Thoughts on a sign I saw in a store that appalled me, with some remarks about American ideals

While walking through a store called “at home” I noticed a sign that appalled me.  It said:

“The future is female”

I have heard this before.  It was said by Hilary Clinton (see On how I was insulted by a statement by Hillary Clinton – feminist egocentrism – feminist equality).  I’m guessing that is where they got it from.  I couldn’t believe that a store would sell a sign like that.  Reflecting on this I said some interesting things:

It seems this statement is related to the 2016 Presidential election and all the nonsense that came from it.  As part of this, there has developed all these bad feelings and statements.  In particular, people have done nothing but criticize Trump to death.  I understand that he said some not-so-pleasant, rude, and insulting things (at least as perceived by some people) but nothing Trump has said compares with the statement said by the other person running for President of the U.S.:  Hilary Clinton.  This statement is:  “the future is female”.  That is worse than anything Trump has ever said, in my opinion.

Why is that?

Trump has only insulted people by saying some unpleasant things.  Whoopidado!  God help us all, some peoples feelings were hurt.

Hilary’s statement is stating a belief in a future condition where a specific group of people will be in control.  And we must remember some things:

  • Its being stated by a person professing a belief in democracy. 
  • Its stated by a person professing that they represent equality. 
  • Its being stated by a person who professes to reflect the ideals of America. 
  • And to make it worse, it was stated by someone running for the Presidency of the U.S.! 

You could use all sorts of words to describe it:  discriminatory, sexist, bigoted, un-American, and so on.  As an American, I find that statement appalling and unacceptable.  We don’t need a person with that point of view in the Presidency.

I would do anything to ask Hilary, to her face, questions such as these:

  • “Do you think that this a proper and acceptable statement for someone running for the Presidency of the U.S. to say?”
  • “Do you think this is a statement that a person who preaches equality should say?”
  • “Do you think this statement reflects American ideals?”
  • “What statement has Trump said that can compare to the horribleness of the statement you said?”
  • “Doesn’t that statement show that you’re nothing but a hypocrite who is only using American ideals to further your own motives?”


From what I see, at this time, this point of view reflects a current of thought I’m seeing in the U.S.  These include:

  • Some people think that they should “dominate” or “control” the country or that they are somehow “more representative” of the U.S.
  • They hide behind American ideals making it appear as if they represent them.
  • But, in actuality, their views contradict American ideals.

In these ways, its as if they are trying to “force a new philosophy” . . . that is, their philosophy, in the guise of American ideals.  In other words, they are dressing up their philosophy in a way that is accepted by the society so it will look more appealing.  American ideals, then, become nothing but a means to an end.  As a result, they are really undermining and devaluing American ideals.

It seems that this mentality is more prevalent than what it may seem.  In fact, I often wonder if American ideals will eventually be “hacked to death” to the point that we won’t know what is what anymore.  To be frank, I’m starting to wonder what they are exactly.  American ideals have never been “sealed in stone” and absolutely defined.  This fact only makes it all the more vulnerable to distortion and abuse.


If someone were to ask me what the basic essence of American ideals are in the least amount of words, I’d probably say:

“Minimal impact from the controlling elements of society.”

This means the political structure, greater society, and other controlling parts of society doesn’t sit and control us and tell us what to do.  We are primarily “left to ourselves”.  This can be described as the democratic aspect of American ideals.

But this implies another quality:

“A sense of responsibility on the part of the individual to make society work.”

This means that we, as people, need to treat other people good and to try to make society a good place to live.  In this way, society rests on the people, not an organization like the government.  Because of this, American ideals put great weight on the individuals shoulders.  This can be described as the individualistic aspect of American ideals.

Though this “sounds good” these ideals are not enough to make a society work.  In other words, American ideals, by themselves, are not sufficiently strong to hold a society together.  I have always believed that this is one of the failings and weaknesses of American ideals.  It causes a number of problems:

  • Its no doubt one of the reasons why its so easy for the ideals to be “hacked to death” and distorted.
  • Its a reason why people are “seeking other answers” or “something more”.
  • Its a reason why people don’t practice American ideals.
  • It causes a tendency to create different interpretations of the ideals.
  • It creates a tendency where the ideals are used for some other end.
  • It denies certain facts about society and people such as that society needs control and that it is unnatural for people to have so much weight put on their shoulders.
  • It detracts from a “real culture” that actually holds society together.  In fact, I’d say that American ideals have probably undermined the possibility of any “real culture” from appearing.
  • Being an ideal it is based in idealism.  The fact is that idealism is a “pie in the sky” mentality, of an idea of how a person would like things to be.  As a result, it is not rooted in the real world and often denies real-world reality creating unrealistic perspectives.  This tendency is seen a lot in American ideals.

Since the 1990’s I have always said that “American ideals will destroy America in the end” or “America’s worst threat is its own ideals”.  I still believe this to be true . . . they just aren’t strong enough.  In my opinion, what holds America together is its material wealth, not its political system, not its ideals, not its principles.  American ideals are like “icing on the cake of material wealth”, something that could be easily manipulated as needed to make it look good.  To see a possible future American President devalue American ideals does not surprise me.

I have always felt that there may be a time when American ideals will be put to the test and even overthrown by some other point of view.  Who knows?  We may be approaching that time . . .

Copyright by Mike Michelsen

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