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Thoughts on female claims of abuse – revealing aspects of the mother instinct

Here’s a thought I had: Way back in the 1980’s I began an inquiry into females claims of abuse, victimizing, molestation, harassment, etc.  The girls who started this inquiry were called “feminists” whose whole line of thought was that the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “royal emulation” – some aspects of English society

Here are some thoughts I had (of course, I don’t know how true they are): There is something I keep calling “royal emulation“.  This is a phenomena of English society.  Basically, its a tendency where royalty is looked up to in … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the “post war reaction” – the effects of the “war cause authority”

Here’s a thought I had: It seems that war tends to cause a reaction following the war.  I call it the “post war reaction”. I should point out that in this article I will primarily focus on the effects caused … Continue reading

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Thoughts on habit and its effects

Here’s a thought I had: As I grow older I can see that habit is an increasing problem.  I find it hard to stop habits and it seems to make me “rigid”.  When I look out at older people I … Continue reading

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