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Thoughts on the myth of Gefion, King Gylfi, Odin, the Danish/Swedish rivalry, and the Viking invasions

(The statue of Gefion and her Oxen at Copenhagen, Denmark) I’ve always wondered about the origin of the myth of Gefion and the story of the creation of Zealand in Denmark.  At first, it looks like just a myth but, over time, I … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the importance of spatial relations and the self – the creation of a “self-space” and its effects

One aspect of life that is seldom acknowledge or recognized is spatial relations.  I feel it is far more important than we realize.  It has great influence on the self and our relation with the world. SPACE IN GENERAL – … Continue reading

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More thoughts on “the male exodus” – the importance of a world that is worth the effort or ‘world worth’

While thinking about “the male exodus” I made an interesting statement (I wrote an article on “the male exodus” called “Thoughts on “failing” boys and males “dropping out”: “the male exodus” . . . another account of the fight against dehumanization???” if you’re interested).   … Continue reading

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