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Thoughts on my statement: “I am not knowledge” – aspects of knowledge in relation to the self and the importance of intuition

Recently, I have been finding that I feel particularly dumb in life.  Its like I don’t know anything.  I look at all that I thought, and think, and it all looks ridiculous and naïve in a way . . . its just a bunch … Continue reading

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Thoughts on ‘modern idiocy’ – of how ‘ways are better than ideas’ and my saying ‘live beyond ideas’

In a conversation some time ago there was discussion about dating.  Basically, a female had difficulty in getting a boyfriend.  She said that “guys are idiots”.  Later, this got me into thinking that amounted to this: She said that “guys … Continue reading

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Are we in the era of ‘good intentions’ gone bad? . . . The need for a wisdom

The other day I got in a discussion with someone about the holocaust.  Of course, the typical reaction we described is “how could something like this happen?”  It is perplexing and, to me, the sense of bewilderment is a common feeling with … Continue reading

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Thoughts on truth and wisdom

The other day I had an interesting conversation with someone.  I basically said that I have found that there are a million different truths.  Everywhere I turn there are different points of view and perspectives . . . all right … Continue reading

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