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Thoughts on how the 21st century is a reaction to the 20th century – the ongoing effects of the “dramatic century”, with remarks about “historical disruption”

In a recent conversation I said: “A distinguishing trait of the 21st century is that it is primarily a reaction to the 20th century” In many ways, the 21st century is an era which is trying to “come to terms” … Continue reading

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Thoughts on my statement: “The modern world is doomed to fail”

Many times I have said this statement: “The modern world is doomed to fail.” In other words, I tend to view the modern world as something which is temporary and which will eventually, and inevitably, fail.  How could the modern world possibly … Continue reading

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Thoughts on overpopulation

I believe the world is overpopulated to the point of crisis. It’s been like that for centuries, though it may not seem like it. Most of Western societies problems is caused by overpopulation for at least 500 years. I’m not … Continue reading

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