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Thoughts on my statement, “the femalehood is on the verge of extinction” – the “Regency Ailment” and the coming of new types of extinctions

In a conversation, recently, I stated something interesting.  I said: “The femalehood is on the verge of extinction” This means that a sexuality is becoming redundant and worthless and is slowly disappearing. This, it seems to me, is a whole … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the hidden contempt of politicians in a democracy . . . a quality brought out in the Trump presidency – the dilemma of a “leader” with remarks about the “pretend democracy” and the “democratic Regency”

I often get a kick out of things that President Trump says.  He is very blunt, direct, and to the point, often to the point of being offensive.  Some of what he says he probably shouldn’t say but, personally, there’s … Continue reading

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