominate the “WM miracle”, particularly by the non-WM’s, and is primarily how this problem is dealt with.  Accordingly, this is why it never works and has turned it into a bigger problem.


The success of the “WM miracle”, and all its reactions, has caused a deterioration, and even fall, of the “WM culture”.  Since the “WM culture” created the modern world, and all it contains, its fall will probably have great impact on the modern world, which is exactly what its starting to look like to me.  This is for a number of reasons:

  • The fall of the “WM culture” is the fall of the modern world as they are intimately connected.
  • The non-WM’s attempt at trying to imitate the “WM culture” isn’t that effective.  They do not have the quality, mentality, and such, that makes up the “WM culture”.

What this would suggest is that we are in a transition phase moving us into a “post modern world”.  This transition phase reflects these qualities:

  • The “WM culture” falls.
  • People will try to imitate the “WM miracle”, sometimes with success, but never completely imitating it.
  • Being that the modern world is still active its effects will still be felt.  In a way, we will be”riding on the back of what earlier generations created”.
  • The ingenuity and originality of the modern world will slowly fade.  Anything “new” will primarily be nothing but a continuation, development, or elaboration of things already existing.  These will be probably still be called “progress” but nothing new or original will really be created.  This, it seems to me, is a defining trait, already, of this century.  People think all this technology is new and original but its really not.  Its primarily elaboration and development of things already existing.  I am also seeing less and less original and new ideas in many areas and fields.  Many things, such as “new theories”, is nothing but a restating of existing ideas.  In fact, I often jokingly say that we are in the “era of restatement”. 

After this transition phase a “post modern world” would appear.  This would mean a number of things:

  • The ingenuity, and original thinking, of the modern world will be over.
  • That people will live in the “effects” of the modern world that are still existing.  In other words, the modern world will just be something that is now “existing conditions”.

In this phase the modern world will really be over.  People will be living it in its aftermath.

I would not be surprised if the modern world inspires another culture into a specific direction.  It will be totally different than the “WM culture” and the modern world it created, though.  In this case, the creation of the “WM culture” will serve as something like a base or guide for their culture to develop, which will be totally different in orientation and outlook.  This will not be the “modern world” as we know it . . . who knows what it will be like.


I have always suspected that there will be a rebellion with the WM in the future.  That is to say, a generation of WM’s will rise up who will no longer want to be suppressed or “castrated”, as they are now.  I don’t know how this will appear or what it will consist of.  I just always felt that it may happen.

This may be particularly so because of how the generations of WM’s are being treated since about 1990 (see my article “Thoughts on the post cold war generations – some observations . . .“).  Basically, much of the WM’s life, now, is one “who can’t do anything”, or is “overly restricted”, and such.  It seems to be causing a “quiet unrest”.  I seem to be seeing this “unrest” in many younger guys, particularly in their 30’s (I think we even saw a bit of it in the 2016 Presidential elections).  Teenagers are still “puppets to the society”, and suppressed, because they are in school.  WM’s in their 20’s don’t know what to think about things, though the frustration is there.  When they hit their 30’s and experience life on their own (that is, without society holding their hand or telling them how to think) their “unrest” seems to be more matured and personal.  It tends to be undefined and unharnessed though.  What the WM’s are lacking is a cause and a purpose to give it all meaning.  That has not materialized at this time, as far as I know.  When it does appear who knows what may happen.

I’ve always been concerned that this rebellion may be bad, and on many levels.  I feel that once the WM gets his act together, has a purpose, and gets organized, he will end up being directed, forceful, and dominating.  Some things it may cause include:

  • I wouldn’t be surprised that this rebellion can literally “sweep away” many things, including ‘secular oppression’ (sort of how the Vietnam War protests destroyed many social things).  This may or may not cause problems.
  • There’s also a possibility that it can be violent and severe.  More than likely there will be some form of violence but one cannot say how bad it will be.
  • It can go in a number of directions, good and bad.  More than likely it will be both good and bad, depending on where you stand.
  • Its possible that it may become a WM versus everyone else.  This may be because he has been “pushed to the side” by society, and many WMs’ feel this.  My guess is that it will.

Because of the potential severity of what this could be I have always emphasized that the WM needs to cease being suppressed and “castrated” by society and needs to be given a dignity.  The more the WM is suppressed the more problems we may see in the future.


It seems as if a cycle is being demonstrated, of a rise and fall of an era (see my article “Thoughts on the phases of Victorian society – defining what an “era” is“).

  • There develops a “WM culture”.
  • They create a way of doing things.
  • It is implemented and turned into a form.
  • The modern world is created.
  • This proves to have great power and influence.
  • It causes great social and world tensions.
  • It becomes a power.
  • There develops power struggles (“everyone wants a piece of the pie”).
  • This causes a deterioration of the “WM culture” and WM in general.
  • This impacts society and the modern world.
  • The modern world deteriorates and fades.

In some respects, its a lesson in one of the effects of power, that when there is a power everyone wants a piece of it, which causes a mad scramble for that power, and this ends up undermining the power in the end.

As I was brought up, in the “WM culture”, there is the belief that there was an “inherent truth” in science, inventions, the modern world, etc.  It was this “truth” that mattered and was made it so great.  This is what we sought.  Looking back on it now, I can see that this is not true.  This point of view, really, is a remnant of Christianity and its preaching of its “inherent truth of Christ” which carried over into science.  What made the creation of the “WM culture” great was not an “inherent truth”, as we thought, but the POWER of its effects which, I don’t think, any of us really considered.  In the end, it was power, not truth, that determined things.

The idea of “power” was something that I never really saw mentioned in the “WM culture”, at least the form I was brought up with.  Since the “WM culture” was created on the tail end of Christianity, with its emphasis on “true religion”, everything revolved about the idea of truth.  This eventually became “de-religionified” and turned into science, at least as I saw it.  This shows that the “WM culture” is really a “Christianity without Christ”Because of this, the general attitude was that the “WM culture” sought a truth that would “save” us . . . this is what we are seeking, the great “truth of science”.  Power, and its effects, were the furthest from our mindsThis is why many WM’s, I believe, still cannot conceive of the idea of the power of their creation or its effects.  As a result, many WM’s are oblivious about what their creations have done which is why they are so naïve about it.  In this way, the non-WM’s are the ones most familiar with the power of the creations of the “WM culture”.  It was so powerful that it created a great apprehension of the WM (the ‘WM apprehension’).  As a result, it was in them that the power struggles took place, of their desperate attempts and scramblings to have what the WM has.


Copyright by Mike Michelsen

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