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Thoughts on an image of poverty – a perception of alienation – with some thoughts on poverty in general

While thinking one day, an interesting thought came to me which amounts to this: Over the years I have always questioned the image of poverty.  I’ve often felt that what people think of as poverty is not really poverty.  I speak, … Continue reading

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Are we in the era of ‘good intentions’ gone bad? . . . The need for a wisdom

The other day I got in a discussion with someone about the holocaust.  Of course, the typical reaction we described is “how could something like this happen?”  It is perplexing and, to me, the sense of bewilderment is a common feeling with … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on death – ceasing to exist – the importance of beingness

The other day I got thinking about death and thought some of the ideas were interesting enough to note down. I should first point out that this viewpoint comes from looking at death from a certain angle.  I have always felt that when … Continue reading

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Thoughts on my statement: “The cold war is over. We don’t have to see malicious intent in peoples actions anymore . . . ” – the cold war warpage of American ideals, law, and political views and other things

Recently, I continually find myself saying a statement that got me to thinking about some interesing things (some of which I’ve spoken of before).  The statement goes something like this: “The cold war is over.  We don’t have to see malicious … Continue reading

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Thoughts on how we kill living things “in their prime” for food

Here is a thought I had after hearing some people talking: Recently, I’ve heard of a number of instances where people were upset because animals were being killed for food.  Some people won’t even eat meat because its eating an animal … Continue reading

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