Thoughts on a prediction . . . maybe???


On March 30, 1981 President Reagan was shot.  I still remember that day.  I was at school.  I was in my art class, the second to the last class of the day.  The Principal announced it over the intercom and I seem to recall that they also broadcasts a news report.  Everyone was stunned.  I went to the next class.  The teacher had a TV and we watched the news report for the whole class.

The next day in my art class (the same class I heard the announcement) me and some of the other kids talked about it.  The subject then changed to WWIII and something happened I still can’t explain it.  What happened was something which I always called a “prediction”.  I don’t know what to make of these “predictions” or predictions in general.  I’m not that believing in predictions but what I said that day has mystified me ever since.

When I spoke I said these statements I said them “off the top of my head” meaning that I did not think about what I was saying and they seem to as if fly out of my mouth.  I can’t explain it.  Even after I said them I wondered where they came from.

The statements basically made these points:

  1. I said that WWIII would not happen.  “There will be no nuclear war”, I said.
  2. No one will win the Cold War.  One of the countries will collapse and that this would happen in about 1990.
  3. Something was going to be created in the 1990’s that would have dramatic effect on the world.  I said it was going to be something small, like a box, that you could put on a desk.  I envisioned a square featureless box on a table in my mind.
  4. I said that, in the early 2000’s, this box would become smaller to the point that you could put it in your hand.  I pictured a flat rectangular featureless box that was held in the hand in my mind.  Interesting, it is similar to a cell phone of today but thicker.
  5. I said that this small box would have great impact and would create a lot of conflict and would lead to many problems.  I said that it would become very dominating and controlling.  I said that it would be instrumental in the creation of a later crisis in the late 2000’s.
  6. I said that something would happen somewhere between 2010 and 2020 that would start a ball rolling that would lead to a world crisis in the late 2000’s.
  7. I said that this world crisis would be like a WWIII but it would not be a war, but something new, a crisis of a form we’ve never seen before.  It would be like a war but without nations and without armies.  I said that it would probably be as tragic as a WWIII.

After I said them, in 1981, I forgot them.  It wasn’t until the early 2000’s that I thought of them again and I was stunned by it.  I was amazingly right.  Look at the similarities so far:

  1. WWIII did not happen.
  2. The Soviet Union collapsed.  I even stated the year.
  3. The box was the personal computer/Internet.
  4. The small box is the cell phone.
  5. The personal computer/internet and cell phone has had great impact and caused a lot of problems and has became very controlling.

Did I predict all that?  I don’t know.  Maybe it just seems that way?

Overall, the statements seem to say that the computer/internet/cell phone and “something” originating between 2010-2020 would end up creating a world crisis in the late 2000’s.

Despite not knowing what to think about prediction, I have watched what has happened in the last 10 years (between 2010 and 2020) and wondered if I could see what this “something” could be that would start a ball rolling and create a crisis later on in the century.  I see a number of things that it could be:

  • Overpopulation.  This creates a lot of need for a system to work to supply all the people with what they need.
  • The growth of social media.  This will allow a spread of any panic, mania, or hysteria.
  • The further control of technology.  This is just another thing to enslave us.
  • The unification of the world, that the world is using one system, one economy, etc.  This entraps the world into one way of doing things.  If it fails the whole world will fail.
  • The Trump presidency?  Did it start a ball rolling?  I think its too early to say but its possible.
  • The effects of Covid-19.  I have repetitively remarked that I’m concerned about the fallout effects of this situation.  I can see that it may have great effects later on . . . political, economic, social, psychological, etc.  To me, it seems possible that this may start a “ball rolling” that may lead to a crisis later on.

But nothing seems all that definite.  Of course, my experience is that it will not be one thing but, rather, a mixture of things.  Most likely, the “something” will involve a number of the things described above.  These will probably be mixed in with a number of things not yet existing at this time and which will probably precipitate the crisis.

I’ve often reflected on what the crisis in the late 2000’s would be.  If a crisis does happen I always thought that it would be a mixture of many things.  I also felt that it would affect a large part of the world but probably in gradations, some places worse than others.  I also suspected that a distinguishing quality of this crisis was its ease of spread as well as its contagious quality.  That is to say, conditions will make it such that a small crisis will spread until it is large.  There seems to be a number of reasons that could cause this:

  • Overpopulation . . . too many people crammed in a small space
  • Communication, media, and social media
  • A unity in economy
  • Ease of travel

People always say that “the world is getting smaller”.  That, it seems to me, may be a significant reason why this crisis may happen.  The world is getting so small that a minor crisis in one part of the world will spread to the rest of the world.  In other words, the crisis may be a result of a contagious quality much like an infection.  Of course, this is only speculation.

What does all this mean?  I don’t know.  I don’t know what to make of it.


But it brings up the question of prediction.  Frankly, I’m not all that believing of prediction.  I do know that there are some “weird” things that happen and it sometimes seems like prediction could happen but I don’t know what to make of them.

I think some people can predict things based on things such as:

  • Experience – knowing that specific things tend to happen as a result of certain things
  • Intuition – a sense of what will happen

This would be more like a “forecasting” than a prediction, though, and are more like a cause-and-effect type of thing.

This form of “forecasting” seems to be limited in several ways:

  • Limited to the immediate future
  • Limited to a specific subject

Predictions that have these qualities are a little more difficult:

  • When the prediction involves a great distant timewise, such as way into the future
  • When the prediction involves things that are broader in scope, such as the welfare of a country
  • When the prediction involves things that a person is not associated with

These predictions can be done, though, but to a limited and uncertain extent.  This is done primarily intellectually and with abstract knowledge, such as “learning from the past to predict the future”.

The “predictions” I did above reflect these later qualities but were not created intellectually or as a result of any abstract knowledge.  They just flew out of my mouth without thought.  This would suggest something more like a “mystical prediction”, so to speak.  By this I mean a prediction which comes through mysterious means.  In the past these would be explained in ways such as having a spiritual or religious origin, originating from a god, or something similar, or by some “magical power”.  I’m very skeptical of that, though.  I tend to see a number of other origins:

  • I am seeing the interpretation in the statements (that is, I see it cause I want to see it)
  • Coincidence
  • Something unknown

Overall, I find it all mystifying.

Copyright by Mike Michelsen

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