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Thoughts on how education isn’t quite what it seems, with remarks about “inherent knowledge”

Here are some thoughts I had about education: EDUCATION AS SOMETHING “PRE-PACKAGED”  Education tends to revolve around something that is “pre-packaged”.  That it to say, it is something that is already created, determined, and established by someone else.  Other words … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the American scramble for the “inheritance” of their parents and grandparents – the fight for “post WWII glory”

In a recent conversation I said something interesting: “The U.S. is starting to look like a bunch of children arguing over who gets the inheritance from their parents.  This inheritance, of course, is the American glory created after WWII, of … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the growing problem of opinions

Here’s a thought I had: I was talking to someone recently who said, “just google it”.  They were more or less saying that “whatever google says is right”.  To me, this shows a growing problem nowadays.  Basically, with the internet, … Continue reading

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