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Thoughts on aggression and frustration, its assocation with the self, the idea of death, and other things

Recently, I was thinking about the origin of the idea that aggressive feelings tend to cause death.  Oftentimes, aggressive feelings tend to create a desire of “wanting to kill”, “wanting so-and-so dead”, or something similar.  But why?  We have no experience that … Continue reading

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Thoghts on how the inherrently violent impulse is actually rare in people – the need for ‘prerequisites for violence’

I have always felt that there is a great myth about violence, that people are inherently violent.  By this, I mean that there is a belief that people want to kill or do acts of violence because of some innate need.  Humanity … Continue reading

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Thoughts on ‘gun control’ and violent impulses

Recently, there has been great debate about guns and ‘gun control’ . . . again.  There has been a lot of villanizing of guns and anyone who wants one, as if they intend to go around killing people with it.  This … Continue reading

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