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Thoughts on themes found in two myths on the origin of inspiration: the Norse god Odin and the Greek god Apollo – the ‘self-before-technique perspective’ and the ‘inspired life’

There are several myths of the origin of inspiration that I have found are quite revealing (at least to me).  These are the story of the creation of poetry by the Norse god Odin and the founding of Delphi by the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the image of the Oracle at Delphi – an example of stylized mythological representation?

(A picture I took of the Temple of Apollo, looking eastward.  Delphi, Greece, September 9, 2006 – click to enlarge) The Oracle (called the Pythia) at Delphi, Greece, has always interested me.  Considering that we’re looking at something that lasted about 1000 years … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the modern males dilemma in world conception – the “wildness deprivation” and active/passive conception

Here’s a thought I had: The condition of the modern world has posed a problem for the male.  Basically it has created a dilemma of the male where he has a problem conceiving the world.  That is to say, the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the ‘failed sex’ – how many female traits have failed – a hidden crisis of the American female

Some time ago I said another one of those statements that stunned me but ended up proving very revealing.  During a conversation I wanted to say something (which I actually did not say): “Most female traits have now become outdated and have … Continue reading

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