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Thoughts on the “monotony of change”

In a conversation some time ago I said something that was interesting: I basically said that “change” has become “monotonous”.  I called this the “monotony of change”.  Its the “same thing” over and over again and again and again.  Something new, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the prevalence of speculation and how its being taken as fact

Here’s a thought I had: Recently, I have been emphasizing how speculation is far more prevalent than we think.  I tend to think that the bulk of what we hear is speculation.  There is so much speculation that its hard … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the progression of spirituality from primitive to mass society – the ‘conditions of spirituality’

Here is a thought I had: STAGES OF PROGRESSION I said that, in regard to spirituality, there were some interesting stages in the progression from primitive society to mass society.  I see six stages: Participation Devotion Achievement Thought Creations Stagnation … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the “insult issue”, of insults, and the response to insults, in the 2016 Presidential election and since – revealing aspects of the American character

Here are some thoughts I had about the situation after the 2016 Presidential election (I don’t know what to make of some of these thoughts though).  Keep in mind that these are looked at from a sociological point of view, … Continue reading

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