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Thoughts on the “monotony of change”

In a conversation some time ago I said something that was interesting: I basically said that “change” has become “monotonous”.  I called this the “monotony of change”.  Its the “same thing” over and over again and again and again.  Something new, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on how things haven’t changed: is it really change or a change in attitude?

It seems to me that things haven’t changed all that much in my life.  What I mean by this is that, in every day-to-day living, life is not a whole lot different than it was in the 1970’s.  There’s some difference, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the idea of changing the world

Every time I hear the concept of ‘changing the world’ it always made me sick to my stomach.  Why must we change it? Usually, it is taken in the perspective that it will do good and be a good thing.  … Continue reading

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