Thoughts on my statement: “I’d rather have a government that listens than a vote”

I started this article a long time ago which has an interesting thought-

Recently, I made this statement:

“I’d rather have a government that listens than a vote.”

Personally, I’ve never felt voting was that big of a deal.  A single vote in 10,000, a single vote in 100,000, a single vote in 1,000,000 . . . that’s not a lot of power and its not a lot of influence.  Not only that, there are too many things that sway voting.  I wrote an article on voting called “Thoughts on how voting is ineffective” that shows my concerns and doubts about voting.  Not only that, my observation is that just because you vote doesn’t mean that the government will listen.

In my opinion, if a government doesn’t listen then what’s the point of a vote?  We don’t need a democracy, a “rule of the people”, but a government who is intent on listening.  We need a government that is an “akougontascracy” – a “rule of listening” (I don’t know if I got the Greek right).  This means the emphasis of the government is not on people voting but, rather, the government listening.  The emphasis, then, is on the politicians not the people.  There just has to be means for the people to speak.

Of course, I don’t think its as simple as that.  I see all sorts of problems:

  • How do the people speak?
  • How do the politicians listen?
  • What do the politicians listen to?
  • What do the politicians act upon?
  • How do the politicians act?

As usual, things are not as simple as it seems.

Copyright by Mike Michelsen

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