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Thoughts on aging: “the great truth of life”, everydayness, a dream interpretation, and discovering the “old self”

Here are some thoughts I had: REFLECTING ON MY LIFE As I turned 50 years old I thought a lot on my life.  I seem to do this ever time I go into a new decade.  I did this when … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the ‘mystical grandparent’ and other things associated with it

Recently, my Grandma died.  As I reflected on her a memory came to me about her that got onto some important things: – I was in my late teens.  I was alone in the front of her house.  I may of been … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on retirement

In the past some-odd years I have had a lot of conversations about retirement.  I’ve thought a lot about it over the years.  Of course, I don’t know first hand (its still 20 years away!) but I thought I had some interesting thoughts about … Continue reading

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Thoughts on how consciousness takes a lot of our energy

I have always felt that being conscious takes a lot of energy out of us.  By this, I mean that being conscious is exhausting and wears us down.  In many ways, our consciousness is as worn down by life as … Continue reading

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