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Some thoughts on the relationship between identity and the mother instinct

Here’s a thought I had (some of which I’ve spoken of before): There is a close association between identity and the mother instinct.  This is no surprise as one of the purposes of identity is to take impulses, desires, and drives … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the “Quixote phenomena” – ongoing effects of the Crusades

There is something which I have been calling the “Quixote phenomena”.   Sometimes I call it the “Quixote effect”.  It is a strange and interesting phenomena that began with the Crusades and has had great impact on Western society.  The name is based … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the “new extermination” – the destruction of identity . . . some continuing effects of “living under the shadow of Hitler”

In a recent conversation I found myself saying something rather interesting (of course, I have no idea if its true or not . . . I think there is some degree of truth though): I first mentioned how we are … Continue reading

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