The method to Mike’s madness

There is a “method” to my madness in writing . . . and its true to say that there is madness in it.  A person would have to be mad to think and write about so much.  But its a wonderful madness, one that I would not want to be cured of.


In general, the general ‘stance’ I take in writing is to write about things as-they-appear-to-me.  In that sense, its generally a ‘descriptive’ writing, describing my impressions of things at the moment.

In writing how things appear I try to seek two things:

  1. To be honest with myself.  Trying to be honest with myself and write things as-they-appear often means saying things that I or other people may not like.  It’s not uncommon for me to write things that stun and shock me and cause me to reflect further on why I felt that way.  This, though, is one of the aspects of writing that I like as writing is a medium I use to discover how I feel about things.  It’s often a form of discovery.
  2. To say something.  For writing to mean anything it must say something.  Otherwise, its like saying “the sky is blue and there are small wisps of white cotton-like clouds here and there”.  Often, trying to say something is not as easy as it sounds.  Perhaps, in some ways, this is the most difficult aspect of writing.

In order to avoid distortions I try to avoid things like:

  • Complaining
  • Bragging
  • Ridiculing/condemnation

Once things like this get in a persons writing it tends to influence a persons thinking and, subsequently, creates distorted views of things.  As a result, I avoid anything like that.


There are a number forms of writing I use in this blog.  These are:

  1. Collecting and compiling information.  Over the years, I have compiled various information, facts, and details about people and other things which I have put in my blog.
  2. Well thought out thoughts.  These are writings that are a result of themes I have spent a lot of time thinking about.  What I write, then, is the conclusion of this thinking.
  3. Writing about a theme I’ve reflected on but in which the bulk of the material comes out as I write.  This, by far, is the bulk of my writing.  These usually consist of a theme I have given some thought about but have not been ‘completed’.  As I write the theme unfolds bit by bit and slowly builds up til I have a completed article.  The more I write, often, the more the theme unfolds and, what was once a small theme, has now turned into something bigger.
  4. A simple thought which almost all material comes out as I write.  These often begin as a simple sentence about a theme which I’m usually not clear about and don’t know how to describe.  I usually start writing whatever comes to my mind about it and things start coming out in my mind which I write down.  It slowly evolves into an article.

Most of what I write consists of the later two forms.  This means that a lot of my writing is nothing but a form of discovery.  This discovery generally happens as I write.  In fact, I often do not even know what I’m going to say til I start writing.  This power of discovery is one of the powers and joys of writing.


I often describe the process of this discovery as “impressionistic descriptions”.  In this process, I react to the situation of the moment, and create an image describing that situation, much like impressionistic painters.  Instead of using paint, I use written descriptions.  In that way, these articles are much like impressionistic paintings but using words instead.  See my article Thoughts on “impressionistic descriptions” – a seeking of inspiration. 

Writing or rather, “impressionistic descriptions”, is a form of inspiration.   In general, I have to wait til I am inspired to write about things.  What I mean by this is that I have to be ‘in the mood’.  If I am not ‘in the mood’, my mind is muddled and unclear.  Often, I will begin writing a theme only to stop after a few minutes later.  It could be months or even years before I feel ‘inspired’ enough to write about it again.  Once the inspiration comes, though, the words can explode on the screen like a volcano.

Because of the importance of inspiration I consider my writing an avenue and medium for this inspiration.  Oftentimes, the inspiration is miraculous.  By this I mean that the ideas, principles, logic, etc. seem to as if ‘come out of nowhere’.  There are many times I will be writing down things I never thought of or even considered before . . . and it comes out in an organized and logical way.  One of the great joys of writing is this very quality:  of a ‘miraculous appearance’ of ideas.  In reality, it is this that I seek in writing . . . and it is what keeps me writing.


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