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Thoughts on the types of world images in creatures with mention of the self

Any living creature must have a world image in order to live in the world.  That is to say, they must have some “idea” of what the world consists of and where they are in relation to it.  I often speak of the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on ‘inherent government’, ‘disassociated government’, and ‘systemic government’

In a recent conversation I was asked what I thought was the best type of government.  The following is what came out of my answer: INHERENT GOVERNMENT I said that the best government is the one that is inherent in the … Continue reading

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Interpreting the ‘blind spot’: death, the self, the problem of imitation, and other things associated with it

Here are some thoughts I had involving a reaction to a situation I was in: THE SITUATION:  THE ‘BLIND SPOT’ Recently, I had a problem that could of been serious.   Its details aren’t that important but I will mention that … Continue reading

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A dream about shooting my flintlock into traffic – the dilemma of the modern world and ‘apparent lying’

I was somewhere that looked like a park.  I looked out over this grassy area.  For some reason I had my flintlock pistol.  I noticed it was loaded.  To me that’s dangerous so I decided to shoot the gun into the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on how political theories do NOT reflect human life – the insufficiency of political theory as a model for human life

Here’s a thought I had: Recently I heard some people moan and groan about someone’s disapproval of an inter-racial marriage.  Naturally, in America, this was made into a big political/legal issue.  The person who said it was villanized beyond belief and made … Continue reading

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