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Some thoughts on my early experience with computers

Here is an observation of mine: A long time ago I had a TRS-80 personal computer.  I think we bought it from Radio Shack.  I can’t remember when we got it.  My guess is 1980 but it could of been … Continue reading

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More thoughts on the “female-as-victim” – revealing aspects of the mother instinct

Here are some thoughts I had (these involve subjects and themes I’ve mentioned before but with some new observations): There is something which I call the “female-as-victim”, which I’ve spoken of in a number of other articles.  This is something … Continue reading

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Various thoughts on the “Victorian” era – “modernism”, apprehension, war, mass communication, and conflict of ideas

Here are some thoughts I had: THE “VICTORIAN” ERA I tend to view that we are still in the “Victorian” era.  Perhaps the term “Victorian” isn’t the best word but I continue to use it as it makes it clear … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the expressions: “mother nature” and “the birds and bee’s” – aspects of the Victorian symbolism of springtime

Here’s a thought I had: I have often heard two expressions that has always made me wonder of their origin:  “Mother nature” “The birds and the bee’s” It seems, to me, that both of these have origin in the Victorian era (1800’s).  They … Continue reading

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“Innocent obsessions”

INNOCENT OBSESSIONS A short story by Mike Michelsen “I swear it was all harmless,” the man cried out, tears streaming down his red water-soaked face.  “I wasn’t trying to do anything bad . . . oh God, please believe me!” … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the ‘progression of expression’ – aspects of creativity

In a recent conversation I said some interesting things: I spoke of what I called the ‘progression of expression’.  I first used this point of view as I watched how artists worked when I was younger.  Both me, my brother, and a … Continue reading

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Thoughts on how ‘connectivity’ is more important than understanding, knowledge, and truth

Here’s a thought I had: In the West we are taught that understanding and knowledge are what’s important.  Its what you know, what you understand, etc.  Its as if that’s all that matters.  That is to say, everything is viewed in the context … Continue reading

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