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Thoughts on the effects of resentment by the South as a result for losing the Civil War, the effects of tribal mentality, the problem of democracy in social transition, and other things

Recently, I mentioned something about the Civil War and its influence on the South.  I started to write and one thought led to another thought and an interesting train of thought was  created.  Here are those thoughts: RESENTMENT OF THE … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the identity of black people: An example of identity misalignment???

In a recent conversation I spoke about a good example of what I call identity misalignment.  From about the 1990’s, or thereabouts, I began to feel that many (not all) black people, in the U.S. today, display this quality.  It … Continue reading

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Thoughts on matriarchial societies: Africa, slavery, and rebuilding – the effects of non-organized society

I often have an interesting thought.  I am no expert on Africa but it’s based on things as I currently understanding it (which may or may not be accurate).  Here’s how the thought goes: The difference between male and female has always fascinated … Continue reading

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