Thoughts on the “era of drones” with remarks about its legacy and effects

Recently, some ideas kept coming to me which is quite interesting and which got onto some interesting statements and observations:

I kept saying that we are in the “era of drones”.  This refers to a character of person that I call a “drone”.  They have a specific mentality which I call the “drone mentality”.  It seems, to me, that this can be called the mentality of the 21st century.  It primarily consists of a strong drone or minion mentality.  I also stated that this mentality may pose a threat, in some way or another, in the future.  In other words, I felt that it would leave a bad legacy for the future.


The “drone” is a character of person that has been largely created by conditions that started to appear in the 1990’s.  A lot of people may think that this is primarily a result of technology but there is more to it than that.  A lot of things have contributed to create this character. Some of these include:

  • The over prevalence and over power of technology, such as the media
  • The extensiveness of media in all its many form, such as social media
  • The overwhelming use of social media
  • The overabundance of consumerism and various forms of consumer products
  • Over-education and spending too much time stuffing your mind with information someone else created
  • A slavish attitude, and endless pursuit, of all the above
  • Living in a mass society where everyone is a blur
  • There is no authority
  • The fall of belief and culture which causes a need to believe in something else

It seems that several things are particularly influential in the development of this character:

  • Technology.  This has made people into something like a “subsidiary” or appendage of a machine.
  • Over-education.  This as if turns people into “programmed robots” who do and repeat what they are told and in the way they are told to do it.
  • The absence of a belief and culture.  This causes an absence of direction and a need to believe in something . . . anything.

The conditions these have created are as if turning humanity into something like a machine with a bunch of people who are becoming machines and with a machine mentality and who worship the machine.  The result of this is the “drone” character of person.


The character of the “drone” – the “drone mentality” – has a number of qualities, such as:

  • A tendency to blindly obey
  • A tendency to do whatever they’re told
  • A tendency to believe whatever they’re told
  • A condition where people are “programmed” to think a certain way (primarily by education and the prevalence of media)
  • There’s an absence of questioning 
  • There is a blindly following of social ideals, trends, fads, etc.
  • There is a mindlessness
  • There is a lack of individuality and a sense of a person
  • There is an absence of belief or belief system
  • There is an absence of authority
  • There is an absence of social structure
  • Where life is based in looking or catering to some machine
  • Where one lives life through a machine
  • A tendency to mass hysteria and “following the mob”
  • A tendency to try to reenact former glories, people, or events

The effect of all this is an almost ant-like mentality where people, and society, has more the quality of a machine, automaton, or a robot.  Humanity begins to take on the quality of an ant hill more than anything else, and people become like ants.  Sometimes, when I see an anthill, I often joke to myself, “there’s the great example of modern society . . . if we could only get to that level of perfection!”  I also sometimes add, ” . . . and, just think, they reached that level of perfection without technology!”


The “drone mentality” is particularly prevalent in the younger generation who are brought up in the “era of drones”.  I often call them the “drone generation” as a result (see my article Thoughts on the post cold war generations – some observations . . .).  I guess they could be called the “millennials” but I think it goes beyond that.  Most certainly, they are a part of the “drone generation”.  To me, the “drone generation” are people brought up from about the mid 1990’s to today.  They would of have to be at least in junior high during this time.  I should also point out that it doesn’t include everyone brought up during this time.  It refers to a specific character that is prevalent during this time.

The “drone generation” has become its proponents and preachers of this mentality for a number of reasons:

  • Since America worships the youth as the “hope of the future” they are basically taught that they are the representatives of the future
  • The “drone mentality” is associated with technology which is associated with American greatness which gives it an authority which, in turn, gives them authority
  • Because they are “indoctrinated” with this mentality
  • Because they have enslaved themselves with technology and machines

To me, the “drone generation” is characterized as having relinquished their life to this mentality, to technology, and media.  Because they have given up their life to it, and made life revolve around it with no other options, they do not leave much of a legacy for the future . . .


Many times I have found myself saying “when the mentality of the drone generation passes away will be a great event in history”.  To be honest, I feel it is.The legacy of the “era of drones” is the creation of a world and lifestyle where a person is controlled by technology, media, stuffing ones mind with information, etc. and to be completely subservient to it. In other words, it leaves little room for the person and human being.  As a result, the legacy of the “era of drones”, and the “drone generation”, will be things like:

  • A robotic mindless people
  • An ant-like and humanly empty society
  • The “era of drones” is so empty that its not creating anything like a style, a culture, or even a character of its own.  Its like a big blur.  The only thing that’s going to be remembered of this era will be all the app’s, graphics, machines, etc. that was created.  Have you ever noticed that no one has appeared, during this era, that has any character or personality?  For example, there’s no longer any movie stars.
  • The “drone mentality” is creating people who don’t seem to be people at all . . . its an era of characterless people.  To me, the image I keep seeing of the legacy of the “era of drones” is of a faceless person looking into a screen.  The faceless person is a “nothing”, a nobody . . . the only thing that has any importance is in the screen . . . that’s all that mattered.
  • It leaves a world in which a person must be this way in order to survive.
  • The “drone mentality” justifies the dehumanization of humanity . . . it makes it “OK” to not be human and to be a minion and to destroy the human quality in life.  In this way, it has an “anti-human” quality.

I went on to say that this ant-like “drone mentality” is one of the greatest threats we face today.  It doesn’t seem that way as we are too busy being dazzled by everything.  In other words, I felt that it is a very damaging and destructive point of view.  I always felt that, when this is all said and done, we will look back on the “era of drones” and see that it was a great era of destruction.  It seems, to me, that the “drone mentality” is a mentality that is like an erasing, an obliteration, a wiping out of things.  I often compare its quality to something similar to a lobotomy.  From what I’ve seen that’s somewhat accurate.

A common statement of mine is:  “It will be nice to get away from the drone mentality and get back to being human beings again.”


The Influence of the Self and the Creation of Psychological Problems

The “drone mentality” requires the loss of self or, rather, an absence of self.  There are a number of effects that this causes such as:

  • Some people are attracted to the “drone mentality” because of a lack of a self or a weak self . . . the “drone mentality” basically replaces their absent self. 
  • Some people, who are affected by the “drone mentality”, tend to lose their self or it gets weaker.
  • It tends to degrade the value and importance of the self overall.

The effects of these tend to give the “drone mentality” a destructive quality.  In general, the “drone mentality” tends to undermine the self and create people who don’t have a self.  This can create mental problems and “issues” which are quite prevalent with the “drones”.  In fact, I tend to believe that many mental and psychological problems of today are caused by the “drone mentality”.  

The Male

Because the male has a strong self the “drone mentality” tends to have a more varied effect on the male depending on the strength of his self.  Its effects are much like a spectrum that goes something like this:

  • The male caters to the mentality because of a weak self (everyone else is doing it, etc.).
  • They cater to the mentality because they get some gain from it (they are interested in it, they get some power from it, etc.).
  • The male is effected negatively.  For many males, the “drone mentality” is causing something like a stasis or halting.  They as if “stopped” in life.  They’ve become apathetic and ambitionless.  In this way, the “drone mentality” has actually impaired most males.  Many males are as if staring into space into a vacuum they can’t relate to almost like they are uncertain what to do.

The Female

Because the female tends to have a weaker self she tends to fall to the “drone mentality” more strongly.  Because of this, the perfect “drone” has become the female and, as a result, a large part of the female population have taken to it.  They are fitting very well into the “drone mentality”.  In many ways, the female has become the “machine of society”, doing whatever it says and wants, mindlessly and without thought.  Because of this, much of the life of females, nowadays, is nothing but learning to be a “drone”.   I tend to feel that this is going to backfire on the female.  I’ve always said, and believe, that many females will wake up one day and find that they have sacrificed all that a female is just to have a job.  That is to say, the female is sacrificing everything that makes up who they are in order to be a “drone” . . . and they are doing this in droves.

Copyright by Mike Michelsen

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