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More thoughts on contemplation – its nature, its association with the womb, and other aspects associated with it

I’ve spoken of contemplation before.  I’m not sure if I have already spoken of these things below.  At any rate, these are some more thoughts on it: HOW IT BEGAN FOR ME The phenomena of contemplation has always mystified me.  To … Continue reading

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Thoughts on identity and identity problems – the source of many problems and many solutions, with remarks about the “pre-self”

Here is a thought I had: Ever since the early 1980’s I have looked into what I call “identity problems”.  These are the various problems associated with identity which seems particularly prevalent nowadays in these overpopulated and dehumanizing times. Initially, … Continue reading

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Thoughts of the idea of mortality – the “identity gap”, the “threshold self”, and the “identity gap/pre-self tendency”

While thinking about death and dying the other day I said something interesting: “The problem with the idea of dying is that I do not have the idea of mortality in my identity.” After I said this, I began to reflect on … Continue reading

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