Thoughts on a problem with oversensitivity: ‘world weariness’ and ‘me weariness’

Here’s a thought I had:

It seem, to me, that oversensitivity creates a particular problem which I call ‘world weariness’.  This is something, I think, that people with oversensitive natures often feel.  It creates a quality of the world being “too much”.  I do not mean this in the sense that it is ‘too stressful’ or ‘too overbearing’ which, I think, is a whole other problem.  There is simply too much ‘sensation’ or too much is happening that it is rather difficult to endure or tolerate.  It can be burdensome and tiring.  The natural reaction to this is to try and find a place where things are not “too much”.  In other words, where sensation is kept low.  Usually, this is a calm quiet place, away from everything.

But I have found that this is not enough.  In fact, “getting away from everything” creates a whole new problem, a whole new form of oversensitivity appears.  Basically, there is too much “me”, I become to aware of myself .  I call this ‘me weariness’.  In other words, the sensation of ‘me’ is something that a person can become oversensitive of.  This shows that even the awareness of “me” becomes ‘”too much”.

When a person “gets away from everything” (meaning the world) their sense of “me” only grows stronger.  This can get to the point that it becomes overbearing, perhaps even stronger than the world.  This creates whole new conflicts and dilemma’s.  In some respects, you’re “right back where you started” or, as the saying goes, “from the frying pan into the fire”.

In this way, there are two forms of weariness:

  1. The sensation in general – ‘world weariness’
  2. The awareness of me – ‘me weariness’

Oversensitive people will often try ways to forget their “me” so that it is not overbearing.  The forgetting of “me” can take place in a number of ways:

  • Doing activities, such as having a hobby
  • Diverting themselves, such as watching TV
  • Blanking ones mind and not thinking about anything, such as sitting and being quiet
  • Ignoring themselves, such as taking a more selfless attitude
  • Focusing on other people, such as children

It seems, to me, that for oversensitive people this can very easily become a big part of their life and, sometimes, determines the direction their life goes.  It may determine their activities and how they conduct their life.

Copyright by Mike Michelsen

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