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Thoughts on how “racism” and “hatred” are out of date and too simplistic – taking a look at the complexity of dislike

Here’s a thought I had: To me, words like “racism” and “hatred” are old worn out words. OUT OF DATE These words seem out of date.  It seems that they are used to the point of nausea, at least in … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “tribalism” – some aspects and dilemma’s

Here’s a thought I had: I have always questioned “racism”, “discrimination”, “bias”, and similar ideas.  To me, these are political terms.  Its not a term that refers to “human” things but, rather, political problems and points of view.  Its something that … Continue reading

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Thoughts on ‘intra-racism’ and also being a ‘personalist’

Over  the years, because of all the ‘racist’ nonsense, I’ve made a joke about being an ‘intra-racist’.  Basically, the thought goes like this: “I often criticize things about people of different races.  People often say this is racist, but is it?  If anyone knew me … Continue reading

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