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Thoughts on blog writing after 800 articles . . . questioning the value and meaning of ideas

This is my 800th article in this blog (and there over 600 drafts yet to be finished at the time I’m writing this).  Its also my 7th anniversary of writing blogs on this site.  Since I have written so much it has … Continue reading

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Thoughts on inequality as the natural order of society

In a recent conversation I said something interesting: I was mentioning how I was noticing an increase in the extremes of society.  I speak primarily of how much people make.  Just where I live I know guys in their 40’s … Continue reading

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Thoughts on how a lot of research I do is to avoid being deceived and to maintain personal integrity in the face of “mass mentality”

Here’s a thought I had: Many people think that a persons interest in a subject is a result of that person being “interested” in it as the motive.  Interestingly, I have found that a lot of my interest in specific subjects is … Continue reading

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Thoughts on aging: “the great truth of life”, everydayness, a dream interpretation, and discovering the “old self”

Here are some thoughts I had: REFLECTING ON MY LIFE As I turned 50 years old I thought a lot on my life.  I seem to do this ever time I go into a new decade.  I did this when … Continue reading

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