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Thoughts on how “racism” and “hatred” are out of date and too simplistic – taking a look at the complexity of dislike

Here’s a thought I had: To me, words like “racism” and “hatred” are old worn out words. OUT OF DATE These words seem out of date.  It seems that they are used to the point of nausea, at least in … Continue reading

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Thoghts on how the inherrently violent impulse is actually rare in people – the need for ‘prerequisites for violence’

I have always felt that there is a great myth about violence, that people are inherently violent.  By this, I mean that there is a belief that people want to kill or do acts of violence because of some innate need.  Humanity … Continue reading

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Thoughts on misandry (the hatred of the male) – a crisis of authority: a frustrated desire for authority???

Here’s a thought I often have: Over the years I seen many examples of misandry (hatred of the male).  In many respects, I was brought up with it.  Misandry seems very prevalent in the U.S., it seems, but very few acknowledge it.  In fact, it … Continue reading

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