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Thoughts on “impressionistic descriptions” – a seeking of inspiration

There is something which I call “impressionistic descriptions”.  I compare it to impressionistic painting where the painter paints what they see at the moment, and usually quickly.  Frankly, that is how I write most of what is in this blog.  … Continue reading

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Thoughts on why I quit writing recently – revealing a dilemma of writing ideas

I have not written for quite a while.  I just haven’t desired to even though many thoughts have appeared that, I think, are worth recording.  The bulk of these I have already forgotten. When I think of why I have … Continue reading

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Thoughts on blog writing after 800 articles . . . questioning the value and meaning of ideas

This is my 800th article in this blog (and there over 600 drafts yet to be finished at the time I’m writing this).  Its also my 7th anniversary of writing blogs on this site.  Since I have written so much it has … Continue reading

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