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Thoughts on some aspects of opinion – the enigma of opinion and the problem of words, with remarks about the “stance toward words” and beingness

Here are some more thoughts on opinion that I had which build upon things I’ve previously said: Recently, I have been emphasizing that opinion is really any mental fabrication.  In this way, “opinion” and “mental fabrication” are really the same … Continue reading

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Thoughts on knowledge, opinions, and interpretations – the “systemizing of opinion”, the “learning derby”, personal relevance, opinion as in-the-real-world phenomena, etc.

Here are some thoughts I had: AN ILLUSION OF TRUTH – THE “SYSTEMIZATION OF OPINION” It seems, to me, that most of what is called “knowledge” is nothing but opinion.  That means that all the studies and research are just … Continue reading

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Thoughts on freedom, alienation, and rebellion in the past 200 years – the effects of being controlled by the “mass mind”, with remarks about culture and “mass loneliness”

Recently, I had some thoughts that are really a continuations of thoughts from this article:  Thoughts on on my reaction to social hysteria, with remarks about the self and other things. A PROBLEM IS FELT . . . In the early … Continue reading

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More thoughts on the media – on how media is becoming a new form or avenue of gossip with remarks on how we never really know whats going on despite the media

Recently, I said some interesting things about the media: In response to someone talking about something they heard on the news I said ” . . . and you assume that its true?  You never assume anything the media says … Continue reading

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More thoughts on female hysteria and the “womb sickness”, with remarks about its nature, the weak ego, and different forms of hysteria

Here are some of my recent thoughts on female hysteria: FIRST THOUGHTS It seems, to me, that female hysteria is alive and kicking as much today as at any other time in history.  Hysteria, as a term, ceased to be … Continue reading

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