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Thoughts on stress – aspects of the self, the tribe, and the tribal way of life

In a recent conversation I began to speak of some interesting things.  We were talking about how people are so stressed nowadays.  They wondered if people were stressed thousands of years ago.  I went on to say that people in … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the “defeated people syndrome” – the effects of being defeated

Here’s a thought I had: In a recent conversation I said of some interesting things about “the South”.  This is the Confederate states of the Civil War, in the southeastern part of the U.S., also called ” the old south”.  … Continue reading

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Thoughts on overpopulation

I believe the world is overpopulated to the point of crisis. It’s been like that for centuries, though it may not seem like it. Most of Western societies problems is caused by overpopulation for at least 500 years. I’m not … Continue reading

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