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“Innocent obsessions”

INNOCENT OBSESSIONS A short story by Mike Michelsen “I swear it was all harmless,” the man cried out, tears streaming down his red water-soaked face.  “I wasn’t trying to do anything bad . . . oh God, please believe me!” … Continue reading

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On the writing and meaning of “Mr. Clement tells his story” – Trying to grasp “life’

The writing of “Mr. Clement tells his story” is a weird one.  It happened so quickly, appeared as if out of the blue, and was done before I knew what was going on.  The story began with a basic idea that amounted to this:  a man … Continue reading

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A touch of bad luck

“A touch of bad luck” By Mike Michelsen —  “Yeah, they say that some people attract good luck and some people attract bad luck . . . sort of like a magnet”, Jim says, as he turns to Steve, who … Continue reading

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